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Ask Me Anything on Travelling with Kids

Been pushing the vacation plans, because you’re worried about travelling with kids? Wondering which destination would be ideal to take that first vacation with your toddler? What contingencies do you plan for? Do I pack that stroller or not?

You’ve come to the right place!

At Pickyourtrail, we have sent out more than 5000 travellers to their dream destinations. Happy pictures that they send us, make us happy! Anusha Padmanabhan and Vatsyayan in the picture below, travelled with us to Bali with their toddler Vidyut.

Travelling with Kids

When travellers with kids asked us a lot of questions, we decided that we need to reach out to a larger set of people who may have similar questions! So all you parents who have put off vacations, worry not! Our travellers, Anusha Padmanabhan and Hari Ganapathy are here to put your fears to rest. Where to go, what to pack, tips and more – all of them will be answered by the duo.

This is our third Ask-Me-Anything live session on Facebook. Our previous sessions on Europe and South East Asia were a roaring success, reaching out to more than 25000 travellers.


Anusha and Hari will be live on our Facebook page at 11 am on 5th August, Saturday. All you need to do is,

  1. Log in to Facebook
  2. Go to our facebook page
  3. Type away your questions for our experts to answer

It’s as simple as that! No need to spend hours and hours on internet researching.

Meet our travellers:

Anusha Padmanabhan:

Anusha is a mother of a toddler, an educator by profession and a traveller at heart. She has circled the globe and has just a few countries left out on her bucket list. Europe, Greece, Indonesia – you name it and she’s been there. She’s not left much of India out as well! Anusha and her son Vidyut are just back from a vacation in Bali. She’s full of tips for parents who are travelling with kids. Ask away!

Hari Ganapathy:

Hari is our co-founder, a father of twins and needless to say LOVES to travel. He has explored more than 30 countries and has mighty bucket list aspirations, one being a Trans Siberian railway trip. Hari and his family are just back from a road trip to New Zealand. Yes, with his twins. Want to ask him how? Shoot them questions!


Date: 5th August, Saturday

Time: 11 am

RSVP here!


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