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Aspendos Opera & Ballet Festival
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Aspendos International opera and ballet – Turkey’s Best festival

Don’t miss out the wonderful classical music and ballet at the 2000-year-old ancient theatre in Turkey.
This fantastic Aspendos international opera and ballet extravaganza happens only once a year!

Turkey’s first opera and ballet festival the Aspendos opera and ballet festival draws art enthusiasts to a stunning setting in Antalya province, thus attracting most tourists to Turkey. Every year in September, the Aspendos international opera and ballet festival is held in the breathtaking ambience of the 2000-year-old Aspendos open-air theatre. The Ministry of Culture’s State Opera and Ballet General Directorate manages . The majority of the art audiences are international visitors visiting the Antalya region on vacation. It is also one of the world’s most prestigious and famous opera and ballet companies.

Thus to experience the best classics Aspendos ancient theatre will be a top memorable activity in your life. Hence get ready to be addicted! Are you ready for culture and art events at their best place!

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About Aspendos

Aspendos was undoubtedly Pamphylia’s most prominent city in antiquity. During the Roman era, when trade and commerce flourished, this magnificent metropolis attained its pinnacle. According to legend, the city was built approximately 1000 BC by the legendary Greek diviner Mopsos, and archaeologists have discovered traces of a presence here dating back to the Hittite era (800 BC).

The city’s final decline was caused by the silting up of its harbour and the Byzantine Empire’s centralization practises, similar to the neighbouring towns of Perge and Side. By the time the Seljuks ruled this portion of Turkey, Aspendos’ once-impressive theatre had been reduced to a caravanserai.

Let’s get to know the Turkey’s best festival

  1. Theatre history
  2. Exciting & enthralling facts about the festival
  3. What to expect?
  4. The reason why you shouldn’t miss it!

1. Theatre History

Aspendos theatre
Image credits : Pexels
Image credits : Pexels
  • Aspendos, also known as Aspendus, was a Greco-Roman city in Turkey’s Antalya province, famous for possessing the best-preserved antique theatre.
  • There is an interesting story behind the construction of the Aspendos theatre . The ruler of Aspendos conducted a competition to build a structure that contributes the city’s prosperity and also the winner will get to marry his daughter . A Greek architect named A.D. Zeno, won the competition by building one of the best majestic construction and married the ruler’s daughter in the same place.
  • The construction has the finest calcareous stones which makes the place look even more majestic and unique.
  • In a precise semicircle the marble stones , like the rings of an onion. There is an open stage with a three-story Corinthian-style stage building behind it. A gallery of arcades surrounds it, all of which remain in great shape.
  • The width of the theatre is around 96 diameter and the theatre has a capacity of about 15,000 guests, where people can get to sit wherever they want during the show.

2. Exciting & enthralling facts about the festival

Image credits : Pexels
Image credits : Pexels
  • The exceptional acoustic qualities of the 2000-year-old antique Aspendos theatre is probably what makes the Aspendos opera and ballet festival so prestigious around the world.
  • Throughout the antique theatre , the classical music will be heard at the same volume and quality.Thus giving as astonishing theatre experience
  • The International Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival is the first and only one to receive the “Best Quality Management Certificate.”
  • The British Independent Newspaper in 2003. ranked it as World’s 5th most reputable events
  • It gained international status in 1998 after four years of being held on a national level and was recognised as a member of the European Festivals Association (EFA) in 2003, also ensuring its distinguished place among other festivals held around the world.

3. What to expect in Aspendos Ballet festival?

Aspendos tickets 
Image credits : Pixabay
Image credits : Pixabay
  • The Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival brings together the best examples of opera-ballet works also with the extraordinary acoustics in the Aspendos Antique Theatre . Also there is a wide range of local and foreign audiences who travel all along to experience the same
  • Also exquisite open-air event has been a showcase for top opera and ballet companies from around the world’s most successful recent productions.
  • The show begins at 21:00 and duration is approximately 2 to 3 hours
  • The ticket cost would be approximately 15 TL to 30 TL ( Turkish Lira ) per person for the show also with pickup and drop from the hotels. It doesn’t include food and other personal expenses
  • The ancient venue has unique stone seating. Some find it difficult to sit over stones and watch the performance for continuous 2 to 3 hours. Hence it is advisable to bring some cushions along.

4. The reason why you shouldn’t miss it !

  • One of the major reasons to not miss the festival is to get ravel in the music of the greatest composers Verdi, Tchaikovsky, etc.
  • Also, the venue’s perfect acoustics make the shows audible even from the back rows – and this without the use of any modern or contemporary technology!
  • The Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival will be a magical experience not only for classical music or artistic fans but also for anybody looking to escape the monotony of everyday life and wants to get immersed in art completely!
  • It’s double dammaka as well! You get to witness amazing art forms in one of Turkey’s magnificent locations, also at the same time you get to know about the splendid historical place as well

Nearby attractions in Aspendos

  • Aspendos Ruins.
  • Olympos reins
  • Ucansu Selalesi.
  • Belek Beach Park.
  • Sillyon Antik kenti.
  • Fire of Anatolia.
  • Sirene Belek Hotel Golf Course.

It’s time to plan & pack to Aspendos festival!

Aspendos - Turkey 
Image credits : Pixabay
Image credits : Pixabay

Who doesn’t love art? Thus, with the exciting information about Aspendos festival shared, I hope you guys would have already planned a short dream trip to Turkey! Culture and tradition never fade, yet we are thankful for the Romans for conserving such glorious and ancient architecture. Hence don’t miss out Turkey’s best famous Aspendos Opera and ballet festival happening only once a year.

Get ready to mesmerise in the magical voices and stunning ballet performances of renowned artists from all over the world. So it’s time to pick your trail to Turkey and enjoy a dashing unforgettable artistic experience.

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