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Astonishing facts about the world’s most famous beaches

Love beaches? Sun, sand and sea turn you on? We are going to share some amazing facts about world’s famous beaches that will astonish you. Yet another travel hack that will astonish you is Pickyourtrail. 

1. Where is the world’s longest natural sand beach ?

Credits : michari

 Answer : Cox’s Bazar , Bangladesh

Cox’s Bazar ,Bangladesh is world’s longest natural beach . It is one of the most visited tourist destination in Bangladesh .The beach is stretched over the length of 125km.

2. Considered as Asia’s top destination for Kite-surfing. Can you name the beach ?

Credits : Boracay

Answer : Bulabog Beach,Philippines

Bulabog Beach, Philippines has large waves and strong winds year-round. This makes it a hotspot for windsurfing and kiteboarding.Bulabog Beach is considered Asia’s top kitesurf destination.

3. Known as “see and be seen” beach. Guess the name of the beach.

Answer : South Beach, Miami

South Beach is the “see and be seen” beach.For those who love a little eye candy while soaking up the rays, this is the place for you. South Beach really comes alive at night. It is known as as ‘see and be seen ” because it means to go out there and make your self known.South Beach is famous for spotting famous celebrities on the beach and has been a place for several movie location.

4. Where is the red beach situated on Greek Island ?

Answer : Santorini’s Red Beach

Santorini’s Red Beach is one of the most picturesque locations on the list. Surrounded by soaring red lava cliffs (hence the name), this beach also has some of the most beautiful and unique red sand in the world. Santorini is said to be the true Atlantis, as much of the island literally slipped below the sea in the course of a night.

 5.Do you know the name of World’s most famous nude sunbathing  beach ?

Answer : Nudist camp beach , Vrboska

If you simply abhor those pesky tan lines, then try the naturalist beach in Vrboska. Surrounded by vineyards, pine groves and olive trees, this little cove is an incredibly beautiful spot for nude sunbathing.Although there is no shade, many of the rocks are isolated, making it ideal for naturism. More adventurous naturists may want to check out the tiny island of Zecevo nearby.Vrboska beach is also popular as a naturist holiday due to the nudist campsite, which is located 1km from the town close to the naturist beach.

6.Its a black sand beach and also known as Dolphin beach, Can you name it ?

Credits : Sudnlyaware

Answer : Kehena Beach, Hawaii

At Kehena, you aren’t alone. Here you will find dolphin

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