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Athirapally Falls in Kerala
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Athirapally Falls in Kerala – A True Delight for all Nature Lovers

Who wouldn’t enjoy a Kerala trip? After all, it’s called ‘God’s own country.’ Imagine getting a wonderful holiday in Kerala where you can see the backwaters, beaches, trees, palm groves and all that is a staple in a trip to Kerala while you can also see in all its glory a magnificent waterfall. Well now surely you think that’s unbelievable right? Not exactly. To those who enjoy the combination of a mountain range and a beach with prancing waves, the Athirapally falls, Kerala, is a feast to the eyes.

The waterfall, which marks the entrance to the Sholayar Ranges, in its pure and pristine form is a perfect illustration of the nature. The waterfall is located between two main rives, the Bharathapuzha River and the Chalakudy River. Combined with the rivers, the waterfall forms a breathtaking tour that won’t let you blink for a second, lest you miss any of it.

Best Time to Visit Athirapally Falls

Athirapally Falls in Kerala
Image Credits: Google Images

From the falls the monsoons present the most exquisite views. If you’re an experienced trekker, go and get amazed during rains. But the monsoons make the journey to the falls both dangerous and difficult. So the best time to visit the falls is from September to January, for people who are just visitors and not experienced climbers. This is the best time to take benefit of the view with a limited risk.

The Athirapally Waterfalls are located approximately 76 kilometres from Cochin city. It is easily reachable by road. There are three main options for roads to take whilst going to the falls. They are Chalagudi, Angamaly and Valparai. All these three roads lead to the Falls at Athirapally. You can probably have fun doing an impromptu quiz about which route to pick, even before you hit the falls!


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Some Unkown facts of Athirapally Falls

We have to thank the local communities for the waterfalls that exist today. They have stepped up to the mark over and over again to fight for and defend the falls and the lush green woods all around. There were times when hydel projects in the area were approved which, if implemented, would have completely cut off the source of the falls, leading to the demolition of a true wonder of nature.

Luckily the locals fought tooth and nail and overturned the government’s decision, thus helping to maintain the beautiful falls intact with all their forest cover. You can find a lot of movies filmed in this place and you can’t find any other place this crazy! In actual life, it looks a thousand times better than in the movies. If you liked it in the film, do you know how good it would be in real life? Okay, you can’t guess, you should go there to see for yourself.

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7 Amazing Reasons why Athirapally Falls should top your Bucket List

1. Vazhachal Waterfalls

Vazhachal Waterfalls in Kerala near Athirapally Falls
Image Credits: Google Images

This serene and peaceful waterfall is located a little away from the falls of the Athirapally, a little further off the beaten track. This waterfall is located downstream to the Athirapally Falls. Unlike the Athirapally Falls, this waterfall situated at a tilted slope, leads to a big pool after a 300 feet plunge which makes it extremely dangerous to get into the falls. Yet the peaceful and vivid scenery around the falls is more than just making up for it, because the ethereal beauty of nature can be felt here first hand.

2. Sholayar Dam Backwaters

Just when you think about the amazing mountains, they have waterfalls, beaches and stretches of sand with only water for viewing. Here you ‘ll face the backwaters right away. This dam is majestic to look at, located 31 kilometres from Athirapally and on the Athirapally-Valparai Road. Being Asia’s second-largest rock dam, it measures about 20 kilometres in length and offers a mercurial view of the restless and endless waves that fill your heart with joy.

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3. Thrissur

Thrissur in Kerala near Athirapally Falls
Image Credits: Google Images

The name is a Tiru-Shiva-Peru combination that loosely translates into ‘Lord Shiva’s major city.’ The city is an enormous Hindus pilgrimage centre. The city’s vibe will make one feel truly peaceful and soothing. If you are looking for a calm, serene and a peaceful holiday this is your ideal destination.

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This charming hamlet is located at an altitude of 3500 feet above sea level on the Annamalai Hill Range. The panoramic view of the surrounding countryside, dotted with rainforests and sea beaches, makes it a great destination for everyone. This is one of the best places for exploration near the falls.


Kochi in Kerala near Athirapally Falls
Image Credits: Google Images

The port city of Kerala’s Ernakulam district is renowned for its beautiful beaches and picturesque palm trees. This places even has a set of great looking backwaters. Boating on the backwaters is one of this region’s most sought after sports.


Munnar Hill Station is a perfect postcard hamlet that’s also a popular honeymoon destination for anyone who loves mountains. The hill station’s revitalizing ambience is the primary explanation for visitors flocking in waves over there. This is a must-visit hill station in India for its tranquil beauty.

Edamalayar Dam

The dam is one of Kerala ‘s largest reservoirs. Apart from being a primary reservoir, this also provides one of the best views across the state. The breathtaking scenery is the dam ‘s greatest asset.

Go and Experience the God’s own Country

Getting tired of the bustling city? The solution is really simple, go to Athirapally Waterfalls in Kerala and spend a weekend. The breathtaking scenery coupled with interesting waterfalls will create the perfect trip for you to enjoy! Reasons outnumbered for you to kick-start your bookings to this nature bound paradise. Athirapally is going to be a delightful experience for you filled with adventure and beautiful emotions. Pickyourtrail will make sure that you have a memorable vacation with on-trip support. Start planning your tour package and Happy travelling! Please feel free to leave a Whatsapp inquiry for more options.

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