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Wander barefoot around the beaches of Brindisi, Italy

Located in Italy, Brindisi is one of the important cities located on the coast of Southern Italy. The beautiful acts as a perfect coastal escapade for near and far travellers. Not known to many, the city of Brindisi is just sitting there waiting to be explored by many tourists. The city is filled with beautiful monuments and stunning structures. Apart from museums, cathedrals and shopping, the beaches here are just awesome places to be at.

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How to reach Brindisi?

By Air

Brindisi city has got its very own airport. There are several flights landing into Brindisi from different parts of the world and Italy itself. If you are planning to visit Brindisi for a day or two, we suggest you take a flight and arrive here early. From the airport, you can either rent a cab or a self-drive car to go places.

By Rail

If you are touring Europe as a whole, the best way to travel would be through the train. Trains are the cheapest way to travel in entire Europe. The Rail system in Italy is well connected through some of the fastest trains making you reach places right on time.

By Road

Travelling to Brindisi through road might get little hectic. Especially if you are travelling from other parts of Europe. However, if you are someone who loves to travel and drive in style, you can always rent a car and explore a few places while on your way to Brindisi.


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Top-notch things to do in Brindisi

  • Carrisiland Resort
  • Fasano Zoosafari
  • Italian Sailor Mountain
  • Brunda Pizzeria
  • Port of Brindisi
  • Lido Morell Beach
  • Provincial Archaeological Museum
  • Church of Saint Paul Hermit

1. Carrisiland Resort 

Enjoy fun-filled articles at Carrisiland resort, an amusement park filled with rides and entertainment. The amusement park has got plenty of theme areas If you get hot, check out the water park and dip into the refreshing pools. Do not forget to visit the zoo located within the amusement park. Visiting hours are from 9 am to 6 pm throughout the week. The experience costs 17 euros per head entry and for the kids between 6-15, it is half the price. Carrisiland resort is located Cellino San Marco BR, Italy.

Location: Contrada Curtipitrizzi, 72020 Cellino San Marco BR, Italy

2. Fasano Zoosafari

Safari Ride
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Zoosafari offers a safari, zoo and theme park experience and you get to drive through the safari area and spot wildlife from all over the world, including water buffaloes, lions, bears, elephants and more. Walk along the zoo trail to see gorillas, chimpanzees, gibbons, leopards and panthers. You can explore a large mammal lake, birds exhibit, tropical room, penguin house and dolphinarium. Visiting hours are from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm throughout the week. The experience costs 22 euros per head entry. Zoosafari is located at Fasano BR, Italy.

Location: Via Dello ZooSafari, 72015 Fasano BR, Italy

3. Italian Sailor Mountain

The Italian Sailor Mountain is a monument built-in 1933. At the base of the monument, you can see the chapel in memory of the fallen soldiers during the world war. From the top of the monument, the view of the city and harbour is most impressive. Visiting hours is from Tuesday to Sunday between 9 AM to 1 PM and 2 PM to 4:30 PM. The Italian Sailor Mountain is located at Via Ammiraglio Millo, 2, 72100 Brindisi BR, Italy

Location: Via Ammiraglio Millo, 2, 72100 Brindisi BR, Italy

4. Brunda Pizzeria

Brunda Pizzeria is a goodie for pizza lovers. This pizza joint serves the best pizzas in Brindisi. The restaurant serves cuisines such as Italian, brewpub, pizza and Mediterranean. They are also vegan friendly and provide vegan options, gluten-free options. Bon Appétit at Bunda pizzeria. Visiting hours are from 7 am to 11 pm throughout the week. Brunda Pizzeria is located at Piazza Dante, 8, 72100 Brindisi BR, Italy

Location: Piazza Dante, 8, 72100 Brindisi BR, Italy

5. Port of Brindisi

Port of Brindisi
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The Port of Brindisi is located just in the city centre. It is so pleasant and at times romantic walking around the old and majestic walls surrounded by the water and huge ships. The port is free to visit throughout the week. The port of Brindisi is located in Giovanna di Bulgaria, Viale Regina Margherita, 72100 Brindisi BR, Italy.

Location: Giovanna di Bulgaria, Viale Regina Margherita, 72100 Brindisi BR, Italy

6. Lido Morell Beach

Beach in Italy
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Lido Morell is the beach of Morello river, it is about 2 km long and is characterized by its silky white sand. It is a busy beach on weekends but not crowded. The beach is well-equipped with sunbeds and beach umbrellas. Visitors can enjoy the seashore between 9 AM and 8:30 PM throughout the week. Lido Morell beach is located at Ostuni BR, Italy

Location: Contrada Fiume Morelli, 1, 72017 Ostuni BR, Italy

7. Provincial Archaeological Museum

The Provincial Archaeological Museum possesses important collections of discoveries from the Roman age., with sections dedicated to epigraphy. The visiting hours are from 9 AM to 7 PM all days except Tuesday. The duration of the visit is 1 to 2 hrs per person. Entry fee per person is 5 euro and free for kids who are up to 15 years old. The Provincial Archaeological Museum is located at Piazza Duomo, 6, 72100 Brindisi BR, Italy

Location: Piazza Duomo, 6, 72100 Brindisi BR, Italy

8. Church of Saint Paul Hermit

The church is located in the historic centre of the city, the church looks majestic with its gothic shapes. Inside the church are some baroque altars dedicated to several saints. The walls are filled with exotic artwork which treats the eyes. The visiting hours for the church morning 7 AM to 8 PM throughout the week. Church Of Saint Paul Hermit is located in Annibale de Leo, Brindisi BR, Italy.

Location: Via Annibale de Leo, 72100 Brindisi BR, Italy


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When is it an ideal time to visit Brindisi?

Given that the city is located in a coastal region, the perfect time to visit would be during the summer season. The city experiences summer between the months of June and August. Visit here during these months to experience unlimited fun.

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