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The busy city of Hague
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Hague – The Happiest and Hippiest City

Let’s take a beautiful trip to Hague – The happiest and hippiest city in the Netherlands. It is the only city that is nestled with a beach on its North Sea coast. Storm into the stunning monuments, chic hotels and political campuses. You can see the King’s office palace on the Noordeinde. Take a visit to the amazing art museums and explore the high-end shopping zones. The Hauge is a lively and colourful place that you will never get bored of. Here are the top attractions in Hague that you should definitely experience during your trip to the Netherlands in Europe.

The busy streets and attractions in Hague
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Attractions in Hague

#1 Mauritshuis Museum

Mauritshuis  Museum in Hague
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Located in the centre of Den Haag, next to the Binnenhof, is the Mauritshuis Museum. It is a Dutch Classicist style art museum that was constructed in the year 1639. You will be amused to see the extensive collection of artworks by famous artists including Rembrandt, Vermeer and Rubens.

The Museum vividly displays over 800 objects. Most of these are from the Dutch Golden age. There are three sections in the museum namely,

  • At home Holland
  • A generous gesture
  • Highlights from the past.

The continuous addition of new collections and periodical exhibitions portraying the history of Holland in the best possible way is an important highlight of the place. These traits make this place one of the must-visit attractions in Hague.

#2 Madurodam Model City

Small prototypes of Hague
Image credits: Google Images

The Madurodam Model City is one of the unique attractions in Hague. It displays a huge scale model replica of various parts of the Netherlands. You will get to know about all of their buildings, vehicles, people and culture etc. Get amazed at the 1:25 scaled-down prototype of the whole country with unbelievable details and intricate craftsmanship.

Initially, the park was opened in the year 1952. Later, it underwent several changes and renovations over the years while adopting new technologies and revamping the models. You can spot cities like Amsterdam, Binnenhof, Schiphol airport, the seaport, Dutch tulip fields and much more. This is truly an amazing place that you shouldn’t miss during your Hague trip.

#3 The Binnenhof

The majestic building of Binnenhof
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Experience a political touch during your trip to the Netherlands. The Binnenhof is a gigantic complex that serves as a meeting place for political groups. This includes the Ministry of General Affairs of Netherlands as well. Visit the oldest parliament building that’s still in use today. 

Firstly, the building was constructed in the 1200s as a general complex. Later, the place became an important political hot spot. You can enter the Binnenhof and admire the stunning architecture. Travel back in time to explore the history of the fabled Hall of Knights where the Ridderzaal stands. 

#4 Ridderzaal

Located in the heart of Binnenhof and standing in the wonderful Hall of Knights courtyard, Ridderzaal is one of the important attractions in Hague. Initially, the place was used as Dutch parliament. The place hosts royal receptions as well. Explore the Gothic style symmetrical towers beautifying the entrance. 

You will drop your jaws at the grand and decorative interiors. The amazingly stained glass windows and central ornate throne are the highlights of the spot.

#5 Mesdag Museum

Head to the Mesdag Museum that is contained within the house of the notable painter Hendrik Willem Mesdag. You can witness a fine collection of art that Hendrik and his wife collected over the years. Get to know about the hardships and works of the ancient Dutch painters while exploring. Located in the centre of The Hague, you can access this building easily. The large panoramic painting of Mesdag museum is the centre of attraction here.

#6 The beach and promenade

The beach, one of the main attractions in Hague
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Your next stop is the most famous spot in Hague. Walk across the long stretched beaches while looking at the port of Ijmuiden. Enjoy your day amidst the extensive promenade, golden sands, fabulous pier and an array of shops and bars. Treat your taste buds with the food served at the welcoming restaurant near the beach. A ride on the huge Ferris wheel is the best thing to do on the beach. 

#7 Drievliet Amusement Park

If you are travelling with your family and friends, Drievliet Amusement Park is the best pick. It is a fantastic place that offers hours of fun and entertainment. Enjoy the thrilling roller coasters, Formule X and the Twistrix. Take extra pairs of clothes as you cannot resist trying your hand in the water sports. 

Do not miss exploring the fairground stalls, restaurant and the small drink stalls. This is indeed one of the best attractions in Hague to visit with friends and family.

#8 The Peace Palace

Make way to the Peace Palace, the house for the administration of law. It is also the home for several bodies including the international court of justice. Initially constructed in the year 1913, the building features fantastic neo-renaissance design adorned by a large bell tower. 

The ornate arched front facade and the lavish collection of statues and busts of notable personalities are highlights of the place. Meanwhile, you can spot the statues of Gandhi and Nelson Mandela as well. Take a guided to the Peace Palace and rest at the manicured garden outside the place.

#9 The Hague Tower

Have you ever fantasized about being on top of this beautiful city and getting a beautiful panoramic view? Take a tour to the Hague Tower, a majestic skyscraper near the Den Haag HS railway station. Though the building mainly consists of office blocks, it also has some amazing restaurants and nightclubs. Stand on the walking platform above a height of 132m and take in the utmost beauty of the city. End your trip with a drink and snack from the cafe in the clouds. 

#10 Grote of Sint Jacobskerk

Next on the list of attractions in Hague comes the Church of St. James. Take a religious trip to this building that stands proud on the Torenstraat. This old building was constructed in the 15th century. Click some amazing pictures near the decorated bell tower with 15 bells. 

Explore the fine wooden carvings and vividly stained glass windows. To sum up, the place is a treat to the eyes. Go back in time to know the history and culture of the place. Pay a visit to the grave of Jacob van Wassenaer Obdam, a notable Dutch navy commander.

Head to the place with amazing architecture, quaint yet modern restaurants and several eye-catchy spots. A modern city that retains its historical charm is a rare and appreciable factor. Explore the top 10 attractions in Hague for you will never regret it. Head to the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your visit to the Netherlands now!

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