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Palma Cathedral in Mallorca
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Attractions In Mallorca – Live A Poetic Dream Here!

Bored with cubicle workspaces and travelling around the world only by emails? It’s time to live on a poetic dream in real-time. In this article, let’s travel through the attractions in Mallorca that every local and foreigner is proud of. Mallorca in Spain is a truly unspoken magic that everyone should experience at least once in their lives. With a plethora of both natural and man-made attractions, you can literally spot dramatic sights wherever you go. A splendid vacation to Mallorca is the wisest choice one could ever make as the place itself is miraculously graceful and charming.

Attractions in Mallorca - coast view
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La Seu Cathedral de Palma

Beautiful architecture in Mallorca
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Your first stop at Mallorca is undoubtedly the La Seu Cathedral de Palma. It is simply one of the unbelievably stunning attractions in Mallorca. Initially, started in the year 1229, the construction work of this incredible and intricate architecture lasted till 1601. This Gothic-style architecture came into existence by replacing the former Moorish mosque.

Castell de Bellver

castle  in Mallorca
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The second architectural marvel waiting to surprise you in Mallorca is Castell de Bellver. This castle is one of its kind with a rounded structure. This peculiar structure was built meticulously in the 14th century for King James 11. Initially, the castle served as home for various kings. However, in the later years, it was in use as a military prison. In recent times, the history and architecture of the museum grabbed the attention of tourists from around the world. Hence Castell de Bellver is one of the important attractions in Mallorca.

Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró a Mallorca

Are you an art enthusiast? Then head to Fundació Pilar I Joan Miró at Mallorca without fail. With an impressive collection of artworks of Miro such as paintings, drawings, sculptures and prints the place is truly a visual treat for visitors. Initially, the building acted as the studio of Miro for several decades. If you are an art buff, Fundació Pilar I Joan Miró a Mallorca is a great platform to learn about the creative art techniques and works of Miro.

Jardines d’Alfàbia

Enjoy a perfectly peaceful getaway spot, also one of the must-visit attractions in Mallorca. The picturesque historical house of Jardines d’Alfàbia surrounded by eye-catching orchids and gardens is located in the centre of Tramuntana Mountains. Catch a Soller train and get off at the attraction by informing the conductor. This is the simplest way to reach Jardines d’Alfàbia.

Ruines Romanes de Pollentia

Founded early in 123 BC, Ruines Romaines de Pollentia is one of the main attractions in Mallorca. Consul Quintus Caecilius Metellus were the ones who found this dramatic attraction. Get to know about the history and glory of the ancient Roman town from the remains and the theatre. The well-preserved artefacts with fascinating stories will surely amaze you.

Mirador Es Colomer

Here’s one of the most breathtaking attractions in Mallorca that offers unbelievable scenic views and vistas. Mirador Es Colomer is located in Cap Formentera. With amazing cliffs, rushing wind and welcoming atmosphere will surely soothe your soul.

Sa Dragonera Natural Park

An adorable, simple yet stunning attraction is awaiting your arrival in Mallorca. Sa Dragonera is a small island that projects the best assets of nature in the city. Located on the Southwestern coast, the place also houses a resort named Sant Elm. Also, the place is known for its dragon-like shape and the lizard species here. Take a boat trip and move in harmony with the pristine nature. You can also spend a night at the resort.

Parc Natural de s’Albufera de Mallorca

Are you travelling with your family? Here’s one of the spectacular attractions exclusively for families. Take a car or bicycles and reach the Parc Natural de s’ Albufera de Mallorca. Located between Alcudia and Can Picafort, the place is indeed a natural bliss. You can also get binoculars and maps at the visitors centre and explore the place to the fullest. Spot wild animals and numerous birds that are housed here.

Es Baluard Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Yet another art gallery in Mallorca that’s waiting to amuse you with its collections is the Es Baluard Museum. You can witness the stunning panoramic views of the city and the sea from this building. With an amazing collection of paintings and ceramics by famous artists like Picasso, Miro and Sorolla, the place is truly a paradise for art lovers. Take part in the exhibitions conducted by the gallery at regular intervals. Get to know more about this beautiful place on their official website before leaving.

La Almudaina Royal Palace

Experience the Mallorcan legacy by visiting the La Almudaina Royal Palace which is located close to the seafront and just next to the cathedral. This royal palace is still in use by the King of Spain during the official summer ceremonies. This fascinating palace still houses original baths, hot and cold rooms of the Moorish era. You will drop your jaws while looking at the incredible tapestries and a wide array of furniture inside the palace.

Cuevas de Artá

Beautifully nestled on the crest of a cliff overlooking the bay of Canyamel, the Cuevas de Artá feature one of the spectacular attractions in Mallorca. You will W-O-W at the majestic entrance room cavern, the tall stalagmite in Queen’s room and much more. Take a multilingual guided tour amid vast chambers with stalactites & stalagmites of this cave. Experience the reverberating bell-sounds and get to know about the stories of pirates and smugglers that will entertain adults and kids of all ages.

Botanicactus Botanical Gardens

Get lost amidst the rich flora of Mallorca that’s been preserved at the Botanicactus Botanical Gardens. You can spot unusual varieties of cactus from around the world. The shocking part is that some of them are centuries old and the others are unimaginably large. Also, you can witness the tropical plants and bamboo fields while strolling around the artificial lake present here. And the most interesting part is that you can also buy specimens of these plants to take home.

Tramuntana Mountain range

Tramuntana Mountain range is the graceful mountain that adorns the northern coast of Mallorca. With numerous peaks rolling for 90 km, the range is honoured by UNESCO as a world heritage site. With magnificent historic, cultural and environmental importance, the place is truly one of the must-visit attractions in Mallorca.


steets full of attractions in Mallorca
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Visit the most beautiful town of Mallorca because you will surely jump in joy looking at its charm. Valldemossa, located near the hills of Tramuntana range, is surrounded by dense forests and luscious countryside. This popular destination is a hikers paradise. With narrow lanes, pretty houses and well-maintained gardens, the grace of the place will take your trip to the next level.

Cabrera Island

Located on the south coast of Mallorca, Cabrera Island is a natural wonder that many of the tourists are not aware of. It has a national park that houses a wide array of natural assets. Jump into a boat from the shore and reach this beautiful island to spend quality time with your loved one amidst the unspoilt wilderness. There are tiny hostels where you can spend a night and take in the complete beauty of the island.

With each attraction being one of its kind, Mallorca is truly a dramatic destination. Wherever you go, you will surely end up seeing beautiful spots in Mallorca. The place has simply all that you can ask for and all that you’ll wish to experience during your dream vacation. Head to the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your trip to Spain right away.

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