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panoramic view of sharjah
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Top Attractions You Can’t Afford To Miss In Sharjah

In this article, let’s escape into the reality of richness and legacy you vibe when you enter the UAE. No, It is not about Dubai again, we are going to have a look into another amazing city in UAE. Sharjah, the arts capital of the United Arab Emirates, is a mixed pot of tradition and culture. The city has put lots of efforts to preserve its history that earned the title of Cultural Capital of the Arab World from UNESCO. Sharjah is a heaven for art buffs and architecture enthusiasts as it is crammed full of excellent sightseeing opportunities. With the renowned Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization and the Art Museum being the two major jewels of the city, there are also many other tourist attractions and interesting buildings dedicated to Emirati history. Here are some of the must-visit attractions in Sharjah that you shouldn’t miss.

You can very well take your kids to this family-friendly destination as there are lots to keep the kids amused. The Al Noor Island with butterfly house and underwater aquarium is one ideal example. Know more about this beautiful city in this article and get ready to pack your bags to Sharjah. 

1. Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

Want to know in-depth about the Arab and Islamic culture? Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization is the ideal place to dive into the subject. This is also considered as one of the must-visit attractions in Sharjah. The museum houses a large number of scientific and religious manuscripts. It also displays a wide array of Islamic arts and craftwork dating from the 7th to the 19th centuries. Their exhibit of clay, pottery, glass and metallic handicrafts inlaid with silver, gold and brass are beyond comparisons. The museum holds the pride of preserving items dating back to the Abbasid and Umayyad eras which include a coin collection of silver dinars and dirhams. Get to know about the tentacles of Islamic culture with the exhibits of Mughal and Ottoman craft work here. 

The Museum of Islamic civilization-One of the must-visit attractions in Sharjah

Location: Corniche Street, Sharjah

2. Sharjah Arts Museum

Sharjah Art Museum is one of the largest museums in Dubai in terms of area and display. Opened in 1997, the museum features a permanent collection and temporary exhibits. The permanent collection encompasses the valuable artworks from the collections of Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qassim. Stroll around the 72 art galleries spread over three floors which predominantly focuses on the works by Arab artists. 

The museum also encompasses other artworks by 18th-century painters who visited the middle east and were fascinated by the scenic beauty, architecture and culture. You can spot watercolours of Sharjah in the Ali Darwish gallery. The contemporary section houses more than 300 works by the local, Arab, and foreign artists. If you are an art lover then the Art Museum is one of the must-visit places in Sharjah.

Address: Off Corniche Street, Sharjah

3. Sharjah Heritage Area

The Sharjah Heritage Area encompasses several museums including the Sharjah Heritage Museum, the Calligraphy Museum, and Bait Al Naboodah. These are museums that exhibit facets of traditional Emirati life, art form and finely restored tradition. This museum will take you back to the past and depict the lives of Emiratis before the discovery of oil.

Heritage area- one of the top attractions in Sharjah
Image credits: Google Images

Get into the shopping buzz of the Souk areas such as Souk Al Arsah. This large courtyard has different shops selling silver and wooden handicrafts, jewellery, traditional garments and beauty products.

Location: Off Corniche Street, Sharjah

4. Sharjah Fort

Sharjah Fort also known as Al Hisn in Arabic is located on a plaza at the corner of the Heritage District. Built 200 years ago, this fort has served as a defensive facility for the town and as the traditional residence of the ruling family. 

The rooms in the fort display the iconic history and importance of the Gulf country and its trade. The place also offers stunning views of the Heritage district and the sea from the terrace. Take in the almost beauty of the city from the fort which is considered as one of the major attractions in Sharjah.

5. Central Market

Boasting as the city’s most visited and famous landmark, Sharjah’s central market is a shopper’s paradise. The intricate blue tile work gave the name of Blue Souk to the market. Packed with more than 600 shops in its premises, the market is known for its jewellery, perfume, clothing, food, electronics and gift items. Head to the upper floor to experience an authentic Arabian bazaar where you can fill your cart with antiques, carpets, Omani and Yemeni jewellery and other exotic souvenirs. Finish your shopping and relax in the cafes lined up in the market area.

The central market of Sharjah
Image credits: Google Images

Address: Khalid Lagoon, Sharjah

6. Al Noor Island

After spending buzzing days in shopping malls and museums, this public park, created in Khalid Lagoon will offer some peace and tranquillity. This Island is accessed by a bridge from the central city’s Corniche Street. Its jaw-dropping blend of nature and art featuring scattered gardens with modern sculptures and installations makes it the favourite spot for many travellers. Do not miss visiting the butterfly house where you can spot 500 different species of butterflies.

Address: Khalid Lagoon, Sharjah

7. Sharjah Aquarium & Maritime Museum

The Sharjah Aquarium and Maritime Museum is a kids-favourite spot as it hosts around 150 species of sea life including reef sharks and sea rays. The Museum also hosts interesting events on wooden shows, pearl collecting and fishing. As Sharjah has always been connected with marine trade, you can witness the oldest pearl that was collected in the ancient times and age-old Dhows as well.

The maritime aquarium and museum interior
Image credits: Google Images

Location: Off Al Meena Street in Al Khan District, Sharjah

8. Sharjah Archaeology Museum

If you are interested in learning the arcing history of humanity in Sharjah, then head to the Sharjah Archaeology Museum. Its stone age section displays the technology of that period and old seashells. Get amazed at the ornamental gems and pottery works from the Ubaid period. The Bronze Age Hall puts in front of the archaeological traces of pottery, metals, stone and Jewellery. Finally, the Iron Age Hall features a camel statue and a ceramic dome which came from the Muweilah archaeological site. The museum entertains and engages children with a variety of hands-on games as well.

Location: Al Abah district, Sharjah

10. Al Qasba

Enjoy the nightlife of Dubai in this waterfront quarter with plenty of cafes and restaurants lined up in its premises. This family-friendly location never fails to impress kids with its outdoor and indoor children’s entertainment park with rides, go-carts and soft-play area. Hit the canal to experience the boat rides that will take you to the bay to experience the city lights. 

Address: Corniche Street, Sharjah

Apart from these 10 magnificent attractions, you can also visit the Khor Fakkan, Sharjah Science Museum and Al Noor Mosque. Sharjah is a magic pot of Dubai that relentlessly offers tourists with numerous natural and manmade wonders to see. These attractions in Sharjah will definitely be an eye-opener during your trip. It is a perfect destination for a family trip as it has something for everyone. Slide into the Pickyourtrail and start planning your trip to Dubai, UAE right away.

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