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South Australia
Written by Kajani Shivam on June 4, 2020 Share on

10 Tourist attractions in South Australia – Take a ride into the wine state

Surrounded by the Indian Ocean and South Pacific Ocean, Australia attracts millions of travellers all across the world every year. Australia is definitely a part of many travel diaries and bucket lists. Who would want to miss this country when it has numerous things to offer. Well, if Australia wasn’t a part of your travel diaries or bucket list, it’s time to discover this beautiful country. Your Australia trip would not be satisfied without visiting the festival state, which is South Australia. Adventure activities, stunning coastline, colourful festivals, best wines, mouthwatering dishes, mesmerizing beaches and breathtaking scenic views. All these sums up South Australia for the tourists and trust me, it is a lot more than you have imagined. You will find some amazing attractions in South Australia. Already thrilled? Let’s take a quick ride and find out the top 10 tourist attractions in South Australia

Am aerial view of Australia
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10 Tourist attractions in South Australia which you can’t miss experiencing

Well, South Australia is full of tourist attractions and Pickyourtrail has curated a list of the top 10 experiences which you should not be missing. Exciting? Well, have a read and find out your favourite attractions in South Australia.

1.Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island- One of the attractions in South Australia
Image Credits: Unsplash

Kangaroos! How exciting, right? It is a lifetime experience and never miss this attraction in South Australia. Kangaroo Island is the third-largest island in Australia and a must-do on your South Australia itinerary. Pristine beaches, coastal scenery, fascinating rock formations and wildlife. You will be able to view koalas, penguins, sea lions and a variety of stunning birds. Flinders Chase National Park, Seal Bay Conservation Park, Kelly Hill Conservation Park and Little Sahara are some of the main attractions which you cant skip in Kangaroo Island. Also, the Kangaroos on Kangaroo Island are slightly different from the mainland ones. They have long fur and are darker in colour. Well, that’s strange!


Music event in Adelaide
Image Credits: Unsplash

Tada! You must have been looking for Adelaide to be in the list and here it is. Adelaide, the free-spirited city is adored by numerous tourists. Adelaide is the capital of South Australia and Australia’s fifth-largest city filled with attractions. You will find multiple events lined up in Adelaide which boosts up your energy. Foodies will totally love Adelaide for its mouthwatering dishes and a visit to Adelaide Oval will be the perfect thing to do in Adelaide. You cant definitely miss to shop at the famous Rundle Mall which is the longest and the busiest mall in Australia. And yes, how could you miss the beaches? Beaches such as Glenelg and Henly will make you come back to Adelaide.

3.Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley- One of the attractions in South Australia
Image Credits: Unsplash

About an hour drive from Adelaide, Barossa Valley will make you fall in awe for its beauty. Barossa Valley is a perfect trip spot for many tourists. Love food and wine? Simply end up landing in Barossa Valley to feel heaven. The verdant valley is one of Australia’s oldest grape-growing regions and is loved for its fresh food products. Let it be a romantic walk around the valley, a family trip or a solo journey, Barossa Valley has something beautiful for every kind of traveller. You can also attend cookery classes, grab a bite at the restaurant and take a look at the gift shop available at the Barossa Valley.

4.Innes National Park, Yorke Peninsula

Innes National Park- One of the attractions in South Australia
Image Credits: Unsplash

Rugged seascapes, wildlife, windswept white-sand beaches surrounded by dazzling blue seas totally defines the Innes National Park. About a three hour drive from Adelaide, Innes National Park is a gift from nature to mankind. Surfing, scuba diving, camping and boating are some of the major attractions to do in Innes National Park. You can also spot some Emus, dolphins, whales, kangaroos and a variety of more than 150 species of birds in the National Park. And, of course, you can sit and admire the beautiful views which will be one of the best things to do.

5.Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy
Image Credits: Unsplash

Coober Pedy is one of the quirkiest and unique attractions in South Australia. Hot, dry, quiet, dusty, burnt orange and yes, a little freaky place. Coober Pedy is definitely not the party mode place you will be looking for but trust me, you will be guaranteed with some unique experiences. And, here comes the surprising part. You will find people living in the underground to escape the immense heat. You might be wondering why on earth should people live here if it is so hot. The answer is that Coober Pedy is the biggest supplier of Opals in the world and that sums up everything. Old Timers Mine and Serbian Orthodox church are some of the major attractions for tourists in Coober Pedy.

6.Clare Valley

Lake Bumbunga in Clare Valley
Image Credits: Google Images

Clare Valley is another famous Australian grape growing region which has made it to the top attractions in South Australia. The Picturesque landscape is a perfect romantic getaway for couples and a favourite picnic spot for the families. It will be more exciting to visit the Clare Valley during the May month as you will see foodies flocking here for the Annual Clare Valley Gourmet Weekend which is a celebration of the regions fresh food products. Foodies, ensure you mark your calendars. The major attraction in the Clare Valley is the Lake Bumbunga. Well, you won’t be able to believe your own eyes the moment you see Lake Bumbunga as it changes colour from pink, white and blue depending on the salinity of the water. Fascinating right? The bubble gum shore attracts a huge crowd and makes the top photographers capture this beauty.

7.Fleurieu Peninsula

Fleurieu Peninsula
Image Credits: Google Images

The Fleurieu Peninsula attracts tourists with the stunning coastlines, incredible food producers, plenty of water activities for families and offers the tastiest wine. The Peninsula will offer you numerous attractions and plan your day accordingly to experience all the attractions. Well, did I miss something? Oh yes, some good news for the pizza lovers. South Australia is a heaven for pizza lovers and Russells Pizza in Fleurieu Peninsula is known for its spicy pizzas. Never miss getting a pizza from Russells Pizza on your visit to Fleurieu Peninsula. Well, I got some good news for the coffee and cheese lovers too. Excited, huh? You get the best of both in Fleurieu Peninsula which makes your tastebuds dance. Foodies, you can thank me later for telling you all this good news. Haha…

8.Eyre Peninsula

Eyre Peninsula
Image Credits: Google Images

Another Peninsula which makes it to the top attractions in South Australia is the Eyre Peninsula. You will love this place for the cage diving with great white sharks adventure which definitely should not be missed on your visit. Sounds great, huh? If you are craving for some seafood, all you need to do is to head to the Eyre Peninsula to tase the best of them. You would definitely want to come back every time to taste the mouthwatering seafood. And here comes the most important attraction, Lake MacDonnell. It is best known for its intense colours which will make you pinch for a moment and check if you were actually dreaming. Trust me, you will actually do that the moment you see the mesmerizing Lake MacDonnell. So, why miss the Eyre Peninsula when it has the most interesting things to offer?

9.Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier in South Australia
Image Credits: Unsplash

Mount Gambier is an extinct volcano with four lovely lakes, sinkholes and gardens. Interestingly, a natural phenomenon occurs on the Blue lake annually in November. You will find the colour of the lake transforming from dull grey to a vibrant cobalt blue. Another change of colour lakes on the list, huh? Well, South Australia is quite impressive with its lakes. Also, tourists gather here in the month of November to view this beautiful change. Well, you know what to do now. Mark your calendars to view this splendid natural change in the month of November.

10. Murray River

Murray River in South Australia
Image Credits: Google Images

The final one to enter the top 10 tourist attractions in South Australia is the Murray River. Murray River is Australia’s longest river and how can you miss that? Definitely no, right? Sandstone cliffs and tall eucalyptus trees fringe the river, and its wetlands are habitats for many water birds. The mighty river will stun you with its looks and is filled with nearby attractions such as  Loxton and Waikerie for the visitors which will make you fall in awe. Also, the worlds largest canoe race is held each year on the Murray River. Impressive isn’t it?

Well, that sums up the list of the top 10 tourist attractions in South Australia. Visiting South Australia is definitely a good choice and you can’t deny the fact when you see it for yourself. Hope you found your favourite attraction too in the top ten list. As mentioned earlier, South Australia is definitely a place which should take place in your travel diaries and bucket lists. You will find your own reasons to celebrate South Australia. Want to find your own reason? Well, here we are to help you plan the coolest itinerary to South Australia. All you need is to click the Pickyourtrail website and find the amazing travel packages for Australia. And, Make your vacation seamless with our coolest App. Also, follow our blogs for some inspiring travel contents. Pack your bags to write your own travel stories and the world is waiting to be explored!

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