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The pic shows a beautiful landscape of Australia
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Australia – A Complete Travel Guide For A Perfect Dream Vacay

Planning an Australian Vacay? What comes to your mind when you think about Australia? You’ll most likely think about its popular tourist destinations like Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, and so on. The city has got a lot to offer and is a place that suits everybody’s taste. These cities are home to only 40,000 people and it attracts close to 1 million tourists every year. You’ll find stunning valleys, astounding beaches, famous art galleries, and many more. You can have a perfect vacay with your loved one in Australia. This beautiful island country could satisfy anyone’s travel desires. For a truly Aussie city and beach experience, you must pay a visit to this beauty. So, let’s look at the list of things to know before we plan a perfect vacay. We’ve briefed out some of the must-visit attractions in Australia that you simply can’t say no to! Here we bring to you the ultimate travel guide for Australia, to enjoy the best of what this destination has to offer.

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When to Go

In the Southern hemisphere, winter is in June, July and August. Aussie winter is the peak season in most cities in Australia. June, July, and August are the busiest months, and it’s better to book tours and accommodations in advance to have a hassles free tour experience. In the summer season, you can visit most cities, apart from the Northern Territory. It’s cool enough to visit Uluru and warm enough to explore some beaches. By late October, temperatures start rising. June to August and September to March are the peak seasons where you could enjoy and explore the places with lots of tourists. We recommend you to check the weather forecast before your vacay and also during your travel. Let’s keep reading this travel guide to plan an awesome vacay to Australia.

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How To Go

Both through the air and water Australia can be explored. Since Australia is a long way from most countries in the world, air travel is the best way to enter the country. Major cities like Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney are well connected to airports in numerous cities around the world. There are also flights to Adelaide, Darwin, Cairns, Christmas Island and Gold Coast. But, most of these are restricted to flights from Southeast Asia, Oceania and New Zealand. Also if you area ship lover you can chose to travel by ship. About 10 ships arrive in Australia between November and February. You can take a cheap cruise to Australia to gain entry, and fly back home. Book your travel and accommodations well in advance to have a hassle-free vacation.

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Best Dishes You Must Try

Australia has endless varieties of cuisines. They could satisfy every type of taste buds with their mouth-watering dishes. Roast Lamb with Apricots is considered Australia’s national dish, and this dish is a must-try when you’re in the country. The types of cuisines here are just heaven! The crocodile-meat dishes are very much unique and are extremely popular in Australia. The succulent white Crocodile meat will be your best choice if you have an appetite for exotic foods. Are you an adventurous foodie? Then never miss these dishes. Or, if you are a dessert lover, you could try the chocolate pavlova. Meringue is the most popular choice for desserts. It is layered with fruit and whipped cream to create a pavlova. The cocoa-rich version of this dessert will be an ideal choice for a romantic night, perfect for all chocoholics. Let’s keep reading this travel guide to plan an awesome vacay to Australia. Never miss these mouth-watering dishes. Just pack your bags and escape to this beautiful country.

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Top Places To Visit In Australia

Fraser Island, listed as a World Heritage Site, just off the coast of Queensland, is the largest sand island in the world. There’s plenty to see on this Island. It is a marvel with distinctively colored beautiful sand-cliffs. You can also hike through rainforests to see the panoramic views. Popular swimming sites in the region include Lake Wabby, Lake McKenzie, and various freshwater pools. You can enjoy swimming here. Are you a history lover? Jenolan Caves is one of the oldest cave networks in the world. These magnificent limestone caves are unmatched in their beauty and complexity and are open to tourists every day. Considered to be more than 700 million years old, and sacred for the aboriginals in the area, Uluru is a sight you can’t miss. The formation also appears to change color between sunrise and sunset, from brown through red, orange, and grey. The Great Barrier Reef has some exceptional spots to witness the beauty of its rare aquatic species and marine life. There is a lot more to enjoy and explore here. Keep reading the travel guide to plan an awesome Australia tour with lots of excitement.

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Best Activities To Try In Australia

There aren’t many places around the world that offers a whale-watching experience. So, when you’re in Australia head over to Brisbane to witness these magnificent beauties. You could spot them on the beach, but try taking a cruise to get up, close and personal with them. Try scuba diving and snorkeling at one of these spots for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Australia is home to multiple koalas and kangaroo parks, where you get to meet these animals, interact with them in their natural habitat. You could explore the best national parks and spend your best time with the lovely fauna types. Tasmania is the perfect place to explore the many wonders of the country. From short walks through temperate rainforests to multi-day walking trails, Tasmania is a dream-come-true for every hiking enthusiast. 

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Let’s Plan Your Vacay!

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