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Written by Akshaya Devi on September 6, 2019 Share on

5 of the best ski resorts to visit in Australia in 2023!

The one post about Australia that is simply not Sydney harbours and kangaroos…

Australia is no subtle when comes to flaunting its Winter makeover. Situated in Eastern Victoria to be Australia’s popular ski resorts, these sinfully beautiful locations provide some of the best snow adventures a few months a year, from June to early October. Here’s your guide to the best ski resorts in Australia.

Mount Buller

Skiing through glistening glaciers and falling in love with endless stretches of snowy alpines your thing? If yes, then brace yourself as the exhilarating winter ride in Mount Buller is sure to freeze your heart!

While you’re there..

➤ Ride the chairlift all the way up to 5,840 feet and bask in the panoramic views—the largest ski lift network of all.
➤ Glide through the Toboggan slide with a breathtaking amphitheatre to either side.

Falls Creek

Falls Creek caters to any level of snow adventures, hence making it a go-to spot for experienced skiers and beginner skiers alike. Expect more than just adventure; this quaint village is perfect for a family weekend! It is also not as crowded as Mount Buller or Perisher.

While you’re there..

➤ Go cross-country skiing, which Falls Creek is best known and has the best resources for.
➤ Experienced skier looking for something more challenging? Have a go in the Heathy Spur Trail.

Mount Hotham

Less mainstream, fewer crowds, challenging terrains are some of the characteristics of Mount Hotham.

While you’re there..

➤ Ride Mary’s Slide, the steepest double black diamond run in Australia.
➤ Experience chairlifts taking you as high as the peak point of Victorian Alpines.


Thredbo is versatile. Expect snowboarding in five of the longest ski trails, some nice vertical drops and commendable party options. And wait, spend a day exploring, just by wandering the lively village neighbourhood.

While you’re there..

➤ Brave the longest ski trail of Australia.
➤ Settle for food, good times and a terrific view at Eagle’s nest, Australia’s highest restaurant. Sounds inviting?
➤ Thredbo is tucked conveniently below Mt Kosciuszko, the highest peak in Australia. What does it mean for us? Party evenings, camping nights and waking up to the best ever views!


Perisher is the largest ski resort catering to good times even when there are disruptions due to weather or crowds. There are 4 different ski trails connected by trails and lifts to each other. And there are beautiful resorts with views and lively activities to guarantee entertainment both on and off the snow.

While you’re there..

➤ Ride the Skitube Alpine train through the most scenic route.
➤ You’re in luck if you happen to go there on Tuesday or Friday, as you can night ski in the Front Valley Slope.
➤ Also, the chairlifts operate will until 9 PM, with fireworks and music performances

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