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Written by Akshaya Devi on August 6, 2019 Share on

Now, You Can Earn While On a Vacation in Australia—Thanks To This Visa Programme!

Australia’s working holiday visa programme is on the cards for 13 countries including India to compensate for prevailing labour shortages, especially in the regional areas.

Australia’s “Working Holiday Maker” is an extended vacation programme that encourages travellers to earn as they travel by providing short term employment offers. This time the announcement majorly revolves around the declining labour force in Australia’s regional farms.

Are there any requirements?

There are two categories in this Visa programme:

Working Holiday(417): There are no rules as such to satisfy. Any visitor between 18 to 30 years of age can get one. Just make sure to convince that your sole purpose of going is for a vacation and working is only secondary.

Work and Holiday(462): You need to satisfy certain basic requirements — fundamental English knowledge is a must and you should hold a minimum third-level degree to qualify.

The current programme that allows backpackers to work during their stay is seeing a decline in the recent days despite its popularity in the past. Along with India, the countries that are in Australia’s target list are Switzerland, Fiji, Brazil, the Philippines, Monaco, Mexico, Latvia, Solomon Islands, Andorra, Lithuania, Mongolia and Croatia. Check out here for Maldives Visa for Indians.

Australian tourism, on the other hand, is also focussed at promoting its offbeat wilderness regions as opposed to destinations like Sydney Opera House and Gold Coast that are already in the spotlight. David Coleman, Immigration Minister adds,

“Working holidaymakers travel further into regional areas than most other international visitors. They also spend substantial amounts, boosting regional economies”

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