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Australia Museum
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Australia Museum | Learn about Australia’s History

Enriched with natural surroundings and wildlife, it’s amazing tropical biodiversity, outdoor beaches, fascinating Aussie lifestyle, metropolitan areas and cosmopolitan fusion. Australia is also known for its collection of natural history and diversity across the whole world. One such icon portraying ethnic history is the Australian Museum.

The Australian Museum is a heritage-listed museum offering an overview of the history, land, indigenous animals and people, at William Street, College Street, Sydney, New South Wales. It is the oldest museum in Australia which showcases an astounding collection of items from across the Pacific region and fields of natural history and anthropology. It was originally known as the Colonial Museum or Sydney Museum, renamed in 1836 as “Australian Museum”. The architectural style is inspired from the Greek Revival and International Style. The museum holds objects having scientific or historical or artistic value.

Dinosaur Fossils and Casts, Australian Museum
Image Credits: Flickr

Facts About the Australian Museum

The Australian Museum has over 21 million natural history and cultural objects of significance to Australia, and many of these are displayed in the galleries. In addition to natural history, you will find cultural exhibitions which celebrate the country’s history, spirituality and diversity. It showcases the rich culture and history of the Country now known as Sydney City. 

The museum has hosted numerous exhibitions, one such as “Alexander the Great” which exhibited the largest collection of treasures ever to come to Australia. The museum hosts touring exhibitions on a regular basis. Other audience engagement programs include live displays to help demonstrate the behaviours and adaptations of animals, video conferencing for school children, as well as cultural heritage initiatives for youth and its native Australians. 

A collection of over 20,000 cultural objects, 8,000 archaeological pieces and many thousands from across the Pacific of cultural exchange and learning. Free guided tours are available. It is subject to availability.

Long Gallery at the Australian Museum
Image Credits: Flickr

Events And Festivals At The Australian Museum

The Australian Museum conducts numerous programs and exhibitions to bring awareness and a platform to exhibit the displays of technology, architecture and design, scientific instruments and specimens of animals, minerals and plants, a rare opportunity to learn about museum collecting, conservation and research practices. It also hosts the Museums Discovery Center, the Museums Discovery Center will take you behind the scenes of the state’s great collections and National Science Week, Sydney’s most extensive and exciting education program. The museum engages the localities and the visitors globally with such additional exhibitions add-ons to showcase the days of old and the futuristic vision of the world.

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How To Reach Australian Museum

The Museum is one of the iconic attractions and a must add-on place in one’s itinerary. It is so accessible and there are various modes of transportation and the affordability is comparatively low and can be travelled with ease. One can get transferred to the Australian Museum by bus, train, and personal bikes. There will be parking charges for dropping the vehicles, this is in case if you are getting personal vehicles 

The Australian Museum is known for its diverse and fascinating exhibitions. Location and access to the entrance is with ease, The Australian Museum is located on the corner of College Street in central Sydney, across the road from Hyde Park. Facilities like wheelchairs are accessible at the main entrance.

The parking station is a 5-minute walk to the Museum of Sydney. The Domain parking station also offers a special discount to the visitors of the Museum of Sydney. Buses and cars can stop on Bridge Street and Young Street to drop-off and pick-up.

By train: These three stations St. James station, Town Hall station, and museum station are the closest to the museum, All three stations are located at a walking distance from the museum 

By bus: William St or Town Hall or Hyde Park and then take a short walk to reach the museum. Bus routes head either east or west along William St, these routes will help you reach Australian Museum via bus. 

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Entrance Fees For Australia Museum 

Australian Museum tickets are usually purchased at level G. The price of the ticket is according to age group. The entry fee for adults is $15, for children of the age group 0-4 and 5-15 it is free. They also offer family combos. Free entry, for the members of the museum. Buy tickets ahead of time, to avoid a queue and for fast and easy museum entry. 

Opening Hours For Australian Museum 

Australian Museum opens from Monday to Sunday 9:30 am – 5:00 pm


  • Follow the instructions and guidelines at each entry point of the Museum.
  • Buy tickets ahead of time, to avoid a queue.
  • Consider guided tours or program if you are a history enthusiast 
  • Consider buying something at the gift store. 
  • Ensure children are accompanied by Parents/guardians. 
  • Visitors are prohibited from feeding or harming the wildlife in any way, if done, they might have to face legal consequences. 
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