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Austria in April
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Austria in April – Weather, Top 7 places to visit and Famous Festivals

Austria is the world’s finest country due to its beautiful Alpine beauty and majestic Habsburg architecture. In April, Austria waltzes smoothly between the wide outdoors and the imperialist city. Austria is home to a diverse collection of museums, contemporary art, and architecture. Add in the smart, clean, and appealing cities, where cafes, clubs, and bars merge traditional heritage with contemporary chic. This article is for you if you’re planning a trip to Austria in April.

Weather in Austria in April

The weather in April in Austria can be fickle; it has been known to feature a combination of frost and warm, sunny days. This should not, however, prevent you from visiting. In addition to the many Easter activities that are still going on, there are a variety of springtime events to enjoy in April, such as the “Styria village” festival in Vienna, which sees celebrations of Styrian culture taking over the capital. In April, the average temperature is 17°C (62°F), with an average of seven days of rain.

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Top 7 places to visit in Austria in April

1. National Park Gesause

Are you interested in climbing? Then you must visit Gesause National Park, where nearly 2,000 people can take part. In winter there is a ski area, making it a paradise for skiers. For hiking, there is over 100km of trails in the park. The stunning scenery is dazzling to the five senses. Enjoy rafting with the mighty essence that flows through the park.

Austria in April
Source: Unsplash

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2. National Park Hohe Tauern

Hohe Tauern National Park is one of Austria’s tourist attractions as it is Austria’s oldest and largest national park. As Australia’s finest land, this national park is home to Australia’s largest mountains, glaciers and forests. Discover beautiful and unique animal species. You can explore the park yourself or take a tour led by a park ranger. 

Austria in April
Source: Unsplash

3. St Anton am Arlberg 

If you’re wondering where to travel in Austria, include St. Anton am Arlberg in your itinerary. The Austrian village is known for having one of the top ski resorts in Austria, with fresh slopes for skiing. The resort has about 100 chairlifts, a luxurious spa, an indoor climbing centre and many restaurants. The location offers great nightlife.

Austria in April
Source: Unsplash

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4. Vienna Woods

What makes Wienerwald one of the best places in Austria is its abundant flora and fauna and its proximity to the city. When the locals want to get away from everything, they head to the Viennese Forest to spend time in nature. Designated as a  UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, it is home to 150 species of birds, 2000 species of animals and a variety of plants. The best part is that it is accessible by public transport from Vienna.

Vienna woods
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5.  Krems

One of Austria’s most popular attractions is Krems, one of the oldest cities dating back to 995 AD. You can explore the millennial history in the form of ancient churches, monasteries, streets and squares. Fortresses and townhouses can also be admired at Krems. Strolling the streets will be a very exhilarating experience for you to dine at one of the best Austrian restaurants and cafes and explore the sights.

Source: Unsplash

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6. Linz

Linz is the international creative capital of culture and arts and one of the best places in Austria. A modern city on the banks of the Donau River. A riverside walk with a variety of cultural attractions and events will entertain and invigorate you in this beautiful city of Austria. Linz, with its many stunning and historic buildings,  has long been ignored. It’s usually not the first place that comes to mind when visiting Austria. It is the third-largest modern city in Vienna and has some of Austria’s finest hotels.

Source: Unsplash

7.  Eisriesenwelt Cave

There are many places in Austria that you can visit during your vacation. One of them is the Eisriesenwelt cave. It is one of the country’s most distinctive and enigmatic attractions. You need to take a few steps to reach the cave. Surrounded by ice everywhere, the caves offer an exciting experience like never before.

 Eisriesenwelt Cave
Source: Unsplash

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Famous Festivals in Austria in April

The Austrian Snowboard Festival is a popular Austrian ski resort festival held annually at the Mayrhofen ski resorts. The festival features spectacular live acts and DJs, but it’s not just music and mountains. There are many more! As a  beautiful snow park, the resort offers a unique environment for the festival with unlimited activities and fun. There are snow games, cable car rave, chairlift speed dating, and more exciting activities. Austrian Alpine cuisine is also available during the 

Festival. We use organic and locally sourced ingredients and serve them with local wines and locally brewed beers. Supper is usually served around the campfire. In addition to these activities, Mayrhofen has a wonderful spa, rooftop hot tub and sauna for a relaxing and luxurious time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Austria in April

1. What is Austria famous for? 

Austria is known for its castles, palaces, historic buildings and unique buildings that tell its glorious history. 

2. When will it snow in Austria?

 It will snow in Vienna from the end of December to March. 

3. Is Vienna easy to explore on foot?

Yes, if you like walking,  you can explore most of Vienna on foot. So don’t forget to pack a pair of comfortable shoes. 

4. What should I buy in Austria?  

Some of the best souvenirs from Austria are Mozartkugel and Austrian beer glass. 

5. When is the best time to travel to Austria?

April, May, September and October are the best months to visit Austria.

Auspicious Austria itinerary for the culture vultures

So, why are you waiting? Pack your luggage and travel to Austria in April, a beautiful, clean, and historic country. We hope that this guide will assist you in planning your next vacation to Austria and creating experiences that will last a lifetime. Book your Austria trip with a customised experience only at Pickyourtrail!

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