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Austria in June
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Austria in June – Weather, Top 5 Places To Visit, Top 4 Things To Do and more!

In June, there are many great events and festivals to attend in Austria. Everything will make you want to plan a long vacation in Austria with your family and friends. Everything is just so daring to make you fall in love with Austria in June, from amusement parks to dinosaur parks to the world’s largest ice cave. Furthermore, modern Austria boasts museums throughout Europe, as well as historic imperial splendour. Scroll down to know more about Austria in June!

Weather in Austria in June

It is advisable to plan a trip to Austria throughout the year. From skiing in the snow in winter to adventurous hiking activities in the ideal summer climate, Austria has something to offer in any weather. However, visiting Austria in June (summer month) attracts the most tourists. The daytime weather is warm and sunny and stable all day long. Summer temperatures vary between 17 ° C and 22 ° C. 

Austria in June
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The best weather this month. Don’t miss your June trip to Austria, especially if you plan to relax in the cities of Salzburg and Vienna. When experiencing a long summer day, you can cover several places on your own with a  day that is a bonus if you are on a short trip.

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Top 5 Places To Visit In Austria In June

1. Vienna

Vienna is the capital of Austria and is the most beautiful place with abundant culture, history and royal buildings. With a lot of artistic skills and perfect quality of life, Vienna is Austria’s all-around destination. In addition, the city is known for music lovers. International singers, live concerts, entertainment and more, you can’t miss this fascinating place. 

Austria in June
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2. Salzburg

Another fascinating town surrounded by green meadows, historic buildings, churches and ice caves, this place has it all. The city enjoys more than 4000 cultural events each year. Therefore, Salzburg is a must-have for nature lovers to capture all the breathtaking green landscapes. 

Austria in June
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3. Bregenz

Bregenz is located on the shores of a lake and offers stunning views of the German Alps. Austria is a great place to refresh your day with views of the lake. Hiking and dining overlooking mountain restaurants are the most popular among tourists. 

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4. Zell Am See

Zell am See’s blue lake is a very heartwarming place to visit in Austria in June. You can spend a relaxing day in front of the azure lake. What’s more, cycling and swimming along the lake are the most exciting experiences tourists love to enjoy. 

Zell Am See
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5. Hoher Dachstein

Travel to Hoher Dachstein, one of Austria’s most visited places. Also known as the “Mountain of the Three Kingdoms”. This mountain is very popular for skywalking and rock climbing during the summer. Don’t miss Vienna, a ski and snowboard school that celebrates Donauinselfest, a party centre with 3 million tourists. Musicians from all over the world are performing concerts and people love them very much. Unlimited food and drink guarantee more enjoyment.

Hoher Dachstein
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Top 4 Things To Do In Austria In June

1. Skiing

Ski Club Earlberg is one of the most famous ski clubs in the world. Whether you are a beginner or an expert,  skiing in Arlberg will inspire you. The location is embedded in long mountains and endless amazing slopes that convince you.

2. Cycling

The cycling activities are reserved primarily for summer guests. In addition to the river Donau hiking trails, there are many cycling trails through some of the finest vineyards. The scenic environment provides you with a breathtaking experience. 

3. Rock Climbing

Austria has endless climbing opportunities. Hochschwap is one of Austria’s most popular rock climbing locations. It is about 3 hours from Vienna. Gather some friends and have an adventure experience in the high mountains. 

4. Winter Hiking

Unique, huge and always magical, this is the largest ice cave on the planet! The huge ice world stretches over the first 1km of a maze of caves over 40km long, formed about 100 million years ago. The cave chimney effect exchanges cold and warm air, causing ice to grow in the spring and melt again in the summer. Overall, the ice grows little by little each year.

Auspicious Austria itinerary for the culture vultures

Popular Festivals in Austria in June

Danube Island Festival

Musicians from all over the world are performing concerts and people love them very much. Unlimited food and drink guarantee more enjoyment.

Rainbow Festival – Austria in June

The Rainbow Festival is celebrated as a gathering of all types of people, who gather as a family, share experiences, cook together, sing and have a great time together.

Salzburg Festival 

Austria celebrates the Salzburg Festival every summer. It is one of the most important music, theatre and concert festivals. Over 206 performances conquer the hearts of tourists.

Frequently Asked Questions About Austria In June

1. What does it have to do with Austria? 

It’s a good idea to have a passport that must be valid for at least 6 months. However, you can travel to Austria for sightseeing and business purposes for up to 90 days without a visa. 

2. How safe is Austria for tourists? 

There are no serious criminal cases in Austria. It is considered a safe place. 

3. What clothes will you bring to Austria in June?

Austrian summer weather is warm. You can wear casual shirts, pants, jeans and loose clothing. 

4. What is the best way to travel to Austria? 

The best way to enjoy Austria’s lush countryside is to arrive by train. 

5. How many days is enough in Austria? 

An ideal trip of 4-5 days is suitable to cover all the popular destinations and activities in Austria.


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