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Fun, Food And Frolic At WH Ayatana, Coorg – The Story Of Our Staycation

According to me, Happiness is relaxing on an easy chair, enjoying the chill breeze with some lip-smacking dishes, and chatting with loved ones. I would never get tired of doing this. – Ms. Ananya

relaxing in the balcony

Life gives you small surprises. And these unexpected little surprises, reward us with lots of happiness and energizes us to fight back. The year 2020 is so unpredictable. Because of the pandemic, there is a fear of stepping out of the home and eating outside. Staying at home became the new normal and all my travel plans were canceled because of the lockdown. But if there is something that gave me the joy to fight back the rest of the year, it is the Staycation to Coorg with Pickyourtrail. Here is my happy story on Staycation to Coorg and my fantastic experience of booking it with Pickyourtrail. Hope you’ll like it!


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The Story Of Our Staycation – How it began?

A visit to Coorg can never go wrong. Surrounded by beautiful coffee and tea plantations and soothing weather all year round, we couldn’t think anything beyond Coorg with travel restrictions in place. Soon, I browsed on the internet and checked out various properties. But, I never knew that a quick chat with a travel expert in Pickyourtrail can end up in booking this dreamy Staycation. Yes, you read that right. I messaged them that I’m looking for a property in Coorg with top facilities. I finalized this booking by chatting with a travel consultant at Pickyourtrail. From the moment we sealed the Staycation deal, I felt so satisfied with their service.

Walking with my pet

Staycation to Coorg – Good beginnings have the fantastic endings!

Yes, the moment we stepped into the resort, we felt happiness. The beautiful green lawns, chill climate, clean public places, Ayatana was indeed a great choice. Our room had an excellent view and we spent most of the time in the balcony chatting and clicking pictures. The restaurant was very clean and the courteous stafff made us feel heaven. We relished many yummy dishes in the restaurant. This Staycation to coorg is an unforgettable chapter of 2020.

Yummy dishes in the restaurant

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Get Packing!

Our staycation to Ayatana redefined happiness for us. It was indeed a memorable holiday for us. Do you wish to plan your Staycation? Head to Pickyoutrail website and check out the excellent Staycation deals. You can connect with the travel experts via Whatsapp  and plan your dream Staycation at ease!

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