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bachelorette party places in Dubai
Written by Shristi on May 4, 2020 Share on

Dunes, Dreams and Dancing in Dubai: The ultimate bachelor party ideas

If you wanna be the best in everything, then you gotta choose a place that has world-class everything. Dubai should definitely top your list in that case. Yes, with the world’s biggest shopping centre, the world’s tallest building and the world’s biggest indoor ski resort, Dubai can promise you a glamorous and glitzy goodbye to singlehood. Having a bachelorette in Dubai can be one of the best decisions, this vibrant city can guarantee you some thrilling adventures with a bag full of memories. All the magic starts from its smooth dunes, pristine beaches, bustling clubs and endless shopping avenues that would make you go ‘wow’!

Best time

Though Dubai is a year-round destination, it’s best that you plan your bachelorette anytime between November and March since Dubai is at its best with clear skies and ideal weather for your seaside chills. However, worry not Dubai is equally equipped with luxurious villas, ski resorts and magnificent air-conditioned malls to beat the scorching summers.

So, let’s go on a virtual tour and explore the best ways to celebrate your bachelor party in Dubai!

1. Party in Style in your fancy private villas

If you really wish to experience the vibrant city at your own comfort then strike off the tall stared hotels and go in for the glamours private villas. Offering the perfect blend of top-class comfort, exclusivity and remarkable amenities. There’s no better start than splashing in your own private pool and partying like no one’s watching (especially with alcohol restrictions in the city) with your gang. So, choose from the best because an all-nighter calls for a relaxing day in your cosy cocoon.

Pro tip: Do check on the housing and party rules for end moment surprises.

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2. A day for thrill and unabashed fun

If you’re an adventure junkie, then you have come to the right place. Dubai offers an endless list of adventure that you can choose from while also ticking a few off your bucket list. If you feel there isn’t much, then try taking a skydive over the Palm Jumeirah, flying at a height of 13,000 feet, quad-bike across the smooth dunes in the gulf desserts or maybe shoutout as you go on the fastest roller coaster in the Ferrari World. Alternatively, plan an adventure weekend at Yas Island, located just 50 minutes from Dubai it is truly a leisure destination, whether you want a dose of adrenaline or a peaceful retreat to unwind. Yas island would make for a perfect weekend.

However, staying in Dubai surely calls for some fun in the desserts. Spend an exciting evening bashing on the dunes while enjoying the scrumptious barbeque set up for you under the blanket of stars. You would agree with me when I say – camping in the under the stars, yummy food and entertainment with your gang is one of the best things to do in Dubai.

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3. Glide your way into the city on your private yacht

People say that the first thing that comes to their mind when they think about Dubai is its grandeur. You will be convinced that there is no dearth of unique and luxurious experience on your bachelors to Dubai. What can be more exciting than sailing on the Arabian water with your favourite set of people on a private cruise with a bottle of champagne, jacuzzis, delicious food and a DJ playing your favourite music? An experience that might make you forget of the world around for some time, while you continue to celebrate in style.

private yacht Dubai
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4. Dance your heart out in the clubs of Dubai

Its time you gather all your energy because you wouldn’t want to stop dancing in the wild parties of Dubai. With posh bars, beachside parties and international DJ’s, the happening nightlife of Dubai would not disappoint you. So, make your way early so that you can catch up on a nice place before it gets too crowded.

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5. Witness the wonders of Dubai

You will have all in time in the world just until you get caught up in the wedding. So take your pals and explore the stunning wonders of Dubai. Feel on top of the world while floating amongst the clouds from the worlds tallest structure, Burj Khalifa. Choose to relax on the lovely beaches, dine in one of the finest restaurants of Dubai or simply get wowed by its spectacular wonders all around.

Lastly, a good trip has to have a ting of shopping and that’s what completes it. So make sure you visit the modern mega-malls and the traditional souks in Dubai to take back some souvenirs for your loved ones back home.

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So, now that you’re convinced that Dubai is the best place to have your bachelor party, what are you waiting for? Check on your calendars, pick the dates and book your trip to Dubai because its time to bid goodbye to your singlehood in style!

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