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An amazing picture of a couple on their honeymoon vacation to Bali
Written by Preetha Manivelan on June 8, 2020 Share on

How Every Little Thing In Bali Made Our Honeymoon Beautiful?

Honeymoon is more than just a trip. It is indeed an important and unforgettable experience that every couple would cherish throughout their journey of togetherness. Being the first trip together, it gets one to understand their partner and makes them fall in love with their partner more. Later in life, even when they had gone to a lot of trips, the honeymoon trip would always be special. As much as we say happiness is a way of how we travel with our loved one in life, travel itself is happiness. Here is an amazing couple, Shivam and Aishwarya throwing some heavy couple goals. Let’s now start reading how their trip to Bali for honeymoon went.

We were just lost in the beauty of Bali! <3

A couple in one of the beaches in Bali

About the planning…

To start off with the planning, we both were very excited as this was our first trip together. Once we decided that we wanted to travel to Bali, we started looking for good options for the best trip planners. Because this was the first time we were planning to travel together, we wanted to be sure of everything. We know that we would not be able to enjoy the trip if we take all the responsibilities. Hence we wanted someone else to take care of the itinerary so that we can make the most out of this trip. That’s when we started to look for a trip planner.


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The beautiful Bali!

An amazing picture of clear blue sky of Bali

One of my friends suggested Pickyourtrail to me. We made a couple of itineraries when we were connected with the team who designed the itinerary for us with the budget we had in mind. We started our planning in the month of June to fly in February. It was planned for 5 nights with 3 nights at Kuta and 2 nights at Ubud.

My husband captured some beautiful pictures while I was admiring the beauty of Bali 🙂

A girl posing the symbol of peace in Bali

Days at Bali

We landed in this beautiful destination on 4th February 2020. The next day, we had Tanah Lot tour and water sports combo. We thoroughly enjoyed it as the day was full of fun. On the last day at Kuta, we had our Bali day trip and were amazed by the architecture of Uluwatu temple. Then we moved to Ubud and enjoyed our activity to Kintamani volcano on the first day and self explored Bali on the next day. On the final day at Bali, we took off and safely reached back home.

My face is the answer to how exciting the entire trip was 😀

A girl sitting in one of the temples in Bali

My tips for travellers to Bali

  • Do carry some ready to eat food like Maggi and noodles.
  • If you are a chai person, carry some milk whitener and tea bags.
  • If you are eggetarians, chai addicts and craving for Indian cuisine, visit Roti Chai near Nusa Dua beach. They serve amazing food.

Tasting Indian cuisine at a new place is something special! 😛

A picture of Indian Cuisine in Roti Chai

The Best part of the trip

Though there were so many good things about the trip, our chauffeur was very friendly and the highlight of the trip. We were lucky that the cab driver we got helped us with all the local interests. And I think that was what we needed the most. He even took us to a few places as well which were not included on the itinerary. He even suggested where we can have the local cuisine at the best price and taste.

At one of the best beaches in Bali!

A couple posing with beach as the background

Why Pickyourtrail?

Everything about the trip went really well. The support that we received from the Pickyourtrail team right from planning to the support was commendable. Whenever we faced any problem during the trip, we were just one text away from Pickyourtrail. I know I have said this multiple times but I think they deserve that. Thanks to them for organizing a beautiful trip to Bali for honeymoon and would look forward to many more trips with them.

A picture of a couple with green surroundings in Bali

Us looking forward to upcoming trips 🙂

When everything about Bali can be so beautiful, why not plan a trip to this incredible island to create memories for life? Whether you are looking for a friends getaway or a family trip or a honeymoon, Bali has everything to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable at the same time. To plan your trip, head out to the Pickyourtrail website and check out our Bali honeymoon packages. You can even customize it as per your requirements and rest assured, we will help you have a great vacation with enough help from the Pickyourtrail travel app for android.


Bali Honeymoon Package Starting @ ₹24,512

Happy travelling! 🙂

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