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Bali in January and February
Written by Shamanthika on November 16, 2022 Share on

Bali in January & February – Your Guide to Travelling to Bali in the Start of 2023

Bali is a destination for all seasons and all reasons. For the art and history lovers, there are over 2000 temples, each revealing a unique tale of the past. Its stunning architecture, age-old traditions, pioneering art galleries are a treat to its visitors.  The coastline offers various water sport adventures for the adrenaline junkies. For nature enthusiasts, the Bali holiday is a treasure. From swaying palm trees to stunning sunset viewpoints, gushing waterfalls, tropical forests and mountain treks will make anyone fall in love with Bali in January & February.

For those who are planning an experiential holiday, looking for a hands-on experience at the local farm or learning a local handicraft or staying with the locals, Bali has abundant options. And of course, Bali is romantic, its beach vibe, world-class resorts,  scenic outdoor and indoor spas, romantic sunset walks, intimate candlelight dinner, making it ideal for a honeymoon vacation. Be it any season, the Bali holiday can be magic.

Bali in January and February, will greet and welcome you with rains. This season brings in mild showers which make the region truly nature’s paradise. Bali is blessed with heart-stopping scenery and heartwarming people, simply the best combination to make a holiday perfect!


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Weather in Bali in January & February

If you are visiting Bali in January or February, you can expect mild weather with occasional rains. Frequent drizzles and mild showers can be expected with an average temperature in the day being 30 degrees celsius and a minimum of 22 degrees celsius. These two months are usually cooler than other months, making it the best for a mix of indoor and outdoor activities.

Things to do in Bali in January & February

1. Taste the local coffee :

Taste the local coffee, Things to do in Bali in January & February
Image credits: Unsplash

Try Kopi Luwak, the traditional Balinese coffee, made from the beans that have been digested by the civet. It is also the most expensive coffee in the world. Taste this Indonesian specialty in any of the Agrotourism farms, take a guided tour, observe the process of making this coffee on your trip to Bali in January & February. This typical local experience is half a day or a full-day activity depending on your choice. Sip a cup of coffee and relax with nature.

2. Walk in the sea:

Walk in the sea, Things to do in Bali in January & February
Image credits: Unsplash

Sea walking can be a glorious holiday highlight. All you have to do is get underwater, swim with the fishes, observe the coral beauties. Oh, yes don’t forget to pose if you are with your loved ones, because it’s important to have a picture of this surreal beauty on your holiday to Bali in January & February. Take a deep breath and walk in the sea!

3. Cook with a Balinese Chef :

Cook with a Balinese Chef, Things to do in Bali in January & February
Image credits: Unsplash

Did you taste the Nasi Goreng or Pisang Goreng at the Ubud market/restaurant and now want to try it on your own? Enrol for a cooking session with an authentic Balinese chef and relish your taste buds. Learn the Bali style of cooking and the history of its dishes on your vacation to Bali in January & February. Many traditional restaurants, resorts, and local home stays conduct these cooking sessions so that the visitors can enjoy Balinese culinary specialties.

4. Explore Bali’s art and crafts :

Bali is known for its pioneering art galleries, which exhibit international and local arts, crafts, paintings, sculptures, wood paintings. Walk around the cozy museums and get a glimpse of Balinese culture and finest art forms. If you are tired to walk around, take a seat and watch an artist painting, you can also commission one, they will paint it for you. In the evening,  you can also witness a piece of traditional music or dance show.

5. Relax at the Spa :

The wide range of wellness retreats that Bali offers, in its own style, is a highlight amongst many tourists visiting Bali in January & February. Outdoor spas having a view of the mountain, tropical greenery surroundings, rivers provide heavenly massages, divine treatments, luxurious petal baths to rejuvenate the visitors. There are also several Indoor spas known for its lavish interiors, natural therapies with local ingredients and cutting edge technology. Exclusively for couples, several spas also offer ‘Wellness for two’ packages. Pick up a spa with such glamorous views and enjoy the royal treatment.

6. Know the Balinese history – through a screen:

The Island hosts a couple of spectacular theatre shows depicting the history of Bali. Devdan, a theatre show at Nusa Dua is a visual tour of Indonesian culture, art, and other resources. You will be taken on a virtual tour of the Island of Gods, with amazing effects, acrobatics, and traditional Balinese dance on your vacation to Bali in January & February. The show is a blend of multiple art forms to entertain every age group. Artists from Indonesia are the presenters of this show pulling crowds from all over the world. Prebook your tickets and buy yourselves some Balinese snacks to hog in between!

Travel tips for visiting Bali in January and February

1. Carry an umbrella: You can expect rain any time this season, hence make sure you add umbrellas on your checklist and double-check if you have packed them.

2. Keep an insect repellant handy:
Yes, it’s the rainy season and Bali is a tropical region. To avoid bugs, insects and mosquitoes bothering you, carry an insect repellent in your handbag.

3. Wear flip-flops/ Mesh shoes: If beach walking, hiking or if your day trip involves too much walking, please carry a pair of mesh shoes or flip – flops so that it makes your foot comfortable to loiter around.

4. Carry a light raincoat/poncho: If you want to travel light, pack a light rain coast so that it can serve the purpose. Also if you have kids with you, raincoats can be more protective than an umbrella.

5. Avoid extreme water sports: Since this season is characterized by strong gusts of wind and occasional showers, avoid doing extreme water sports like surfing. Also, ensure that you are assisted by experienced instructors, taking all the important safety precautions.


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