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Baliin March
Written by Kajani Shivam on November 14, 2022 Share on

Bali in March 2023 : What to Do on Your Trip to Bali in March

Does Bali need an introduction? The answer is a definite “No”. Anyways, for people who don’t know, buckle up, let’s take you on a ride of this Magical Island. Bali is a small beautiful island and a part of the Indonesia archipelago which makes it a dream island for a vacation. Cultural treasures and stunning landscapes can be found all around the magical island of Bali. There are innumerable temples which bring serenity, historical sites that teach you the meaning of magnificent architecture, scenic landscapes that mesmerise you with its natural beauty and heart-pounding adventures to pump up your adrenaline. Planning your visit to Bali in March? Read on!

Bali in March
Image Credits: Unsplash

Traditional festivals to educate on the culture, jaw-dropping villas for comfortable stays, best of romantic dinners to surprise your partner, friendly people who make the island warmer, Bali in March is a joy ride. Balinese cuisine will add more flavours to your vacation, long sandy beaches will give you breezy moments to seize, notorious monkeys will help you kick up some fun, Yoga Barn will aid you in finding enlightenment, Celuk will satiate your shopping desires with purchase of some silver, traditional Balinese dance will take your breath away, stunning sunrise views to start your day with and yes, a lot of fun and parties to celebrate every moment on your trip to Bali in March.


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To experience the perfect ride to Bali, ensure you choose a good month too. March is definitely one of those months which will awake Bali with its romantic weather. Imagine experiencing all these in one Island, what more does a perfect vacation sound like.

And wait… Do not unlock your buckle, let me complete the ride towards the magical island with the best of experiences for a trip to Bali in March.

Weather in Bali in March

Sunny clear skies and a bit of rain to make your vacation romantic. The climate is very warm here this month. Compared to the previous months, the improvement in climatic conditions in March makes it pleasant to move around all through Bali.

How to Reach Bali

While planning a vacation to Bali in March, the first question which pops up is, how to reach Bali? Bali is well connected from all parts of the world and the best way to reach Bali from India is through a 9-hour flight. You can start from any major International airport and reach the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali.

What to Pack for Your Trip to Bali in March

What to Pack for Your Trip to Bali in March
Image credits: Unsplash

If you are planning to explore different parts of Bali, it’s better advised to carry a well-designed travel backpack rather than a rolling suitcase. You will find the travel backpack very supportive especially if you are planning to visit any neighbouring islands in Indonesia. Bali is set up well for tourism and it won’t be a disaster if something is missing from your packing list. Anyways here are a few must carry things which should be included in your packing list for your trip to Bali in March. Carry cotton trousers, T-shirts, a decent pair of dresses if you are planning to visit temples in Bali as the dress code is strictly followed in Bali temples. Pack a comfortable pair of shoes if you are planning to trek. Also, carry some basic things like mosquito repellant, sunglasses, an umbrella, sunscreen, and do not forget to pack an amazing camera which could capture the beauty of Bali through its lens.

Top 5 Things to Do in Bali in March

1. Marvel at the beauty of Tanah Lot Temple

Marvel at the beauty of Tanah Lot Temple
Image credits: Unsplash

This spectacular temple at Bali is situated in the middle of the sea and is accessible during low tides. The temple is well known for its magnificent sunset views. The sea has separated the rock from the mainland and at high tide, the rock is completely surrounded making this one of the most breathtaking sights in Bali. Many people flock to Tanah Lot Temple to experience the sunset, so make sure you reach early to see the spectacle during your trip to Bali in March. Ensure you wear fully covered clothes as the locals here follow the dress code and cover the legs as a sign of paying respect to the deity.

2. Take in views from Uluwatu Temple & watch a riveting Kecak Dance

Take in views from Uluwatu Temple
watch a riveting Kecak Dance

Uluwatu temple is perched on a steep cliff 70 meters above the sea and is well known for its magnificent views. This temple also bags in the list of important sea temples located in the island’s western shores. Also, you will have the naughtiest monkeys accompanying you throughout your journey in reaching the temple top. Uluwatu temple captures the best of sunset views in Bali and is definitely a must visit on your trip to Bali in March. It almost feels like standing at the edge of the world with these mesmerizing views. The temple also holds the amazing Kecak dance experience. The Kecak dance performance and the fire dance starts every evening at 6 at the outdoor theatre located at the side of the Uluwatu temple. 

3. Go for a Sunset Dinner Cruise

The Sunset dinner cruise is a spectacular way to spend your evening. As the sun goes down you set off on the cruise around the harbor to experience the best part of your day. Isn’t that perfect? Definitely a “yes” right.  Enjoy a luxurious evening cruise. Get entertained by live musicians on the deck, feast on an amazing international buffet dinner and end the night with some dancing. Sounds great right? Experience the romantic weather of Bali in March with a lovely Sunset Dinner Cruise. 

4. Relax by Kuta Beach and watch a scenic sunset

Relax by Kuta Beach and watch a scenic sunset
Image credits: Unsplash

A day spent at Kuta beach is a day well spent. It is the biggest, loudest and most touristy beach in Bali. Kuta beach is filled with fancy hotels, night clubs, restaurants, shopping areas and a lot more. Love surfing? Kuta beach is the best place for surfing and yes, the best place for beginners to learn surfing in the gentle waves. Witness the best sunset views and relax on the sand enjoying some breezy moments during your trip to Bali in March.

5. Witness a Ngrupuk Parade – Ogoh Ogoh

Witness a Ngrupuk Parade - Ogoh Ogoh

Leave your trumpets at home, as the Balinese are flooding the streets with evil Ogoh-ogoh monsters in the Ngrupuk Parade. The Balinese believe that bad spirits can be moved into the monsters which are crafted by the locals. The evil creatures are made of materials such as wood, paper, bamboo. They are shaped into mythological evil creatures. You can witness Balinese people roaming through the streets, carrying puppets, playing drum beats all around and holding torches. This festival is definitely a great experience to witness the Balinese culture. This festival falls in the month of March, so ensure you take part in this festival during your holiday to Bali in March to have a unique experience.

Do’s & Don’ts for your visit to Bali In March

Do’s – 

  • March is a beautiful month to have a breezy walk on the beach and experience the splendid sunrise and sunset views. 
  • Follow the Bali Etiquette. One of the best Bali etiquette tip is to dress modestly before entering a temple in Bali. 
  • Experience the Balinese culinary which never fails your expectations.

Don’ts –

  • Don’t ruin the beaches by littering.
  • Drugs are highly prohibited in Bali.
  • Do not rush for the best spot, Every spot is amazing in Bali and enjoy those spots to the fullest. 

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