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A much-needed vacation with family to the Island of Gods

To gift and to be gifted are always special. But making our loved ones smile by gifting them the right thing at the right time without them even asking is divine. You know like travelling miles for someone’s birthday just to see a smile on their face or making a surprise dinner for your mom or dropping in a childhood friend’s home after years. Oh, wait! While I was mentioning one of many surprises, how did I miss the most amazing gift that one could ever give? That’s what Ajinkya is gonna share with us about. Here’s How he took his family to the incredible destination of Bali especially when they needed it the most.

A beautiful family at Bali

Here is our traveller Ajinkya Prabuddhakumar Bhamse who has a strong desire to travel, fuels his soul with every trip with his parents. Doesn’t it sound amazing? There is a lot more about this beautiful family and how they plan their vacations with Pickyourtrail. Let’s read what Ajinkya has to say:

A woman with a parrot at Bali

Your love for travel!

I really like to think that I am the blitzkrieg when it comes to travelling. As luck has it (and so does statistical proof) every time I have made travel plans something really terrible has to happen. Before I went to Andamans, I got hospitalised, before I went to New Zealand, there was a big earthquake there, before I went to Vietnam, my connecting flight got cancelled, so I was not surprised that my trip to Bali started with dangerous news of the rekindling of volcanic activity of a dormant volcano. And my family was roped into my curse of travel. Nevertheless, the daredevil Bhasmes that we are, we always decide to go ahead. And it was a wonderful journey to Bali with family. This trip was a gift to my parents who had been through a lot that year and really deserved a break.

A lovely couple having nice time at Bali

Tell us about your experience in Bali

After complete planning for 2 months, when we finally landed at the Island of the Gods, we met with our chauffeur- Sukumar (Shivkumar). Balinese people have very Indian sounding names. He was such a great choice. He was lively, energetic and loved what he was doing. Most of the trip success is actually dependant on how great your guide is. And boy oh boy, we were all impressed. Even my father who doesn’t loose change from his wallet gave him a heavy tip as we left. Sukumar took us everywhere and even at the places not mentioned in the itinerary. He knew where to get good exchange rates for currency, he even took us to an offbeat farm to chill and most importantly, he was the answer to all my prayers of a photographer. My parents never click good pictures of me, although.

Ajinkya at Bali

Pickyourtrail provides the best support. From finding Indian restaurants for my dad to helping with the smallest of the details. The local points of contact are awesome and always available. What I love is that every time we book a trip with them, they have a small welcome gift arranged for us. Like a souvenir. It makes personal connections.

Ajinkya with his mom

How satisfied were you about the trip?

We came back to India with a heart full of emotions and feelings of nostalgia already. It was indeed a great trip and one of a kind. It is not that common to wake up in the morning and see, just outside your room, a zebra’s behind getting literally kicked by an angry ostrich.

Ajinkya with his family

Why Pickyourtrail?

PYT is our favourite planner. I am myself a meticulous planner and I plot every single detail of my itinerary almost to an extent of OCD. I like being in control, I like specificity and I like private tours and offbeat places where I will not be swamped with tourists. And needless to mention, like every other Indian, I want all those things pocket friendly. PYT gives me everything. After my first trip with them to NZ, I knew that they take my suggestions, I knew they give the cheapest deals and I knew that the itinerary is customized for my needs. They even add tours of strange and obscure places just because I love a little adrenaline.

About your next trip?

Oh, I had already booked a vacation to South Africa with PYT. Like I said, my series of travel bad luck hit the whole world with Corona. Like always, my family was ready to travel, it’s just that the government banned all travels and we were locked. But the moment this opens, plus a couple more months just to be safe, we will find ourselves on a flight to Johannesburg.

Aww! I admire the way Ajinkya describes even the tough situations with positivity and the passion this family has for travel. Oh, I can’t wait to visit Bali with my parents and family too. Are you planning for the same? Then check out the itineraries to Bali with Pickyourtrail. You can even customize it the way you want and create some awesome memories for life with your family in Bali! <3

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