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Pagoda Point in Yercaud
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Bangalore To Yercaud Itinerary – Through The Highly Scenic Route

Yercaud is one of the beautiful hill stations in South India. Yercaud got its name from the Tamil words Yeri and Kaadu, meaning ‘the lake forest’. The place is famous for its fruit orchards, coffee and spice plantation. Also called the Poor man’s Ooty, Yercaud is a budget-friendly place for a vacation if you are planning a quick 3-day getaway from Bangalore and a serene place to relax and refresh yourself. Here is an amazing itinerary from Bangalore to Yercaud and everything that you need for spending your days beautifully at Yercaud.

3-day itinerary from Bangalore to Yercaud

Spending 3 days at Yercaud is like spending 3 days in heaven. In this Bangalore to Yercaud itinerary, you will be visiting all the famous places of Yercaud like Yercaud Lake, Pagoda Point, Botanical Garden and many more. First, you will start with the very famous Yercaud Lake followed by four other attractions nearby. And, on the second day, you will start with Botanical Garden and continue to the Lady’s Seat and Gent’s Seat. To know more about the itinerary and the places you are going to visit, keep reading.

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Day-wise itinerary

So, here it goes:

Day 1Bangalore to Yercaud
Day 2Sightseeing at Yercaud
Day 3Yercaud to Bangalore

Day 1 – Bangalore to Yercaud

On the first day of the itinerary, you will be starting from Bangalore to Yercaud. You have three ways by which you can reach Yercaud:

  • You can board a bus which would take 4 hours and 30 minutes to reach Yercaud.
  • If you are driving from Bangalore, it would be a 5 hours drive approximately.
  • You can also take a train to reach Yercaud.

No matter which way you prefer, there is one thing that’s not going to change which is the beauty of the route. Since Yercaud is a beautiful hill station located in the Eastern Ghats, your travel to this place would be filled with beautiful landscapes, lush greeneries and pleasant climate, of course. Once you arrive at Yercaud, hire a cab and reach the hotel. Do complete all the check-in procedures and drop your luggage in the room. In the afternoon, have your lunch and get ready for sightseeing at Yercaud. You will be visiting a few attractions including Yercaud Lake, Anna Park, The Shevaroyan temple, Kiliyur Waterfall and Pagoda Point. After exploring all the places, return to the hotel and have a comfortable night stay.

Yercaud Lake

The best way to start sightseeing at Yercaud is by visiting the famous Yercaud Lake. It is also known as the Emerald Lake, a stunning attraction that you must visit. With a beautiful garden alongside the lake and a floating fountain in the lake, the sight you are going to see is something that cannot be put into words. The lake offers a ’20 minutes boat ride’ in Yercaud’s pleasant climate which will be well worthy of a try.

Yercaud Lake
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The Shevaroyan Temple

The Shevaroyan Temple is a cave temple that is dedicated to Lord Shevaroyan. This deity is worshipped by a lot of tribal people of that region. Talking about the temple, it is a narrow and dark cave featuring the idols of Goddess Kaveri and Lord Shevaroyan. It is also believed among the people that Goddess Kaveri is the guardian deity of all the 67 villages located around this region.

Anna Park

Anna Park is a garden with a combination of four small parks which are Lake Park, Deer Park, Gandhi Park and Children’s Park. The park gives place to a wide collection of trees which is enough to speak about how peaceful the environment will be.

Anna Park
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Kiliyur Waterfall

The waters drop from a height of 300 feet at the Kiliyur Falls which is basically the overflowing waters of Yercaud Lake. The main highlight of this place is its breathtaking view which is even more beautiful during monsoon. To reach the falls, you would have to take a 2 km trek which is not-so-easy for everyone. After all, adventure is all we want while visiting a hill station, right?

Pagoda Point

Pagoda Point, also known as the Pyramid Point, is a famous attraction in Yercaud. Wondering why the place got this name? It is because of the presence of four piles of stones that looks exactly like a pyramid. This is a perfect place where you can embrace the mind with solace and tranquillity. Because of its heavenly surroundings, think about how amazing the sunrise and sunset views will be.

Pagoda Point
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Day 2 – Sightseeing at Yercaud

On day 2, have your breakfast and proceed for half-day sightseeing at Yercaud. The places that you can visit include Rose Garden, Lady’s Seat and Gent’s Seat. Apart from these, you can also check out some other small places like Eco-Tourism Park. After exploring all the above places, make your way back to the hotel and get some rest.

Botanical Garden

You can visit the Botanical Garden which houses an Orchidarium and a greenhouse. The Orchidarium houses roughly around 3000 trees and 1800 shrubs and said to be the third-largest Orchidarium in India. Also, you will get to witness the Greenhouse which is a well maintained cultivating area in the Botanical Garden.

Lady’s Seat

There is a watchtower located in the Lady’s Seat which is equipped with a telescope for the tourists to enjoy the view of Mettur Dam and Salem town. Also, the place got this weird name because of a belief among the natives that an English lady once used to visit this place and spend her evenings sitting and watching the view of the rock.

Gent’s Seat

Situated only a few metres away from Lady’s Seat is Gent’s Seat, a prime attraction of Yercaud that is visited along with Lady’ Seat. In case you are visiting Gent’s Seat during the night, then you are probably lucky to witness thousands of light twinkling in Salem town.

Gent's Seat
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Day 3 – Yercaud to Bangalore

On the final day of the itinerary, have your breakfast at the hotel and complete all the check out procedures. Since the past two days were fully sightseeing, this day on the itinerary is exclusively for shopping. Visit the Salem Co-operative Super Market Branch and the Main Bazaar where you can shop the things you want. Then, drive to Bangalore with a lot of delightful memories to take back home.

In Summary

If you are longing for a day to be spent in nature’s lap, then Yercaud is one place that you should plan your trip to. Right from trekking to mountain climbing to taking long walks to just sitting and admiring the beauty of nature, Yercaud is too beautiful for all of it. Explore our Tour packages from Bangalore and embark on an unforgettable journey to Yercaud, where you can immerse yourself in the serene beauty of nature.. To plan your trip, visit the website of Pickyourtrail and get some amazing packages to Yercaud in India. So, why wait? Go for this exciting Bangalore to Yercaud itinerary and live the best 3 days of your life.

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Happy exploring!


What is the road condition from Bangalore to Yercaud?

The roads are well laid and they are in really good condition for a smooth drive.

Which is the Best time to visit Yercaud?

The months from October to June are ideal for planning your visit to Yercaud.

Is Yarcaud worth visiting?

Yes, Yercaud which is located in Tamil Nadu is worth visiting. There are several things to do and places to visit in Yercaud for an everlasting experience.

Which is better, Yercaud or Ooty?

It depends on the number of days you plan your visit. If it is going to be for more than 3 days, Ooty would be the ideal place to visit.

How many days are enough for exploring Yercaud?

2 days are perfect for exploring the various attractions in Yercaud.


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