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Gangtok - the Hill city
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Banjhakri Waterfalls- Sikkim’s Finest Spot for a Quiet Day Out

The Banjhakri Falls and Energy Park is a leisure spot and a major tourist attraction near Gangtok, in Sikkim. The statuary of the park and other shows record the Ban Jhakri or ancient shamanic healer who worships spirits residing around the falls in caves.

Banjhakri waterfalls
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The name Banjhakri consists of two words- ‘Ban’ which means woodland or woods, and ‘Jhakri’ which means traditional healer. A Ban Jhakri is, according to mythological tales, a man in the Nepali community of Sikkim who possesses certain powers and exists in folktales. It is the locals’ conviction that a Banjhakri exists in the forest and lives in the rock caves where he worships the spirits. Even now, all the ethnic groups present believe in these myths because they are a part of their history and tradition.

The Banjhakri Falls is located 10-12 kilometres from Gangtok on the road to Ranka monastery, a popular sightseeing destination for visitors and spread over a region of two acres of property. The key draw of the Energy Park present here is the waterfall that comes from a rocky height of around 40 feet and cascades down with much intensity. Beautifully landscaped gardens with lovely sculptures of ancestors of Lyam Lymay, Mangpas, Lepcha and Ban Jhakri prevail on the waterfall. The park gateway also contains many leisure events, as well as refreshment stands. There is also a bathing pool available for the tourists in addition to other relaxing areas.

The figurines present in the park represent various rites, curing practices and the cycle of incorporation practised in a Shaman ‘s life. Banjhakri Falls is a peaceful and calming stop when exploring Gangtok’s beautiful area. The place would certainly help the travellers move away from the fast-moving city life with breathtaking scenery and green scenery.

Ban Jakri Falls
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Legend of Banjhakri Falls

The first Shaman or Jhakri, according to Nepali mythology, had all the strength to carry away all the bad spirits from the Gods. He even had to find the right people, and secretly show them the technique in his woodland cave. They also became Jhakris after the boys were educated and had the ability to cure those afflicted by evil spirits.

Getting there

There are several ways to get from Gangtok to the Banjhakri Falls. Because roads leading up to the waterfall are not smooth, however, it is advised that a larger car be taken to the location. You may either use your own car for the same or call a taxi.

Best time to visit

After the end of the monsoon season, the best period to visit the Banjhakri falls is between October and February as the atmosphere is good between this period and nice too.

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