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Baros Island Travel Guide

The Maldives is a treat for travel lovers. Stroll past the jewel of white-sand beaches or kick up some adventure in the water, and no matter what you do, Maldives will leave you wanting for more. And Baros island, a small piece of island that you need to look harder to find on the map, could be your best Maldives getaway ever — if done right.

Take a look at the best things to do and see here, along with information on how to reach and when to visit Baros island.

Baros island guide

Lying in the heart of Kaafu atoll, Baros island is the perfect secluded getaway you could ask for. Striking see-through waters provide unobstructed views of the pristine ocean beds while ultra-green palm trees tousle each other thus making a sweet noise that goes well with the evening. The whole atmosphere has a kickass laidback vibe all day. But truth be told, in an island lined up with many, many waterfront resorts with everything under one roof, you might not want to step out at all. Staycations might be a new trend but Baros pioneers in that.

What to see in Baros island?

If you are a honeymoon couple, look out for classic candle night dinners and champagne parties. There are resorts available for conducting parties on request, aiming at making the special events unforgettable for you and your loved ones. All the more, Baros differs from most other destinations by being versatile to all kinds of travellers. There is enough entertainment inside and outside of the hotel to keep both adults and kids of a family entertained. From Vabbininfaru to Angsana, the beaches here are well worth your visit.

Baros island also takes preservation seriously and its unadulterated beauty is only a byproduct of the same. In the wake of increased tourism, great care goes into retaining the ecosystem of the place and it is easy to see how. What do you call a place where you can see unspoilt nature, popping coral reefs, wholesome aquatic species that complement the other oceanic elements, and a lot more? A heaven, indeed. In a nutshell, experience the typical elements of a tropical vacation in Baros — the sun, the sand, and the sea. And then some.

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Things to do in Baros island

  1. Please your taste buds with authentic Maldivian cuisine from some of the best restaurants like Cayenne Grill and Lighthouse restaurant.
  2. Or if you like your food with a view, visit Lime restaurant or Lighthouse Lounge. One is an overwater restaurant and another offers yacht dining.
  3. If you love adventures, try the watersports in Baros. From windsurfing and jet skiing to canoeing, the options are plenty.
  4. Feel one with your surroundings by indulging in sunrise yoga with a guided yoga trainer.
  5. Visit the private sandbank for having some time away with your partner or hang out with your friends.
  6. Have a sumptuous dinner or drink away the evening at a piano deck on a dhoni boat.
  7. With a 360-degree view of emerald blue ocean, have breakfast in the middle of a lagoon.
  8. Take a beach walk at night or settle in your deck for stargazing.

What is the best time to visit Baros island?

Is it the clear skies and sunny days you are after? Or relatively cool temperatures? December to February is the best period to visit Baros island thanks to perfect weather conditions catering to uncompromised outdoor adventures. Marine life teems on reachable surfaces, wind condition for surfing is at its best and the weather stays pleasant throughout this period if not the whole year. Having said that, May to October is the second-best time to visit Baros — it may rain intermittently but you can look at saving some money on hotel and flight fares.

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How to reach Baros island?

As you already know, Baros can only be reached by a speedboat or a seaplane. But being located close to the Maldives international airport, you can reach Baros island in just 25 to 30 minutes by a boat. Most of the resorts offer pick-up from airports, so check beforehand if your hotel provides the same.

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