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Beaches in Liverpool
Written by Buvaneshwari Gopinath on September 7, 2020 Share on

9 Beaches in Liverpool to spend your summer days at

There is nothing more romantic than beach air. The humid heavenly air can be the best therapist. So if there are love and life in one place, why hesitate? And when you are in England, head to Liverpool city to enjoy the beaches in your own way. When you are there, you will find Beaches, beaches everywhere. Here is a bucket list that you need to check when you are in Liverpool. Here are the 9 Beaches in Liverpool

9 Beaches in Liverpool

  • Moreton Beach
  • Blundellsands beach
  • New Brighton beach( Wallasey)
  • Fomby beach
  • West Kirby beach
  • Ainsdale beach
  • Southport beach
  • Meols beach
  • Garston shore
Image Source: Unsplash

1. Moreton Beach

Lying on the Wirral Peninsula, about 2.5 miles west of New Brighton, is the magnificent Moreton beach. This beach is very popular with bathers during the warmer months. Not only the waves but also horse riding and sand buggy pumps up just the right amount of adrenaline you need. Cyclists! Here is an incredible place to rejoice the breeze and feel the waves! Behind this beach, is a sea wall exclusively for cyclists providing a paved pathway! Basic installations like diner, toilets and shops are quite near the beach. Chirping of the birds during the winter season is worth the wait of the year. Searching for a good picnic spot? With no denial, Moreton beach is one good choice! 

2. Blundellsands Beach

One of the most preferred areas in the Merseyside country is the Blundellsands beach which is precisely situated in the north of Crosby.  Blundell sands beach is partially backed by a pier and then on the north by dunes.

Blundellsands Beach
Image Source: Unsplash

One notable feature about the beach is that the Bundell sands are life-size cast metal figurines of epic men made chaste by the continuous assault of the cleansing waves. These are durable arts establishments by Antony Gormley entitled “Another Place”. Art and air that treat your senses are laid for a banquet. Feast on!

3. New Brighton Beach

Providing a three-fourth mile ( 11miles/ 18 kilometres) stretch of the glittering golden sand in the northwestern corner of the Wirral peninsula is the noteworthy Brighton beach(Wallasey). 

There’s a wonderful view of the alluring skyline of Liverpool. It’s an outstanding visitor destination for day trips during the summer months. This is the perfect place to spend, seeing the ships wandering to the Irish sea. New Brighton Beach is a great seaside landing to visit when vacationing in Christchurch. There are numerous activities at the New Brighton Beach like surfing in rumbling waves to wildlife spotting, etc. Don’t forget to visit the South spit, a reserve set on a peninsula at the southernmost point of the beach. the peaks of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. If you want to spend your summer in a perfect way- The new Brighton beach is THE place!

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4. Formby Beach

A vast stretch of the shoreline with mild sloping dunes that adds an additional beauty, this is how Formby beach can be described.  Not only the dunes but the inland pine woods housing the red squirrels with their bushy tails and brisk runs tempt you to grab them! Make sure they don’t lead you astray. It is bizarre that it retains a big part of the wildlife, located in between Liverpool and Southport Formby Beach. In addition to the beauty, the splendid views of the Irish sea create another key point to visit the beach. Gazing at mountains of Cumbria, one can chill and seize the moment!

Formby Beach
Image Source: Unsplash

5. West Kirby Beach

A safe and readily available 300-metre sandy beach on the Wirral Peninsula on the Dee River Mouth is the West Kirby beach. Rendering great views over the Dee Estuary and North Wales hills, the beach is mostly preferred by the tourists. There’s also a lake next to the beach- a sizable shallow water area. Beach without sports? NO! This beach is popular for many watersports. But, the windsurfers and kite surfers are not appreciated to visit within 100 metres of the tide line so that the bathers are safe!

6. Ainsdale Beach

Located between the Southport and Formby is the Ainsdale beach. It is quite lengthy and broad sandy beach. Ainsdale is the only beach in the northwestern part of England that has ever received a Blue Flag and therefore it is considered the best beach in the nearby regions. At present, the beach has received a quality coastal award that guarantees clean water and plenty of amenities. 

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7. Southport Beach

This beach is one of the most popular ones in the UK. The reason behind this is the multitude of annual events that take place here. Festivity is in the air, ladies and gentlemen, Join in the party and bring on the fairy lights!

Southport Beach
Image Source: Unsplash

During summer, this beach is an immaculate place for all traditional British seaside explorations. Building sandcastles, flying kites or dipping in the safe waters are clichés here, but nobody is going to stop you from having a little adventure.

8. Meols Beach

Meols is located on the Wirral peninsula between Hoylake and Wallasey. Sand buggy, bird watching, and horse riding are the primary leisure activities during the winter months. Wake up the animal lover in you and watch this enticing coastline. Standing on the shore, you can gaze the Liverpool Bay and enjoy the views.

9. Garston Shore

A prominent street near the Merseyside city is the Garston Shore Road. When in Liverpool, make your way to the Mersey estuary shore!   Just two minutes away for the show bustles, and there we go! Leave the city with the best of memories, because you deserve it. Go fishing and allow the waves to wash away any trauma you have had. Cheers to nature’s best assets!

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