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Written by Akshaya Devi on June 19, 2020 Share on

The show will go on—This Berlin theatre gives us a sneak peek on the new reality

Forget vacations. Some of us really can’t get over that simple movie evening where we grab some popcorn and zone out from the world for a good 3 hours. Nothing makes the cut like a huge dark auditorium taking you places from the comfort of your seat.

But hope is here, this Berlin theatre shows how the new reality in entertainment might look like.

Image Credits: Berliner Ensemble Facebook

While the businesses were baffled about how a high-contact space like entertainment and theatre will operate in a socially-distanced world, this Berlin theatre has come forth to paint a picture—and to be honest, it doesn’t feel far from reality considering what’s at stake otherwise.

Established several decades ago in 1949, Berliner Ensemble is one of the well-known facets of theatre entertainment in Berlin. The theatre has removed 500 of its total 700 seats in a bid to create room for the specified social distance. What started as an experiment has shown that removing every other row and arranging the remaining seats in pairs or individuals would actually help them achieve the new norms—and the theatre did it anyway.

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This may be a temporary setting, but there’s no reason why other entertainment venues won’t follow this—considering the pandemic is still going on. What’s there to dislike though? Take a moment and feel good about all the lavish legroom, privacy, casual washroom breaks and contactless, queueless popcorn stalls!

Many artists and regulars of Berliner Ensemble reinstate how the capped attendance won’t make a difference to them, and that they’ll continue to perform with the same dedication and enthusiasm no matter how big or small the crowd is.

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And we can’t wait to see the big screen no matter how sparse or different the venue looks. Hope is here, after all!

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