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Strasbourg in France
Written by Rahul on June 15, 2020 Share on

Best Attractions in Strasbourg – Explore the Blending cultures of the city

One of the most scenic locations in the world, France has one of the best infrastructures for a country. It is a city of style and suave. Tourists fall in love at the first sight of this beautiful country. The cities of this country, each one bears its own style and each city gives you a very unique and different experience. It is popular for its model houses, art, and also for its world-renowned museum, Louvre and the monument Eiffel Tower. Known for its most sophisticated cuisine and world-class wines, every food enthusiast first stop will be this country. This country is both culturally and historically rich. In a country as good as this is the beautiful city, Strasbourg. Let us look at the highlights of this city and where to first visit while you visit Strasbourg. Here are the Best attractions in Strasbourg.

The Paris Bridge in France.
Image Captions: David Mark from Pixabay

Attractions in Strasbourg

Home to Europe’s largest Medieval quarters, Strasbourg is the capital of the Alsace region. With crooked streets and half-timbered houses that have survived for close to a century, this is one place that is never to be missed out in the first place. There has been a constant struggle between the Germans and the French for this beautiful city. Originally built by the Germans, the innovations from the 17th century in the city are by the French. As an end result of this cross-pollination, we get one of the most beautiful looking cities in the world. This blending of cultures has followed until the wine and cuisines to the presence in the European parliament. Now let us have a look at the various attractions in Strasbourg.

Best attractions in Strasbourg
Image Credits: Sebastiano Piazzi on Unsplash

1. Strasbourg Cathedral

For 227 years till the year of 1874, the Strasbourg was the tallest building in the world. Built entirely during the medieval period, this is still the tallest surviving building in the world. It is very hard to visit the west side facade of this spellbinding architectural beauty and also the view of the vaults in the entrance. Do not miss out on the northern tower watch with the views of the black forest from it, which is 30 km away from this cathedral. The opening time of this Cathedral is during 9:15 AM – 11:15 AM and also 2:00 PM – 5:45 PM. The entry into the cathedral is absolutely free making this monument one of the best attractions in Strasbourg.

Strasbourg Cathedral, Strasbourg, France.
Image Credits: Gael Moisson from Pixabay

2. Parc de l’Orangerie

Located just across the Court of Human Rights and the European Parliament, is this absolutely wonderful place, Parc de l’Orangerie. This was the place where 140 orange trees were confiscated from Château de Bouxwiller and they were granted to the public. This was during the time of the revolution. As for now, you will be able to see 3-4 orange trees at the place. Even these trees, you will only be able to see them on certain days in the greenhouse of this place. Other than this history, this place is also famous for the boating lake that it houses and also the mini-zoo and the farm for the children. There is also a Stork reintroduction centre here. The opening hours of this park is 7 AM – 8 PM. Visit it for its serene beauty and for a fresh change of environment.

Parc de l’Orangerie, Strasbourg, France
Image Credits: Google images

3. Église Saint-Thomas

This piece of architecture clearly shows that this city has been through a cultural crossroads. This church is the exact architectural style of the Germans and also the only one remaining in this city, while this was the main Lutheran place of worship after it became a part of France. Unlike the other churches that you see in France, the isles and the nave are of the same height. You can go ahead and explore this architectural spectacle, as this has the fresco of St.Michael and the Sarcophagus of Bishop Adeloch, dated back to 1100s. The main attraction to this church is the gallery organ present in the main hall. It is a must-visit the place and also among one of the best attractions in Strasbourg,

Église Saint-Thomas, Strasbourg, France
Image Credits: Google Images

4. Musée Alsacien

On the quayside of the Ill river, in a 17th-century building is the Musée Alsacien. Located in a supreme location, the Musée Alsacien is the best place for the tourists to learn about the unique arts and the local traditions followed by the city. Providing with reconstructions of the historic home scenes and workshops. These are provided with original marbles, ceramics, costumes and everyday utensils. The showcase of the traditional “savoir-faire” of the Alsace region is the best here. In this exhibition, they show how wine was pressed during the 1700s. They will also take you through wine-growing through the roman regions. This is one place to visit while you are in Strasbourg coming among the top best attractions in Strasbourg.

Musée Alsacien, Strasbourg, France
Image Credits: Google Images

5. European Parliament

Considering the glorious past of this city, one would certainly think that the European parliament would certainly be at this city. If you get that way, then kudos to you. European Parliament has been a place where different languages, cultures and also faiths have been reconciled. Strasbourg is one amongst the 3 non-capital countries in the world to have an international constitution. The building is in a modern cylindrical structure houses the 750 seated debating chamber. Want to visit the tour, then you will have to call ahead and book yourself a tour. A must-visit attraction in Strasbourg, the Parliament building is just majestic to look at and one of the best attractions in Strasbourg.

The European Parliament, France.
Image Credits: Udo Pohlmann from Pixabay

6. Le Vaisseau

This museum is an interactive science museum for the kids from 3 to 5. One of the best places to keep your kids occupied for some time. This is the best way for them to actually get entertained through by having loads of fun. The language will never be a problem as they have displays in English, French and German. For kids, there is a building site in which they will surely spend lots of time as it is much engaging for them. There are 130 interactive exhibits like these with a 3D movie changing every few months. If you are having kids on your trip, then this is definitely a place for you to visit. With kids alongside, this is the best attraction in Strasbourg.

Le Vaisseau, a museum specially for the kids.
Image Credits: Google Images

From all the above, you would have definitely understood that Strasbourg is a city that is never to be missed out in your lifetime. It is a city with such historical and cultural importance for both France and the whole of Europe too. Create your itinerary for France holiday package with Strasbourg as a part of your itinerary. Customize your France holiday itinerary or check out the cool travel packages available with the Pickyourtrail website to add all the above activities that you would like to visit. Also, follow the website for more fresh content on travel.