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Streets of Jaipur
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Best Bazaars to visit when you are in Jaipur – Shopping in the Pink City

The capital city of Rajasthan reflects the most unique Rajputana architecture, culture, and traditions. Jaipur is known for the city’s flavour, which is an amalgamation of its past and present. Simply, it is for everyone, for every season. It’s an obvious choice amongst history and culture enthusiasts. The high rise forts, opulent palaces take you back to the Rajputana era. Each building is known for its craftsmanship and intricate designs.  It’s also a favourite choice for the backpackers, as its one of the budget travel destinations in India. Most importantly, Jaipur is also known for its glamour. Its the first pick for destination weddings and festivals. With several heritage hotels and boutiques, its also the place for a luxurious holiday. Thus, Jaipur is for everyone and filled with tourist spots. Out of the experiences, the best one is the shopping experience. Shopping in the local bazaars give greater exposure to the city and you can get the best of local products. Any visit to Jaipur is not complete without bargaining at the local markets. So, we bring you the best bazaars in the Jaipur city where you can hop and shop

Amber Palace in Jaipur
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Johari Bazaar

Welcome to the pink city’s famous thoroughfares and one of the best bazaars in Jaipur. When you are here, your ears will hear shopkeepers calling you to visit their shop; Your eyes will wander here and there, to gaze at all the colours in the bazaar. Simply, this bazaar experience is a treat to any visitor. You can browse through all of the dazzling gems shops, designer fabrics shops amongst others.

Johari Bazaar in Jaipur, one of the best bazaars
Image credits: Google Images

Best Pick: Jewelry, head to Gopalji ka raasta street and you can shop the traditional meenakari jewelry.

Best eat: Stop at the Laxmi Mishtan Bandhar and relish the yummy sweets and savouries.

Bapu Bazaar 

A one-stop-shop for all Jaipuri ethnic items. From colourful salwar kameez to shining anklets, you can buy anything at a reasonable price. Also, you can see several shopkeepers selling Mojaris or Jutis which are the traditional Rajasthani footwear. You can also shop several handicraft items, wall hangings, vibrantly coloured puppets here.  The bazaar lies in the prime area, making it easily accessible as well. 

Best Pick: Home decor. Here is the best collection of best wall hangings and other decoration items.
Best eats: Pani puri from all the street side vendors in the bazaar.

Tripolia Bazaar

Located in the centre of the city, the Tripolia Bazaar is known for lac jewellery and the best collections of all the bazaars in the city of Jaipur. This is the most popular product sold here and has its own fan base. You can shop your favourite from the intricately designed ones, which also has patchwork patters and glassworks. You can also find small stores selling durable utensils and furniture.

Tripolia Bazaar in Jaipur
Image credits: Google Images

Best Pick: Lac jewelry. Famous for lac bangles.

Best eat: Khulfi at the Shree Pandit Khulfi Bhandar

Nehru Bazaar

The highlight of Nehru Bazaar is blue pottery. This is a very vibrant market located to many other local bazaars. You can try your bargaining skills here, to strike the best deal of all.  Nehru Bazaar is also known for its ethnic jewellery, jhumkis, anklets.

Best Pick: Anklets

Best eats: Kachori and Lassi at the Jai Hind Sharbat Lassi

Jaipur is simply a shopper’s paradise. All you need is the skill to bargain and a big cloth bag to grab all of them! Visit all of these shopping spots to be entertained. Plan a trip to Jaipur in 2020 and explore the capital city in your way. Browse Pickyourtrail website for more travel options and ideas. 

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