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5 Best Bali Beaches for Those Who Love Surf & Sand

Bali has many great beaches – known for swimming, surfing, or just lounging on the sand. They are the best to visit during the months from about April to October. During these months, at beaches on the western coastal areas, like Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Canggu and Jimbaran, erosion is minimal, and therefore the lack of wind or offshore winds keep the beaches clean and relatively calm, making it a wonderful time to visit. During the wet season, onshore winds deposit flotsam, and garbage on the west-facing beaches and constant pack up is required. Besides heavy rains can deposit runoff round the beaches, particularly run-off streams that flow into the ocean.

Nusa Dua and Sanur beaches are less affected by seasonality, although the beach strip from the Melia Hotel to Nusa Dua Beach Hotel experiences seasonal erosion in the winter, resulting in a very narrow strip of sand. The sand returns for the summer months. 


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The west-facing beach from Canggu to Kuta can have rough surf and is known to have many rip currents and strong undertows. Safe swim areas are marked by flags and lifeguards are posted in some places. 

Both Manggis, Nusa Dua and Sanur areas are nice because there’s an offshore reef that keeps heavy surf faraway from the beach. Occasional rough surf is the downside of the Kuta/Legian/Seminyak beach.

Top Bali Beaches to visit

1. Seminyak: Double Six Beach – best for the Relaxing & Sun-Lounging

Double six beach
Courtesy: https://www.thrillophilia.com/
People laying back at Double Six beach

Among Bali’s list of unending idyllic beaches, Double Six Beach is a favorite with tourists.

Its white sands and shining pristine waters make it an eye candy. The beach resides in the countryside, outside of Kuta, and holds a picturesque view of steep trails and lush green forest. Apart from its exquisite spots, the beach holds several watersports and beach sports. The commercial value at the beach is quite active, and it’s considered as one of the coolest oceanfront spots to see and be seen. The waves at this beach are strong and due to this, it serves as a perfect destination for learning surfing. Moreover, there are several surfing schools present at Double Six Beach. These schools have good number of trainers, instructors, and other essentials required for understanding surfing.

You can also take part in the aquatic adventures of colorful marine life. In the end, savor the nightlife of Double Six Beach by dancing to the upbeat music at the beach bars.

Things to do at Double Six Beach

  1. Surfing
  2. Horse Riding
  3. Watch the sunset
  4. Beach sports
  5. Visit the spa

2. Nusa Dua: Tanjung Benoa Beach– best for Marine Water Activities

Tanjung Benoa Beach
Courtesy: http://terraceatkuta.com/
Beautiful drone view of Tanjung Benoa Beach

Tanjung Benoa Beach is one of the best places to be if you want to stay close to water sports activities in Bali. This east-facing beach itself is similar to neighbouring Nusa Dua’s coastline, with a mix of fine and coarse sand. 

Tanjung Benoa beach has a lot to offer for leisurely activities like swimming and sunbathing. Here, people enjoy doing parasailing, jet-skiing, banana boat riding, and kitesurfing with equipment provided by various operators along the coast.

You can also take a ride on banana boats and teleost fish, neither of which is for the faint of heart. The latter glides 2-5 meters up within the air as it gains speed! Water jetpacks also are available letting you soar above the ocean like Iron Man. Underwater adventures include skin diving, sea-walking adventures, underwater scooters, which let everyone enjoy the luxurious coral gardens. Most of the operators are found along the northern coastline.

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3. Kuta: – Choice for rollicking all-night clubbing

Kuta beach
Courtesy: https://www.needpix.com/
People spending time at the Kuta beach

Kuta is the modern era of tourism. It is known for its long sandy beach and great waves for surfing (beginners and intermediate), also it’s considered to be the place with wild nightlife and high concentration of bars, nightclubs, and hotels. It is quite popular with young travelers and those on a budget, so there are a lot of options for accommodation to choose from. Traffic is hard to get through and sometimes it can get really busy, but still, it’s a great place to meet people and have fun.

Kuta attracts international tourists and features a mixed set of travellers. Some travellers find Kuta to be overdeveloped and overwhelming, while others love the action and liveliness. As a historical center of tourism, it shouldn’t be missed. Many Australians love this place and have come here for decades – first as backpackers and now with their families.

Kuta Beach is famous for its sunsets. After the sunset tourists hit the town and go shopping or visit one of the countless restaurants. A wide variety of local souvenirs can also be bought from vendors on and along the beach. Bargaining is essential here.

4. Jimbaran: – For seafood, sunsets and sultry vibes

Sunset dinner at Jimbaran Bay
Courtesy: https://www.flickr.com/
Enjoying the Sunset Dinner at Jimbaran Bay

Jimbaran Bay is taken into account as one among the foremost beautiful beaches in Bali, so it’s no surprise most activities here revolve around the water. On the beach, sun loungers and water-sports equipments are available to rent, and most vendors—including those at seafront restaurants and the fish market-speak English. Many tourists stop by Jimbaran Bay on their Bali itinerary, typically swinging by for sunset followed by a fresh-fish dinner.

Also, It covers one of the most iconic places that is Garuda Wisnu Kencana, It covers 2.5 sq km in the hills of Ungasan, about 5 km south of the main Jimbaran area. It’s about 260 meters above water level, leading to spectacular views of the island and also the ocean. Facilities include an amphitheater, an exhibition gallery, open-air venues, restaurants, a gift shop, an art market, a massage center, ATV, and Segway rentals.

5. Nusa Penida: – The majestic beauty of Kelingking beach

Kelingking Beach
Image credits: Unsplash
Unmatched beauty of Kelingking Beach

Nusa Penida may be relatively undeveloped island south-east of mainland Bali. You won’t find the snazzy beach clubs, organic cafes, or trendy restaurants here, but Nusa Penida remains worth a visit. It houses some of the most photogenic sights in Bali.

If you only have one day to spare, don’t worry! A day trip to Nusa Penida from Bali is very doable. You can get to Nusa Penida via a speedboat from Sanur within the morning and are available back within the afternoon. But if you would like to ascertain the whole Nusa Penida and really enjoy your stay, you’d need 2-3 days on the island.

Nusa Penida Day Tours

If you’ve decided to travel with a Nusa Penida tour, I like to recommend booking the subsequent tours:

West Nusa Penida Join-in Day Tour (most popular)

This is often the Nusa Penida tour you ought to book on your first time to Nusa Penida. It will take you to most of the spots discussed below (Kelingking Beach, Broken Beach, Angel Billabong, and Crystal Bay), in a car. PS: you’ll add snorkeling as an optional activity at a further cost.

West Nusa Penida Private Tour

If you don’t want to be joined by others and don’t mind paying slightly more, this is often the choice for you. The advantage of this tour is you get to customize your itinerary within your group.

East Nusa Penida Tour (less touristy)

This tour takes you extra inland to Nusa Penida, to areas like Atuh Beach and Rumah Pohon playhouse. You might want to check this out if you’re looking for areas with fewer tourists. There is an option for a personal tour too if you don’t want to be joined by people.

Nusa Penida Snorkeling Trip

If snorkeling is more your thing, Nusa Penida does house a number of the simplest reefs and clearest waters in Bali. So go snorkel!

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