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best beaches in Cyprus
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Best Beaches In Cyprus

The beaches with smooth white powdery sand, lapped by turquoise, crystalline waters of Cyprus taps in travellers in massive numbers every year. Cyprus is an island country and a European hot spot for visitors of all sorts. The is the third biggest island in the Mediterranean. The Island nation is also home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Head to the shores of Cyprus to sunbathe and stroll on the white sand barefoot. There are many lovely beaches and unspoilt coves in the small island nation. Here we take a look at the best beaches in Cyprus where you can relax to the core. 

Top beaches in Cyprus

  • Nissi Beach
  • Coral Bay
  • Fig Tree Bay
  • Makronissos
  • Konnos Bay
  • Lara Bay
  • Aphrodite’s Rock Beach

1. Nissi beach

Nissi beach
Source: Google Images

The most popular beach in Cyprus is possibly Nissi Bay. Understandably so, the beach is also located in one of the tourist favourite place, Ayia Napa. The beach is known to have a crazy crowd. The beach bars whip music to a young crowd in the high season while they serve drinks. The sand itself is white and fluffy, and the water is strange blue shades which seem to call for closer observation.  The beach dies down in the off-season and starts to glow for us at least. The place also has an active crowd participating in the water sports activities as well. This is one of the must-visit beaches in Cyprus.

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2. Coral Bay

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cyprus located on the west coast of the country. The beach is naturally gifted in such a way that the cliffs surrounding this bay make sure the water stays calm pretty much every time. This makes it even more tourist-friendly. A lot of water sports are available and this is the location for snorkelling and scuba diving. You can also stroll to a diverse variety of restaurants and bars. This is the ultimate beach for families with a great deal of space away from the places packed under the bars and cafes. 

3. Fig Tree Bay

Fig Tree Bay
Source: Google Images

This is another blue flagged beach in the island nation of Cyprus. This 500m long beach is considered to be one of the best in the whole of Europe. On this beach the sand is golden, and the waters are clear and shallow against it, which makes it ideal for children. If you are wondering where the name of the beach came from, you will get to see that when you are there. The coast is lined by fig trees. This is one of the most spectacular locations on earth at sunset when the sky turns red and the breeze caressing your face. In addition to this, much like the other beaches on this list, this beach also has a lot of bars and restaurants where you can treat your taste buds.

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4. Makronissos

The peninsula takes the shape of a dolphin tail when you look at Makronissos beach from above, as it unites with the neighbouring Dome cove. There are a number of interesting rock groups on the peninsula. This blue flagged beach is located at close proximity of 3 km away from the city centre. This can be considered as a very quick getaway while you are in the city. Surprisingly, the beach also has another western part, which is for the youth crowd who would like to party and indulge themselves in the water activities. The main beach is an ideal one for the families. 

5. Konnos Bay

Konnos Bay
Source: Google Images

This is located on close to another famous beach on the list Nissi beach. Yet, present in close proximity this beach makes you feel like you’ve travelled to the other part of the world. The sand here is as soft as it gets. The bay sheltering the beach has some beautiful cliffs. They serve as protection, ensuring that the water remains calm for th most part. The natural beauty of this bay is one of the most popular draws for both local residents and visitors. This is one of the must-visit beaches in Cyprus for families as it is quiet. 

6. Lara Bay

This beautiful beach in the large Akamas Peninsula Nature Reserve is one of the finest opportunities on the island of Cyprus that can be enjoyed. This is one of the offbeat beaches in Cyprus to visit.  This beach is not as crowded as the other ones on the list. This isn’t easy to reach as well. You might have to travel through a jungle path to reach the beach. But if you are a nature lover, then you shall visit this beach without any second thoughts. The place also serves as a hatching spot for few of the sea species including Loggerhead turtles. You can reach this place using a 4*4 vehicle service. 

7. Aphrodite’s Rock Beach

Aphrodite’s Rock Beach
Source: Google Images

This beach may not be the one that you would like to stay for a few hours. Swimming here isn’t allowed as the sea isn’t suitable for water activities. But the reason for me to include this beach even after knowing that is because of its uncommon appeal to the eyes. Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty and love, myths state that she rose from the waters in this place. This beach is also known as Petra Tou Rominou. The beach itself is made of soft stones and could be considered if you are looking for an alternative to the traditional sandy beaches. Don’t forget to witness the stunning sunset, as they are as good as you can get in the whole of Cyprus.

Even though I wouldn’t want to stop explaining to you about the beauty of this place, the list of best beaches in Cyprus has to come to an end. There are a few other beaches that are worth considering. Need more info before planning? Get in touch with the destination experts from Pickyourtrail to get your next Europe Tour Packages customized according to your needs. Check out our guides page or leave a Whatsapp inquiry for more options.

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