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Best beaches in Mexico
Written by Nigilesh on September 7, 2020 Share on

Best Beaches in Mexico

The country of Mexico is located on the southern part of North America and has a total of 32 states. This place has so many reasons for travellers to visit but the beaches on its 5800 miles long coastline are the major reasons. You can also witness some of the beautiful sights on the maritime borders on the country. There are around 500 beaches in total and we are pretty sure that you will have numerous choices to pick from. In this article, we take a look at the best beaches in Mexico.

There are also areas covered by the former Mayan ruins in the vicinity of Tulum and Cancun. Also, there are places where you can swim underwater, snorkel, dive and swim, of course. You will find a beautiful strip of sand and the sea on pretty much all of the beaches.

Top beaches in Mexico

  • Cancun
  • Sayulita Beach
  • Balandra Beach
  • Playa del Carmen
  • Puerto Vallarta
  • Tulum beach
  • Akumal beach

1. Cancun

Source: Google Images

This is the most visited beach in Mexico. For some time the beach was indeed part of the historical Mayan civilization of this region and a number of Mayan temples and ruins can still be visited during the day. While some can have fun on the beach and have fun at countless discos in the casinos, some may explore Mayan ruins and abandoned jungle areas of nearby Coba or the farthest Chichen Itza. But this stylish “7” Barrier Island is once more a destination for beaches, golfers and nightlife in South-East Mexico. Cancun is as one of Western Hemisphere’s most popular holiday destinations.

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2. Sayulita Beach

North of Puerto Vallarta is a quiet surfer town and also one of Mexico’s most explored and pictured beach cities over recent years. The beach is between the Pacific and Cortez Seas, giving the opportunity to experience rough waves on one side and the milder water on the other. Here, you can also see El Arco, which is Cabo’s most significant natural wonder, a spectacular rock arch in the ocean .. This beach is a surfing mecca of different kinds with regular breaks and surf camps. The area is also packed with pubs, craftsmen’s shops and several environmentally conscious stores.

3. Balandra Beach

Balandra Beach
Source: Google Images

Unlike the other two on this list, this doesn’t receive as much crowd as the previous beaches. Though it is located at close proximity to the local town La Paz, this isn’t famous among the tourist. If you want to leave the main tourist trail and to take a photo of the beach and the sea without all the crowd in Cabo San Lucas nearby, that’s a perfect option. The stunning view of the shore and bay from the top of the hill is amazing. The warm waters are suitable for snorkelling or paddling. Most of the facilities on the beach for sailing and kayaking can be rented. This is one of the must-visit beaches in Mexico.

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4. Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen
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Playa del Carmen is a gorgeous beach with a vibrant village of the same name and this is also one of the most well-known points of attraction on the Mayan Riviera. In the last 20 years or so, Playa del Carmen has experienced a dramatic transition from a fishing village and a hippie call into a vibrant, cosmopolitan city. This beach is situated approximately 35 kilometres south of Cancun. Extending outside the town in both sides, the white and palm sand is lined with volleyball fields and soccer areas for daytime recreation, whilst a wide range of beach bars are available in the evening. Also, the fish food on the beach is just the best bet in the evenings.

5. Puerto Vallarta

The vibrant Mexican town Puerto Vallarta is really cool, with a beach half and a half walkway. Renowned since the 1960s by the players Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. In the protected coves around the beach, there is great snorkelling. There is also all manner of excursions, from deep-sea fishing to wind-fishing and whale-watching. The historical core of the city, the Romantic Region, is deeply rough at the edges but still lovely. Cobblestone streets have old houses backed by red-tiled walls, coated in dazzling violet bougainvillaea flowers. It’s one of Mexico’s most popular beaches.

6. Tulum beach

Tulum, situated in the middle of the Maya Riviera, is a 2 hour – long drive to the south of Cancun. Those wanting a romantic beach trip will find some nice places for a vacation and if you plan to spend the honeymoon here you won’t break the bank. Fantastic bars, both in the city and on the beach, small stores, and a lovely environment overall. There are many different beach areas throughout Tulum, namely Playa Ruinas, which overlook the ruins and the sea and is perhaps the most picturesque of the beaches. This is one of the beaches in Mexico that one shouldn’t miss.

7. Akumal beach

Akumal beach
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In the Tulum region is Akumal Beach. The beautiful white sandy beach is less touristy and the place to come when you enjoy animals than other Riviera Maya beaches. Akumal Beach is potentially Mexico’s best beach for nature lovers, as an important breeding ground for tortoises. There are five beaches on Akumal beach which make it a perfect place to relax in the secluded area. The offshore waters are clean, peaceful and ideal for swimming, making Akumal an excellent resort for families. There is also a vibrant offshore coral reef that is suitable for snorkelling. This is visited by a handsome number of visitors though this less famous than few other beaches in Mexico.

As you would have noticed the diversity that Mexico can offer in terms of its beaches. With proper planning, the vacation can be one of the best in the world for beach lovers. Make sure to note down your picks from the list of beaches in Mexico to make the most of your next vacation with Pickyourtrail. Check out our guides page for more info on destinations or leave a Whatsapp inquiry for more options.

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