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15 Best Beaches in Santorini, Greece- For a Perfect Weekend!
Written by Aditi Kumari on August 10, 2021 Share on

15 Best Beaches in Santorini, Greece- For a Perfect Weekend!

The beaches in Santorini are much different from other beaches. But, how? Every one of the beaches in Santorini offers alternate energy and speed, so we set up a manual for the 15 best beaches in Santorini, Greece. Fantastic seashores and dramatic views describe Santorini’s coastline: the island’s volcanic sand and stones, translucent waters, and rough scene structure a remarkable normal region for beachgoers to explore. Regardless of whether you’re looking for an isolated swim, a dynamic cosmopolitan hotel, or more vigorous exercises, the best beaches in Santorini won’t disappoint.


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15 Top Beaches in Santorini, Greece

  1. Perissa Beach
  2. Kamari Beach
  3. Red Beach
  4. White Beach
  5. Koloumbos
  6. Exo Gialos
  7. Eros Beach
  8. Perivolos Beach
  9. Vlychada beach
  10. Baxedes beach
  11. Caldera beach
  12. Armeni Beach
  13. Agios Georgios beach
  14. Cape Columbo beach
  15. Cape Columbo beach

1. Perissa Beach

At this exuberant, Blue Flag-granted seashore, guests relax on their sunbeds until nightfall, enjoying mixed drinks and the soundtrack given by worldwide DJs playing at the hip seashore bars. It’s likewise a focal area for watersports, regardless of whether it’s jet skis or banana boats that allure. Guests can likewise visit the vestiges of Ancient Thira. Taxi boats associate Perissa to Kamari, as does an ordinary transport service.

Perissa Beach,Santorini, Best Beaches in Santorini
Image Credits: Pixabay
  • Airport to Perissa: 13.3 km / 8.2 miles | Port to Perissa: 11.2 km / 6.9 miles | Fira to Perissa: 11.7 km / 7.2 miles
  • Location: 11.7 km south east of Fira
  • Highlights: Diving Club, Partly Organized, Family Friendly, Pebbled, Water sports

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2. Kamari Beach

Jumping into the crystal clear water is a feature at this Blue Flag beach, just 6km (3.4mi) from Fira. Situated in the ocean side town of Kamari, the seashore sits at the foot of the Mesa Vouno Mountain and can be reached by transport or vehicle. The perfect beachfront has peaceful spots to get shade and isolation under the trees; it’s likewise exceptional with agreeable sunbeds and umbrellas. Participate in exercises like swimming, windsurfing or paddleboarding on your Santorini tour package. Bistros and restaurants line the beachside strip, alongside interesting gift shops worth taking a look at. Combine outside eating with a film under the stars at the nearby open-air theatre, Cine Kamari.

Kamari Beach, Santorini, Best Beaches in Santorini
Image Credits: Pixabay
  • Airport to Kamari: 6 km / 3.7 miles | Port to Kamari: 10 km / 6 miles | Fira to Kamari: 8.6 km / 5.3 miles
  • Location: 8.6 km south east of Fira
  • Highlights: Diving Club, Partly Organized, Sandy, Family Friendly, Water sports

3. Red Beach

This beach is an amazing experience for the eyes. The background of red volcanic rocks makes for a shocking landscape as well as offers sanctuary from the windy Aegean breezes. Here, you can swim or sunbathe on the loungers gave by the various tavernas and seashore bars. There is a car park nearby, however, you can likewise go by transport from Fira or take a water taxi from the close-by town and old site of Akrotiri. Try to pack proper footwear, as the seashore is open through a rough downhill way.

Red Beach, Santorini, Best Beaches in Santorini
Image Credits: Pixabay
  • Airport to Red Beach: 13 km / 8 miles | Port to Red Beach: 10.4 km / 6.4 miles | Fira to Red Beach: 11.2 km / 6.9 miles
  • Location: 12 km south west of Fira
  • Highlights– Pebbled, Organised

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4. White Beach

The white precipices that encompass this little beach make a powerful land scenery to your day at the shoreline. Swim in the quiet of the bay, or loosen up on a sunbed at this little cut of heaven. Besides a cavern container, there aren’t any restaurants or additional offices, so make certain to carry a few supplies with you. Situated close to Red Beach, you’ll need to jump on board a taxi boat to arrive.

  • Airport to White Beach: 15 km / 9.3 miles | Port to White Beach: 12.5 km / 7.7 miles | Fira to White Beach: 13.4 km / 8.3 miles
  • Location: 13.4 km south west of Fira
  • Highlights– Pebbled, Secluded, Nudism Friendly

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5. Koloumbos

Move away from everything, and embrace the harmony in the wild, regular magnificence on this extended length of the beach, 4km (2.5mi) from Oia. A genuine secret jewel concealed by little precipices, it’s a heaven for holidaymakers hoping to get away from the scams. No offices are given here, so come ready assuming you need to go through the day in this spot, which is just available via vehicle. Remember additionally that Koloumbos is a nudist-friendly sea beach.

  • Location: north-eastern edge of the Santorini island, east of Cape Koloumpos
  • Highlights– fine pebbles and black, coarse volcanic sand

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6. Exo Gialos

For a beach open by walking from Fira, make a shortcut to this little beach, just 2km (1.2mi) from town. On one or the other side of the port are two dark sand and stone beaches, where you can view Santorini’s brand-name rock arrangements. One side offers sunbeds, bars, and a fish eatery, while the other is almost immaculate – which means you can just turn up with your towel and umbrella to sunbathe or swim at your recreation on your Santorini travel packages from India.

  • Location: east of Fira city
  • Highlights– Pebbled, deep waters

7. Eros Beach

On the southern side of Santorini lies confined Eros Beach, encircled by amazing bluffs normally cut by the breeze. Float off under a straw umbrella, or take a reviving dive, away from the groups and corporate greed of a portion of the more touristy beaches on Santorini. Along the pebbly shore, an in-vogue seashore bar plays encompassing music and offers great mixed drinks and Greek espresso. This laid-back alternative, available via vehicle along a country road, merits the excursion.

  • Location: 9 km away from Fira
  • Highlights– pebbled, small, family-friendly

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8. Perivolos Beach

Perivolos beach is the augmentation of Perissa beach and it’s essential for the renowned long dark seashore of Santorini. It has some truly astonishing lavish lodgings however clearly without the renowned Santorini caldera sees, as they are on the beach.

  • Airport to Perivolos: 12.7 km / 7.8 miles | Port to Perivolos: 10.3 km / 6.4 miles | Fira to Perivolos: 11 km / 6.8 miles
  • Location: 11 km south of Fira
  • Highlights– Partly Organized, Sandy, Family Friendly, Water sports

9. Vlychada beach

Vlychada is a pleasant, coordinated beach on the southern side of Santorini. It has a little port where fishing boats and yachts moor in summer. The region is portrayed by two enormous chimney stacks. One is straightforwardly behind the beach and one is simply close by. These fireplaces have a place with a plant that is as of now not being used and the block structures are quite lovely to take a gander at.

  • Airport to Vlychada: 11.5 km / 7.1 miles | Port to Vlychada: 9 km / 5.5 miles | Fira to Vlychada: 10 km / 6.2 miles
  • Location: 10 km south of Fira
  • Highlights– Partly Organized, Sandy, Nudism Friendly

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10. Baxedes beach

Baxedes beach is a lоng dark sand/rock bеасh οn thе nоrth сοаst оf Sаntоrini and the expansion of Cape Columbo. It is found 3 кm аwаy frоm Oiа. The seashore is part of the way organized and sunbeds and umbrellas are accessible in one section. It is an ideal beach for an amazing experience and privacy. Note that the seashore can be blustery and wavy and ideal for surfing and kitesurfing. The water is shallow and it very well may be a decent decision if you have kids.

  • Location: 10 km north west of Fira
  • Highlights- Nudism Friendly, Secluded, Non Organised, Pebbled

11. Armeni Beach

The seashore is situated on the northwest portion of Santorini, just beneath the renowned town of Oia. It is a small pebbled beach. It is an ideal spot to move away from the bustling towns. A few restaurants are situated here. The seashore is available by dropping very nearly 300 stages by walking, or by boat. Armeni was the old port of Oia however today it isn’t greatly utilized besides by certain yachts.

  • Location:  Below the village of Oia
  • Highlights– Pebbled

12. Caldera beach

It is a small dark sand/stone beach situated on the north of Akrotiri, and extremely near Gialos seashore. Concerning Gialos, the beach offers stunning perspectives over the fountain of the volcano, the islands of Thirasia, and the roosted towns of Fira and Oia. The seashore is detached and ideal for relaxing with your Santorini Greece packages.

Caldera beach, Santorini, Best Beaches in Santorini
Image Credits: Pixabay
  • Location: 10 km south west of Fira
  • Highlights– Partly Organized, Secluded, Pebbled

13. Agios Georgios beach

It is a well-known dark sandy shore of Santorini. It is situated in the continuation of Perivolos beach, about 3.5 km away from Perissa. The beach draws in numerous guests as close by Perivolos seashore offers various offices, for example, umbrellas and sunbeds, lodgings, and bars that fit each spending plan. Guests can pick among varieties of exercises. Countless cafés and bars are assembled along the waterfront, covering all preferences. The seashore is a paradise for watersport fans, offering them a wide scope of water exercises to browse, including Jet-skiing, scuba-jumping, SUP, and banana rides.

  • Airport to Agios Georgios: 12.5 km / 7.7 miles | Port to Agios Georgios: 10 km / 6.2 miles | Fira to Agios Georgios: 11 km / 6.8 miles
  • Location: 11 km south east of Fira
  • Highlights- Partly Organized, Sandy, Water sports

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14. Cape Columbo beach

This is the most detached beach of Santorini, found 8.5 km from Fira, the island’s capital. While arriving at Columbo you can stop on the headland in two distinct positions and advance down through a narrow way. The noteworthy yet emotional scene will stun you. Encircled by a wild scene, Cape Columbo frequently gets breezy. Indeed, it is the breeze and the waves that have formated the wild shakes of Columbo.

  • Airport to Cape Columbo: 10.8 km / 6.7 miles | Port to Cape Columbo: 16.7 km / 10.3 miles | Fira to Cape Columbo: 8.5 km / 5.2 miles
  • Location: 8.5 km north east of Fira
  • Highlights– Pebbled, Secluded, Non Organised, Nudism Friendly

15. Monolithos Beach

There are a lot of exercises on the proposal on this pristine dark sand seashore. All things considered, it’s once in a while swarmed. As well as kitesurfing, ball, and volleyball, the beach has no lack of sunbeds and spots to get a conventional nibble or a Greek espresso. The quiet environment is family-orientated, and the shallow waters are ideal for rowing. Situated on Santorini’s eastern coast, Monolithos is open by transport or vehicle.

  • Airport to Monolithos: 2.2 km / 1.3 miles | Port to Monolithos: 11.2 km / 6.9 miles | Fira to Monolithos: 6 km / 3.7 miles
  • Location: 6 km east of Fira
  • Highlights- Pebbled, Secluded, Non Organised, Nudism Friendly

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