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Best budget honeymoon destinations in the world to visit in 2021

Got hitched recently in a big, fat wedding ceremony and the thought of planning the honeymoon within your budget is giving you jitters? A honeymoon, especially after the huge wedding expenses can be stressful. Not anymore! Listed below are our pick of budget honeymoon destinations to visit from India—which are economically viable, and gives you a great way to unwind after a hectic wedding.

Here are 7 best budget honeymoon destinations to visit in 2020

1. Langkawi Island, Malaysia

Budget honeymoon destinations in the world

Nothing can beat the feeling of getting a whole beach just for yourself and your partner, isn’t it? For those who think it isn’t possible, it definitely is possible in the Langkawi island in Malaysia. It is a cluster of 100+ islands, also called the ‘Jewel of Kedah’- there isn’t a better place than Langkawi to relax and get comfy with your partner.

Its Geopark has a UNESCO- protected status. The island has a thick forest cover and mangroves, and offer both day and night cruises to the Geopark. You can go island hopping, with the most famous of the islands being the Pulau Beras Basah and the Pulau Dayang Bunting. Langkawi also has a lot of beaches, the most popular one being the Pantai Cenang beach. The sands are warm and white and are fine as powder. What else is the best way to spend the honeymoon other than sitting on an isolated beach and sipping a cocktail in each others company?

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2. Bali, Indonesia

Budget honeymoon destinations in the world

Romantic beaches, interesting traditions and a rich history – Bali has it all. No wonder that the destination’s popularity is steadily increasing among honeymooners!

Stay at an amazing beachfront villa or one with a private pool and enjoy thrilling activities like parasailing, scuba diving and snorkelling. And if you’re not much of an adventurous person, opt for a sunset dinner cruise instead! A great option to start off the sightseeing would be the Uluwatu Sunset Tour from Kuta. Also, don’t forget to watch the famous Kecak Dance performed at this temple. 

Adrenaline junkies can go for white water rafting in the Ayung river, which is Bali’s longest. One can also indulge in interesting activities like enrolling in a cooking class or a jewellery-making class! Also, don’t forget to shop in traditional Balinese markets and stock up on their beautiful traditional handicrafts as souvenirs.

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3. Krabi, Thailand

Budget honeymoon destinations in the world

With over a hundred islands, Krabi is truly an exciting store of adventure, heritage and a beach destination all in one. Its pristine natural beauty makes it perfect for that super-romantic honeymoon with your besotted.

For those adventure seekers – there is an opportunity to keep the thirst alive even while honeymooning! You can go for rock climbing or white-water rafting at one of the many beaches at Krabi

Take the path less travelled, by canoeing through the waters of the Bor Thor National Park, and explore the natural colourful formations in the interiors of the Tham Klang caves as you discover some undiscovered gems in the country.

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4. Sentosa Island, Singapore

Budget honeymoon destinations in the world

Often referred to as Singapore’s Hawaii, Sentosa Island is a brilliant choice for a  romantic budget honeymoon. 

The Resorts World in Sentosa is an integrated resort and is probably the most popular attraction in the country. Because, It hosts few of the most famous attractions in the country within itself!

The SEA aquarium is the largest of its kind in the world. It is an amazing place with lots of transparent tunnels where you can see an amazing array of marine life, with over 10,000 different underwater organisms! The Adventure Cove Waterpark is also a great hit among tourists. It has adventurous water slides and coral reefs to snorkel among.

The Universal Studios in Singapore is a sure bucket list destination for almost every travel freak. There are different themed zones – like Madagascar, Shrek, and the Mummy! Each themed zone has its own attractions like shopping and restaurants and entertainment – all revolving around the theme. Also, don’t forget to visit the famed Sentosa Merlion!

5. Maldives

Budget honeymoon destinations in the world

The very mentioning of Maldives brings up images of a beautiful tropical holiday to the. How many of you knew that Maldives could be a great budget honeymoon destination?  Tucked away far south in the cobalt blue expanse of the Indian Ocean, honeymooning in Maldives is like living your own fairytale. Comprising of 1000+ islands of which almost 900 are deserted, there is a huge chance of getting beautiful and secluded moments just for yourself and your partner.

The ideal backdrop of warm, sun-kissed seashores, blue waters and a  thriving marine life weaves the story of your perfect honeymoon.The untrodden sands of the heavenly beaches look like they’re waiting to be walked upon. The clear blue sea is also perfect for trying out an exciting water sport. Also, apart from its breathtaking natural beauty, there are a lot of other places to check out. Located in the capital city of Male is the National Museum of Maldives which houses a lot of interesting archives and artefacts.

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6. Vietnam

Budget honeymoon destinations in the world

With spectacular cities, vibrant beaches and an amazing cuisine, there’s a lot of everything for everyone in Vietnam and makes for a great budget honeymoon destination also. In fact, there is enough to see and do for a couple to not get bored even on a century-long trip.

With thousands of kilometres of beautiful coastline, your fantasy of a romantic getaway with your partner on a beautiful beach will finally get fulfilled at Vietnam. But if you also want to take a plunge into its culture and heritage, the cities of Vietnam are the best bet.

Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam, and the best place to visit it is during Autumn-Winter. Wandering on Phan Dinh Phung’s sidewalk flooded with golden yellow leaves will literally sweep you off your feet, just like your soulmate did! Another interesting activity is exploring the ’36 old streets’ on a bike. These are the streets that still retain many of Hanoi’s ancient features and has a huge number of shops selling stuff ranging from traditional Vietnamese instruments to silk fabrics.

Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Ha Long Bay is a huge beach. Thousands of rock islands have created such a place, which is nothing less than a marvellous work of art! This is a suitable destination for young couples to enjoy romantic candlelight dinners, bathing in the blue water of the seas, or exploring and climbing the rocky mountains and caves. You can also do fun activities such as kayaking and squid fishing.

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7. Cambodia

Budget honeymoon destinations in the world

Another wonderful budget honeymoon destination, Cambodia is a place which will bewitch you with its historic architecture and wonderful traditions. It helps young couples escape the world and to enjoy their seclusion, all within their budget.

The ancient temple of Angkor Wat is probably the country’s landmark. It is now a UNESCO-protected world heritage site. The closest city to the Wat is the capital city of Siem Reap, which can be considered as a starting point to explore the temple complex.

The lake of Tonle Sap is Southeast Asia’s largest freshwater lake, where you can opt to go on a river cruise. – It is almost the Venice of Asia! The cruise also takes you through the Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary. The Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda in Phnom Penh is a relatively new site open to visitors and tourists.

And while at it, do not forget to indulge in delicious Khmer cuisine!

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