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10 Best Cities In Europe to Celebrate the Perfect New Year’s Eve

It’s almost time to bid goodbye to this year and look forward to welcoming a fresh new year full of hopes and new opportunities and what could be a better way to do so than by celebrating the New Year’s Eve at a lovely place surrounded by friends and family? Every New Year Eve calls for the final celebration of the year and it ought to be special. A lot of people go on vacations during this time to celebrate the Christmas and New Year together. If you are also planning a vacation this winter, we have good news for you! We have curated the list of the best cities in Europe to celebrate New Year’s Eve and trust me, they’re definitely worth visiting!


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1. City Hall Square-Vienna, Austria

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Witness the amazing transformation of Vienna’s old city centre into the city’s main party hub on the occasion of New Year’s Eve. The New Year’s Eve is celebrated with a lot of grandeur at the City Hall Square and hence Vienna is considered to be one of the best cities in Europe to celebrate New Year’s eve. The 12 hour-trail that takes place from 2 PM to 2 AM is decorated with lights and colourful balloons and ribbons. As the clock strikes 12 on the 31st of December, the entire sky sparkles with fireworks and sky lanterns. Thousands of people gather at the City Hall Square to spend the entire day to meet and greet friends and family accompanied by some lovely music and sumptuous food.

2. Imperial Forum- Rome, Italy

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One of the best cities in Europe to celebrate New Year’s Eve is Rome at the Imperial Forum. The last day of the year is celebrated here with much extravaganza. The entire Colosseum and its surroundings shimmer with lights and fireworks. With a themed celebration that brings back the vibes of 50’s and 60’s through the music, costumes and plays, this place is a much visit for everyone, especially for kids. There are clowns and a fun marching band who perform specifically for the little guests.

3. Skansen open-air museum, Stockholm, Sweden

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The New Year’s Eve celebration at Skansen Open Air Museum in Stockholm is so legendary that every local news channel in Sweden broadcast it. Definitely, one of the best cities in Europe to celebrate New Year’s eve. People from all around the world gather here to celebrate the last day of the year with lots of fun and laughter. Thousands of fireworks burst in the midnight sky and wakes the city up from a deep slumber. To add up to the grand celebration, food stalls, live performances, and craft exhibitions takes place all through the night.

4. Anywhere in London, England

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London is undoubtedly one of the best cities in Europe to celebrate New Year’s eve. Do you really need to look for a particular place? For a city so famous for its iconic architectures, affluent culture and elite lifestyle, the celebrations are normally grand. The entire city indulges in the celebration of New Year’s Eve with lots of preparations. The restaurants serve special food, the shops, the stores offer year-end discounts and the theatres run special shows and performances to bid goodbye to the current year. But if you want to see a night full of an extravaganza, head on to the New Year’s Eve celebration at river Thames to see more than 8000 performers from 20 different countries in action and enjoy a view of the sky full of stunning pyrotechnics.

5. Brandenburg Gate- Berlin, Germany

Berlin, easily is one of the best cities in Europe to celebrate New Year’s eve. The Brandenburg Gate’s New Year Eve celebration attracts millions of people worldwide. The entire location turns into a massive party on the last day of the year. With street shows, music, dance, and unlimited food and drinks, this place literally becomes a huge carnival for the locals and tourists alike. The entire stretch of road from Brandenburger gate to Victory column is decorated with multicoloured lights and the celebration continues till 3 in the morning.

6. Eiffel Tower-Paris, France

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The Eiffel Tower looks so ethereal and magnificent at night that it’s hard to differentiate between normal nights and New Year’s Eve. One of the best cities in Europe to celebrate New Year’s eve, what’s special about New Year’s in Paris is that on a New Year’s Eve there is the romantic dinner cruise on the Seine River and the constant fireworks display at night. The cruise sails slowly through the river while the guests enjoy a hearty dinner curated by top chefs of the world and watch a live orchestra performance. After the dinner, people gather for a ball dance to celebrate the last day of the year or enjoy the mesmerizing view of the beautiful city with a glass of champagne as the fireworks light up the night sky.

7. Princes Street- Edinburgh, Scotland

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One of the best cities in Europe to celebrate New Year’s eve is Edinburgh. Edinburgh’s biggest New Year’s Eve is celebrated at Princes Street every year for 2 days long. The special attraction of this celebration is the torchlight march where thousands of people gather for a huge procession. On the last day of the year, the street lights up with live music, huge screen for live telecast of the event and amazing fireworks burst in the sky behind the majestic Edinburgh castle which adds up to the beauty of the celebration.

8. Stradun-Dubrovnik, Croatia

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The Stradun is the main road in Dubrovnik where the main New Year’s Eve celebration takes place in Croatia. The celebration is a part of the Dubrovnik Winter Festival that takes place for a month from December to January. Performances of various bands and artists take place in front of the Church of St. Blaise. There is a Cake Party that takes place sometime in the evening and a race is also organized around noon. A lot of temporary food stalls and shops also open up on the sides of the lane along with the already existing ones to serve thousands of people who flock in there during the Dubrovnik Winter Festival, especially on the New Year’s Eve, making Dubrovnik one of the best cities in Europe to celebrate New Year’s eve.

9. Ibiza, Spain

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Ibiza is known as the party lover’s heaven. Although the island buzzes all around the year with plenty of nightclubs and bars where people flock into to party hard, the party scene during New Year’s Eve is always special with special performers and celebrities coming from different parts of the world to entertain you and the celebration continues up to 48 hours nonstop! If you really think you can party for 2 days at a stretch, head on to any of the buzzing nightclubs in Ibiza, which is definitely one of the best cities in Europe to celebrate New Year’s eve.

10. Madeira Islands

Madeira Islands
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The New Year’s Eve in Madeira Island is so famous that even the Guinness Book of World Records has documented it for its firework display. The entire island looks mystical with bright fireworks and décor that make it one of the best cities in Europe to celebrate New Year’s eve. The most beautiful view of all is the amphitheatre of Funchal which is decorated with thousands of lamps to celebrate the last day of the year. You will find a huge rush on the road with people dressing up crazy and dancing and singing to mark the end of another year.


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