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The Best Destinations for Explorer Families

Are you a family of explorers searching for your next big adventure? Then you’ve come to the right place.

While vacationing at all-inclusive resorts is fun, this might not appeal to families who would rather spend their holidays exploring instead of simply lounging by the beach. Thankfully, many destinations offer action-packed adventures for families who love to explore. From witnessing the Northern Lights in Iceland to seeing “The Big Five” in South Africa, here are some of the best destinations for families who want to get out and explore the world.


Iceland is incredibly family friendly. It’s the perfect destination for self-drive holidays, ideal for families who prefer freedom and flexibility. The country also boasts a wide range of family-friendly accommodations with child-friendly amenities.  

When planning a perfect family holiday to Iceland, there is an array of adventures that you can embark on together. But the easiest way to take the family around the country’s famous attractions is to book a self-driving tour, where you are in complete control of the pace of the journey and which places to see. You will have plenty of options for a self-drive holiday in Iceland. Consider hiring a 4×4 for more thrilling adventures.

When you hire a car from Keflavík for your self-drive Iceland tour, you can embark on a fun adventure with the entire family and even visit places outside the tourist trail. For instance, if you want to see the Northern Lights, you can drive to remote locations where you can marvel at the stunning lights with less distractions.


Stretching from the Pacific to the Atlantic and up to the North Pole, Canada is a massive country offering tons of opportunities for a fun, family holiday. From forests to mountains, beaches to parks, and glaciers to islands, Canada’s natural beauty is captivating and appeals to families who love to explore.

Begin your journey in the country’s southerly region of Ontario. Spend some time in Toronto and visit its most famous attraction, Niagara Falls, which straddles the border between the US and Canada. Take time to explore downtown Toronto and take your kids to the famous CN Tower, the Royal Ontario Museum, and Toronto Zoo. Venture into the maritime provinces, such as in the sleepy province of Nova Scotia, imposing New Brunswick, and the charming Prince Edward Island.

Go west, and discover the delights of British Columbia, a land of stunning wilderness surrounded by majestic fjords, mountains, and immense lakes. Venture inland and into the breathtaking Alberta and spend a few days discovering the Rockies, home to some of the world’s most beautiful national parks.


The tropical paradise of Hawaii is blessed with fascinating volcanic activity, majestic scenery, lush rainforests, and endless white-sand beaches. For families who love to explore, Hawaii is the perfect destination. While many places in Hawaii are ideal for families, nothing can beat the unique charm of Kauai, also known as the “Garden Isle.”

Kauai is a magical island full of adventures. It is a haven for families who love to explore, from zip-lining over mountains to scenic hikes over rivers and waterfalls. Although some areas are known as the wettest place on Earth, there’s more than enough sunshine in many parts of the island. Thus, you can still enjoy fun days out at the beach and other outdoor activities with kids.

Take your kids to explore the largest canyon in the Pacific, the Waimea Canyon. It’s carved out from rainfall and floods over centuries and is more than 16 km long, with depth of 3,500 ft. Book a helicopter tour for a more adventurous way of exploring the island. In fact, it’s the only way to see everything since some parts are inaccessible by land. Among the beautiful attractions you’ll see on your tour is the famous Na Pali coast, spanning 17 miles along the North Shore and boasting massive sea cliffs and stunning valleys. To make the most of your family holiday on Kauai, stay at the finest luxury Kauai beach houses on the island.


With stunning landscape scenery, secluded islands, atmospheric lochs, deep glens, and ancient castles, Scotland is a wonderful holiday destination with many things for families to explore. Here, you can explore the Scottish Highlands and Loch Ness or the bustling cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Start your exploration at the beautiful city of Edinburgh, home to beautiful castles and medieval streets lined with beautiful Victorian buildings. Check out the city of Glasgow as well, which has plenty of family-friendly attractions, including the Riverside Museum and Glasgow Science Centre. Aberdeen is also home to some incredible amusement parks. 

Cast off from the mainland and venture into some of the most beautiful Scottish islands. Islay is ideal for families for its eerie Singing Sands, sea kayaking adventures, and whale spotting trips. Arran offers plenty of fun activities for families who love adventures, gorge walking to mountain biking. Meanwhile, Skye is home to beautiful castles, and Orkneys is renowned for its beautiful beaches and Neolithic ruins.

South Africa

A family holiday in South Africa is diverse and exciting. It’s home to wild desert plains, incredible mountain ranges, stunning beaches, and bustling cities. Whether you prefer to explore safari parks or participate in some water sports activities, there’s something for every family here.

South Africa’s wildlife parks and game reserves such as the Kalahari National Park and Kruger are home to incredible wildlife species, including the “Big Five.” Families will have the wonderful opportunity to get up close and personal with elephants, buffalos, lions, rhinos, and leopards. Several standard game dives offer activities geared towards families with kids, giving everyone the chance to participate. 

Cape Town is an ideal stop for your family holiday. It’s where you can experience fun water sports activities, such as surfing and paddle boarding. The city is also home to fascinating museums and historical attractions. It’s also home to the country’s best restaurants, where you can sample the tastiest dishes in the region. Don’t worry if your little ones are picky eaters because many restaurants offer meals tailored to kids and will cater to special dietary restrictions.