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Flea Markets in Europe
Written by Shraddha Shevkari on June 29, 2021 Share on

10 Best Flea Markets in Europe to Buy the Best Souvenirs

Europe is the favourite destination for all. Whether it be romance in Paris or by the beaches in South Europe. Chocolates, Train rides and scenery comes first when we click ourself in Europe. But Shopping makes your feet more travel to the streets and markets.Hang your walls with beautiful paintings and ceramics,Wear branded accessories and many more while saving a lot of money. Here’s you can buy the best of Souvenirs from your Europe vacation.Stroll to the best Flea markets in Europe listed down:

10 Best Flea Markets in Europe

  • Munich giant Flea market -Theresienwiese
  • Braderie de lille Flea Market- Lille france
  • Portobello Road Market-London -England
  • Vrijmarkt-Amsterdam- Netherlands
  • Birkelunden flea market, Oslo – Norway
  • Paris Flea markets – France
  • El Rastro Flea market – Spain
  • Jeu de Balle market – Belguim
  • Fiera de ladra, Lisbon – Portugal
  • Milan Flea Market, Cormano – Italy

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1.Munich giant Flea market -Theresienwiese

Once in a year during opening weekend of Frühjahrsfest in munich ,This large market takes place. It’s the spring festival of Munich,Germany. this is the biggest flea market and iconic over years.It offers second hand porducts like Vintage cloths,militaries,jewellery, products from brands like Chanel,Dior,Louis Vitton and Dolce and Gabana etc. You can get these all goods at very low price. Do visit market at early morning.

Munich giant Flea market -Theresienwiese, Best Flea Markets in Europe
Image source: Unsplash

Timing: 1st Saturday of April 6AM to 4PM

Location: Theresienwiese, Munich- Germany.

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2.Braderie de lille Flea Market- Lille France

The Braderie de lille Flea Market is held at Lille in France.It is one of the biggest flea maret which accomodates millions of people at a single time. This market took place since 12th Century and Lilllois- foreigners selling the goods ad antiques. Nowadays the Market takes place at first Sunday in September. There are over 10000 sellers selling valuable treasures.The market opens at 8am in Saturday till dawn and ends at Sunday afternoon. While shopping , catch a sight of beautiful architecture on streets.

Braderie de Lille, Best Flea Markets in Europe
Image source: Unsplash

Location: Lille, Northern France.


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3.Portobello Road Market-London -England

Portobello market takes place at the notting hill in London, UK. it is the worlds largest antiques market. the market has over 1000 shops and tons of people around the world arrive here.The antiques of British are majorly displayed. Alos serve yourself the delicacies while shopping. Different types of Kitchen cutlery, Clothes and antique jewellery if well known of the market.

Portobello road market, Best Flea Markets in Europe
Image Source: Unsplash

Timings: The market opens on Wednesday 9AM-6PM ,Thursday 9AM -1PM and Saturday: 9AM -7PM

Location: Portobello road, London W11

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4.Vrijmarkt-Amsterdam- Netherlands

A Flea Market in the city centre at Amsterdam,Netherlands. It is the place where thousands of people sell there Second hand things on the streets and parks of Amsterdam. The one of the biggest flea markets in the world. This Market offers you many household things and is one of the best place to pick up and bargain things. Vrijmarkt also refers to the free market where it takes place on Koningsdag, a day where government allows sale of Goods on streets without VAT.

Vrijmarkt Amsterdam, Best Flea Markets in Europe
Image source: Unsplash

Timings: On April 27.

Location: City centre, Amsterdam-Netherlands.

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5.Birkelunden flea market, Oslo – Norway

Birkelunden which means the birch Grove in Norwegian is a flea market is located at Oslo the capital of NorwayThe is must visit place for a Vintage furniture lover from 50s and 60s furtniture. You can buy valuable treasures at very affordable and cheap prices. You can find Vintage clothing, jewellery, Ceramics and Antique furniture. Make your home a royal and vintage house with the best collections.

Birkelunden flea market Oslo-Norway, Best Flea Markets in Europe
Image source: Unsplash

Timings: Every Sunday 10AM-6PM

Location: Birkelunden Park, Grünerløkka- 0556 Oslo,Norway

6.Paris Flea markets – France

Paris the city for fashionholic as it has many things to offer you to shop. Fill your bags with whatever you want, Paris has everything to offer. The city has 3 markets.Les Pucas de Saint-Ouen. It is the biggest and the largest of all three. From European crockery to art and craft to stylish clothes It will offer you all your needs. It is the favourite past time of Parisians.

Paris flea market, Best Flea Markets in Europe
Image source: Unsplash

Timings: Every weekends 9 am-1 pm.

Location: Avenue de la Porte de Clignancourt, 18E , Paris.

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7. El Rastro Flea market – Spain

The market located in Plaza de Cascorro and its surrounding streets at Madrid.You can buy and sell the commodities while enjoying the place. El Rastro Flea market has a mixture of tradition and modernity ,Also known as the world’s renowed Flea Market. It is one of the oldest market of Spain.

El Rastro flea market Madrid, Best Flea Markets in Europe
Image source: Unsplash

Timings: Sundays and Public Holidays 9AM-3PM.

Location :Plaza de Cascorro 28005, Madrid, Spain.


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8.Jeu de Balle market – Belguim

Place Jeu de balle market is located in the capital city of Belgium.This market has several names like the old market and Marolles Flea market as well.It’s not only market but has beautiful atmosphere around. Many International tourists visit this place. You can find antiques ,crafts and many more.Find yourself bargaining here! There are more than 200 shops opened daily.On weekends stroll the rare items. Collect the best souvenirs from the market for a memorable Europe trip!

Jeu de Balle market-Belguim, Best Flea Markets in Europe
Image source: Unsplash

Timings:Opens daily Weekdays( 6AM -2PM) Weekends(6AM-3PM)

Location:Place de jeu de Balle, 1000, Brussels

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9.Fiera de ladra, Lisbon – Portugal

Fiera de Ladra is known as thief market is located at Lisbon. It is held twice in a week on Tuesday and Saturday.This market is one of the oldest in Lisbon.The name of market is dubious as Thief market but it is safest to visit.It has oldies, collections and many items at low price.

Fiera de ladra, lisbon, Best Flea Markets in Europe
Image source: Unsplash

Timing: Tuesday and Saturday 6AM -5PM

Location: Campo de Santa Clara,Alfama, Tram28, Lisbon-Portugal

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10. Milan Flea Market, Cormano – Italy

Bags almost filled with antiques and paintings. Head to the Capital of Fashion In Milan Flea market. Find rare jeweller , clothes, rare gems at Cormano Italy. This market is among the top flea markets in Europe. Cormano is well know for silk collections. Head to the market in early morning and. find a glance of silk collections for yourself.

Milan Flea Market, Best Flea Markets in Europe
Image source: Unsplash

Timings: Every Saturday 6AM -1PM

Location: 20032, Cormano, Milan Italy.

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