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Flea markets in New jersey
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Best Flea Markets in New Jersey

Flea markets are a huge draw due to its rich range of diverse items such as clothing, shoes, footwear, antiques and so on. They are readily available at a much lower cost in flea markets than the retailers give. So it’s entirely justified why people like to go to these periodic marketplaces. Not all places have such wonderful markets, but you’re likely to fall in love with flea markets in New Jersey. You’ll get it all right from art and craft and sophisticated gift items to delicious food and lively music.

As mentioned before the place has so many varieties in terms of the things that one could buy. Each one has it’s own uniqueness and also there are few things that one should check out before buying. We, in this article, take a look at the different flea markets in New Jersey that are famous among the travellers.

Top Flea Market in New Jersey

  • New Egypt Flea Market
  • Berlin Farmers Market
  • Columbus Farmers Market
  • Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market
  • New Meadowlands Market
  • English Town Auction

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1. New Egypt Flea Market

New Jersey is well renowned for its pristine beaches, blueberries and nice shopping malls. But when you’re in New Jersey, you need to visit the New Egypt Flea Market, one of the finest flea markets in Cream Ridge. The sale starts early in the morning at 7 a.m. both Wednesday and Sunday. This flea market hosts about fifty shops and stalls in total where you can find rare and vintage items to furnish your home. This is one of the best flea markets in New Jersey.

New Egypt Flea Market
Source: Pixabay

The New Egypt Flea Market Village & Auction was established in 1959 by Esler and Sandy Heller. This particular market is just like no other. It contains over forty ancient structures (shops) which are built in such a way that the climatic conditions don’t bother temperature inside – so that the artefacts retain their original charm. some of which are restored, including the original Second World War barracks, brought here from Fort Dix in the early 1970s, and also Bordentown’s original one-room school.

2. Berlin Farmers Market

The Berlin Farmers Market is yet another well-known flea market in the southeastern part of the county, a flea market family managed and controlled since 1940. The indoor market has a 150,000-square-foot indoor retail centre which operates over 85 shops with a range of options, from butcher which Amish baker to decor and clothes for the whole family. It’s available from Thursday to Saturday.

Berlin Farmers Market
Source: Pixabay

Berlin’s outdoor market opens from 8 a.m. Friday to Sunday. With almost 700 places for sellers, selling blooming plants, clothes, toys, collectables, and also providing space for family yard sales. Throughout April, they give free pictures of the Easter Bunny, but you can opt to pay for a quality portrait.

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3. Columbus Farmers Market

The Columbus Farmers Market Complex is by far the oldest and biggest flea market in the Delaware Valley. It has about 65 inside stores. The Columbus Farmers Market is situated on Route 206 in Columbus, New Jersey.  You name it and you’ll have it in the market.  New produce and fish, exquisite beef, tasty baked goods. Household and novelty objects, garments and accessories. Open-air Flea Market of fresh and used items. A lot of fantastic food sellers. Flowers, trees and ornaments of the greenhouse. 

Columbus Farmers Market
Source: Pexels

Columbus Antiques Mall has two new buildings full of antique shops and souvenirs. rJ&L Sheds and Furniture is another notable store where you have an excellent collection of Amish furniture, sheds and furniture. You could use it for a nice day out with lots to eat and watch. Or it’s a perfect way to get rid of unnecessary things without a lot of people in your home. This is one of the flea markets in New Jersey where you can expect a lot of crowds all the time.

4. Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market

Identified as One of the Finest Flea Markets in America” by the Huffington Post, the iconic Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market celebrates the long-lived love of punk rock and hardcore, DIY culture, the arts, tattoo, copious quantities of tea, regular gin, a well-done beer and a strong, well-designed quiff. Creator Joseph Kuzemka’s goal was to create an atmosphere in his hometown that is unlike any other, to put together vendors who concentrate on the above-mentioned themes.

Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market
Source: Pexels

While at the same time introducing a portion of gourmet fast food cuisine to a healthy, family-friendly store environment. It all began in 2013 when the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market emerged on the flea market in New Jersey as a modest marketplace hosting about 50 sellers and two food stalls. This is one of the best flea markets in New Jersey.

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5. New Meadowlands Market

The New Meadowlands Flea Market is situated in East Rutherford – on the Meadowlands sports centre in the centre of Bergen County. d The market was established in 1991 and the management has also been changed in recent times. The market opens every Saturday, special occasions and holiday. The market provides fresh fruit, carnival fare, free entertainment and sports. Entry and parking are free.

It’s quick to catch the Meadowlands Flea. It’s based at Route 3 and New Jersey toll road. There’s also a bus and rail line from New York City and Jersey. It’s a perfect day out option for anyone with a small budget. Apart from getting a bundle of entertainment, you’ll have everything you can dream of beginning with fresh veggies and fruit, home appliances, equipment, pet products, decors and more. The list of best flea markets in New Jersey won’t be complete without this one.

6. English Town Auction

The Englis town Farmer’s & Flea Market has also been part of NJ’s culture for 90 years. Considered as the best, this landmark was managed and controlled by the Sobechko family, now in its third generation. Today’s bargain seeker heaven dates back to 1929. Quickly emerging as a gathering place for farmers to purchase, share and sell cattle, farm machinery and goods. Nowadays, English town Farmer’s & Flea Market, the biggest of its kind, is the best spot to spend your weekends and find all your needs.

In order to make life easy for clients, there is a registry in the office of more than 300 vendors. If you’re searching for a specific thing, just let the main office staff know – they’ll most likely be able to steer you in the right direction. After a day of shopping, drink in the range of fast food delicacies, organic fruit and tasty baked goods.

These are not the only flea markets in New Jersey that one should visit, there are other markets as well. Get in touch with the destination experts from Pickyourtrail to get you next United states vacation Planned according to your needs. Check out our guides page or leave a Whatsapp inquiry for more options.

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