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Best Indian Travel Vloggers On Youtube – Get Set To Like, Comment, Share And Subscribe! ๐Ÿ””

Youtube is the second largest search engine on the planet and there is nothing as such which you couldn’t find out on youtube. Right from watching your favourite Bollywood songs to learning a new skill, youtube has it all. In other words, the birth of this incredible platform has given a whole new life to many of them. All you need to have is a mobile with a proper internet connection. YouTubers have the power to take you into their own world with their super cool content, right? And so does these 10 amazing Indian travel vloggers who have taken us all on a virtual tour for free when we were actually craving for a real one! If you have been missing travelling all these months due to Covid -19 or looking for some inspiration to travel? Well, if yes, we got you covered! Here are the best Indian travel vloggers on Youtube 2021 who are all set to give you the much-needed travel vibes.`

Also, get ready for a virtual tour!

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Best Indian Travel Vloggers On Youtube 2021

  • Mountain Trekker
  • DesiGirl Traveller
  • Visa2explore
  • Tanya Khanijow
  • Footloose Dev
  • Verily Vagabonding
  • Ronnie & Barty
  • Kritika Goel
  • MSK
  • The Indian Travel Diaries!

1. Mountain Trekker

Varun Vagish is the spell behind the Mountain Trekker youtube channel. We all would have come across the thought of quitting our job at least once to follow our dreams, right? But Varun Vagish is someone who has done it for real! He is an ex-journalist, radio newsreader, PhD holder in mass communication and now he is a full-time vlogger who inspires people to travel to several destinations. The interesting part about his videos is that he provides every such information a traveller would be needing for which gives much clarity for the audiences. And guess what, all over these years, he has managed to get 1 million subscribers and has also been awarded the prestigious National Award by the Government of India for the promotion of tourism.

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Joined youtube in August 21, 2007

2. DesiGirl Traveller

We all must have heard about Wonder Woman and here is a real Wonder Woman, Priyanka Chandola. Her journey right from a software engineer to a YouTuber is definitely inspiring! Priyanka Chandola was raised in a small town in India and always had that strive in her to break the barrier which girls are being taught in India for ages and ages. And yes, she did break the barrier and now she is a Desi Girl by wearing multiple hats such as a full-time traveller, content creator, filmmaker, photographer and time-to-time motivational speaker. Her life story is as inspiring as her youtube videos and it never makes you take your eyes off.

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Joined youtube in May 25, 2017

3. Visa2explore

The third YouTuber to take place in the list of best Indian travel vloggers on youtube 2021 is Visa2explore. So, the man behind this 1 million subscriber channel is Harish Bali! No matter where we travel, we always wanted to taste the best available food of that place, right? Okay, hold on to your excitement! So, that’s what exactly our Harish Bali do. He is an avid traveller and a foodie, all of his videos would cover the topmost highlights of the place which includes must-see attractions, must-know information and of course must-try food! Food+Travel = Visa2explore, if you are someone who loves both of these, then make sure to hit the subscribe button!

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Joined youtube in January 10, 2017

4. Tanya Khanijow

As soon as you check out her youtube channel, I am sure you will be full of AWEEEE! Right from her recent Kerala road trip series to the 2018 USA vlogs, this young lady has covered the best of all for her audiences. Tanya Khanijow ended up quitting her job at the start of 2018 to follow her passion for travelling. And yes, she has proved that the decision taken was the right one. Through the wonders of the internet, she decided to turn her passion to travel into travel vlogs to inspire every individual men and woman to celebrate life by exploring the most beautiful places on earth!

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Joined youtube on October 7, 2012

5. Footloose Dev

Dev, a Delhi based guy quit his job in 2015 and started to become a full-time traveller. Initially, Dev was completely into blogging and one day he decided to change from backpacking to bike-packing. And, that’s when Dev changed into Footloose Dev. The channel name itself is quite catchy and has managed to bring in a bunch of subscribers with his amazing vlogs. People who already follow him might have known how amazing his motorbiking journey is and it’s never too late to follow him! In addition, Dev is also India’s most adventurous moto-vlogger who have managed to cover more than 30 countries and have worked across more than 50 brand partnerships. Totally cool, huh?

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Joined youtube on January 5, 2014

6. Verily Vagabonding

The next travel vlogger channel we are about to cover on our list of best Indian travel vloggers on youtube 2021 is Verily Vagabonding. The beautiful face on the screen is Vanisha who is a youtube vlogger, adventurer, storyteller and a modern-day vagabond. Her motto is to travel around the world and to spread kindness. Isn’t that simply amazing? Also, she mentions that she is on her journey to find out more about life. So, if you are someone who would love to look at travel series, budget hacks, special food, and budget ideas, I am sure you can subscribe to her channel and you definitely won’t be disappointed. In addition, her channel has also been featured as one of the Top 30 Indian Travel Youtube Channels to be Followed in 2020. Missed following her in 2020? Well, never miss it again in 2021.

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Joined youtube on September 8, 2018

7. Ronnie & Barty

Ronnie and Barty, basically known as Rohan Thakur & Bharati Bahrani are here to give you some major couple goals!
The filmmaking duo has spent almost 8 solid years in the mainstream film and television industry in Mumbai and then decided to move to Manali to cover the most untouched areas of the Himalaya region. It’s a journey from Mumbai to Manali full of dreams! The most exciting thing about their youtube channel is the way the visuals are being captured. The fascinating storytelling and the mindblowing cinematography will make you feel as if you are right there in the place. And that’s the real success behind this amazing couple youtube channel. W-O-W moments guaranteed!

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Joined youtube on July 6, 2010

8. Kritika Goel

Kritika Goel was born and brought up in Vellore, Chennai. She is someone who wanted to live a life of freedom by travelling around to different places. Also, she has a promising timeline to deliver at least one video in a week and you may find a lot of interesting videos about travel, lifestyle, food, time management and some chill thrill vlogs. As soon as you check out her youtube channel, I am sure you will run out of words to describe the beautiful coverage of her videos. So, never miss to check out her videos.

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9. MSK

MSK, now that means Mohammed Salim Khan! He lives in Mumbai and never fails to engage with his audience via videos related to travel, bikes and lifestyle. Also, he has been awarded as the TEDx Speaker Vlogger of the Year in 2020. He has also worked with brands such as Hyundai, Philips India, Samsung, Wrangler and many more. His videos have the much-needed fun element included which makes them more interesting and if you are someone who is crazy about bikes or bike rides, you are definitely going to fall in love with his channel. In addition, Mohammed Salim Khan also mentions that according to him he has 5 interesting elements which are important to travel vloggers which are camera, sound, light, content and editing!

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Joined youtube September 17, 2014

10. The Indian Travel Diaries !

The final one in the list of best Indian travel vloggers on youtube 2021 is The Indian Travel Diaries! This youtube channel is managed by Shatabdi and Arijit who came up with a mission to take you through the most breathtaking places, to teach you more about the culture & tradition of that place and to cover the highlights which makes your job easier while you plan your travel for that particular place. In addition, The Indian Travel Diaries always adds a traditional touch to their videos which makes them unique.

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Joined youtube on May 4, 2016

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Wasn’t that a perfect visual treat to vibe your soul? Also, I am sure you must have found your favourites among the 10 best Indian travel vloggers on youtube 2021, right? Now that you had a perfect visual travel treat and are motivated for a vacation, get set to experience all these for real. Hold on to the same excitement and check on the Pickyourtrail website for some cool International Tour Packages and launch your own travel vlog!

It’s time to follow your dream for travel!

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