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Paris Street Art
Written by Sairam on September 26, 2020 Share on

Best Places To Find Street Art In Paris – For The Art Lover In You

During February 2016, the Paris City Hall had then announced that a chunk of their budget that the public gets to spend before 2020, was allocated to creating art around the City of Paris. It was also called the Budget Participatif. The Paris City Hall had then allocated a sum of 500 million euros to be spent on creating street art walls or murs d’expression on all of the 20 arrondissements of Paris City. A couple of the commissioned projects by La Place which was a Paris Hip Hop Culture Centre had already been completed. The rest were in progress of being completed. Some of them have become the Best Places To Find Street Art In Paris.

Read along as we explore the street art culture in Paris City by looking at some of the most beautiful urban canvasses to have been created in the city.

Rue Saint-Maur

The 10th and 11th arrondissements in Paris city is a 2km long stretch where you can find various street artworks of Paris. It is an area which is ripe for artistic expression and eye-grabbing artwork. As you walk down the pavement, keep an eye out for the walls portraying various classical Parisian street artwork. Some of the ones you will find are The tilework inspired by the invaders video game, Portraits done by Shepard Fairey in black and white. At an intersection of the street Rue Oberkampf, which is yet another street you will read about in this list, you will find the recent work of the artist Kashink. Kashink is one of Paris’s most notable street artist with a strong feminist voice and expression through her works. Her work echo the nuance of Frida Kahlo. That instantly gives you a colour palette in mind right! It is one of the Best Places To Find Street Art In Paris.

Rue Saint-Maur
Photo by Touzeey on Unsplash

Rue Oberkampf

Rue Oberkampf is yet another street of off the 11th arrondissement in Paris which is famous for its street art and a lively night out vibe. If both of them combined is what you are looking for, this is a great place to head to. Over here art has been constantly popping up in silvers, be it in buildings, metal shutters and street furniture etc. As you walk down Rue Oberkampf you are sure to spot the new work called Le Mur. It is a dedicated, an association coordinated wall that has over 250 incarnations of art pieces. A new artist is invited to transform the wall every few weeks and the art performances usually attract a large crowd every time there is a change.

Rue Oberkampf
Photo by Mat Reding on Unsplash

Rue Germaine Tailleferre

The Rue Germaine Tailleferre is a relatively new road in the history of Paris, being built just around in 1999. It runs parallel to the canal on the 19th and into the Parc de la Villette. The Rue Germaine Tailleferre has a continuous stretch of wall of 700 metres which as street art created by some of the most famous artist’s in the region. One particular summer, the entire expanse of the 700 metre was taken over by a masterpiece in blue by Marko93 aka DarkVapor the artist. He is a native of the Saint Denise region and in the recent years he has become equally renowned for his explorations in Photographic techniques of light painting.

Rue Laurence Savart

The Rue Laurence Savart is a narrow cobble webbed street that has been impenetrable even for the prying eyes of google maps. This narrow alleyway has been long popular with street artists right from the year 1947 and is one of the Best Places To Find Street Art In Paris. A photograph of a man carrying a windowpane on the slope taken by award-winning photographer Willy Ronis was auctioned off for a whopping price of 1200 Euros. Today the Rue Laurence Savart has developed a reputation for its impressive collection of street art. Some of the most notable works include that of Mosko et associés which was a two-man collective project for creating a unique urban zoo for Paris.

Rue Laurence Savart
Photo by Tetiana Shevereva on Unsplash

Boulevard de la Villette

The second of the projects that were completed for the budget participatif funds was this massive fresco overlooking the community garden on the Boulevard de la Villette. It was created by the artist Lazoo in the year 2016. Lazoo was born in the year 1969 in Paris and has worked his way through many international exhibits, including the ones at Germany, Japan, united states, South Africa along with a host of other countries. The first of the murs d’expression commissioned by the Paris City hall was completed by the artist 2Shy and is located at the 58 rue Chapon street in the 3rd arrondissement.

Rue des Cascades

The Rue des Cascades is one of the most beautiful streets in the 20th arrondissement in Paris. The Rue des Cascades is popularly known as the Road of the waterfalls. Recently Rue des Cascades has acquired various works of street art for display. The most prominent ones are the Van Gogh inspired mural by Jimmy.C aka James Cochran which arrived in July of 2016. The Australian artist is currently based out of London. His other popular works include The portrait of Usain Bolt which was a key image during the 2012 London Olympics, his 2016 painting of David Bowie in Brixton. Incidentally the site became an unofficial mourning spot after the legendary singer’s death.

Rue de l’Elysée Ménilmontant and Rue Julien Lacroix

The Rue de l’Elysée Ménilmontant and Rue Julien Lacroix are located in the crossroads of 20th arrondissement of Paris. There is an enormous yet meticulously detailed mural by No Rules Corp, a truly magnificent piece of art. The collective includes street artists, painters, videographers, musicians etc. It was formed in Lyon in the year 2005. EvazéSir is the graffiti component of the collective which is responsible for the distinctive artworks that can be found in the Best Places To Find Street Art In Paris.

Rue de l'Elysée Ménilmontant and Rue Julien Lacroix
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Some of the other famous locations to check out street art in Paris are Rue de l’Ourcq, Rue Ordener, Rue Riquet etc. The city of Paris has always been welcoming and accommodating of street art and its artists.

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