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Kochi Diaries: Best places to see in Fort Kochi

Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kerala, Kochi has some exciting places to see. Aptly named as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, the city truly lives up to its name. Apart from being one of the most happening cities in the state, Kochi has a great history. And, Fort Kochi is still preserving the Jewish, Dutch and Portuguese remains and culture. Thus, walking through the streets will give you a totally different vibe. Moreover being one of the main trading points during the colonial times, it is drenched in its European culture and history. The streets are perfect to explore on foot, so why are you waiting? Get packing to Kochi and explore it in your own way. Thus, we bring you the best places to see in Fort Kochi.

Best Places to see in Fort Kochi

1. Jew Town

This is one of the main attractions in Fort Kochi. Because of the Jewish settlement in the 1950s, this area near Mattancherry became the Jewish Town. The streets are full of antique stores with handicrafts, paintings and other artworks. Also, the buildings have a unique feel to it and the streets are normally full of tourists, which is mainly because of the cultural and historical importance.

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2. Paradesi Synagogue

Located in the Jewish Town, this is one of the oldest Synagogues in the world. This was rebuilt by the Dutch in the 1960s, after the damages done to it by the Portuguese. Also known as the Jew Synagogue, this is an excellent example of Jewish architecture. There are a large collection of antiques, stunning flooring designs, wooden carved arks and painted glasses etc. The Synagogue is one of the most visited places in Fort Kochi and an important historical monument. Make sure to remove your shoes before entering, and soak in the cultural relevance of this building. The Synagogue is one of the best places to see in Fort Kochi which should not be missed.

Paradesi Synagogue
Image Source: Google Images

3. Fort Kochi Beach

The long walkway of the Fort Kochi beach is always full of people and vendors selling snacks and other street food. You can spot so many big and small boats in the tranquil waters as the light breeze gently flows past you. Also, this is the place for your perfect evenings to watch a satisfying sunset. This is a must-see place in Fort Kochi, and it comes alive during New Year’s time with the Cochin Carnival. The carnival is one of the most exciting times to be in Kochi.

Fort Kochi Beach
Image Source: Google Images

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4. Chinese Fishing Nets

The picture of Chinese Fishing nets is a trademark of Kochi. It was brought by a Chinese Explorer and since then it plays a huge part as a tool in the fishing activities of the city. The nets are supported on a structure made of mainly bamboo and teak poles. Also, the operation of these nets are entirely different from normal fishing nets and takes around four to eight men to operate it. The line of fishing nets and the fishermen catching fish is a thing to see. These nets can be as tall as 20-25 meters and is simply a must-see thing while in Kochi, especially Fort Kochi.

Chinese Fishing Nets of Fort Kochi
Image Source: Google Images

5. Mattancherry

Mattancheryy is one of the best paces to see in Fort Kochi. The streets here are a beautiful mixture of colonial style buildings and recent trendy architecture. Also, this is where you will find the Mattanchery Palace or The Dutch Palace. This majestic building overlooking the backwaters have weapons and other equipment from the Royal Era. Furthermore, you will also find murals of Indian Epics and Kumarasambhavam. Though the palace is built in a Portugues style, the Kochi Rajas has given the palace a Kerala touch with native artworks and artefacts.

6. Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica

This Portuguese style Cathedral in Fort Kochi is an excellent reminder of the elegant architecture. The sheer grandeur and its towering structure is a great sight. Also, this is an active Christian Cathedral with regular Mass on Sundays and festivals on special occassions. The graceful white walls, painted interiors and ceiling surely make it a wonder.

Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica Fort Kochi
Image Source: Unsplash

7. Princess Street

Stroll around the Princess Street to capture a vibrant face of Fort Kochi. The street is lined with a choice of stores and restaurants. Mostly selling handicrafts, artworks and excellent food options, the street is full on entertainment. Another interesting thing to note is the buildings. The street is full of classic colonial style and modern style buildings as well. Moreover, they have bright coloured walls and with glass windows. This is a one of the best places to see in Fort Kochi to capture the essence of this small city. This place is also known as Loafer’s Corner.

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8. Kerala Folklore Theater and Museum

If you are a fan of traditional Kerala architecture, do not miss this museum. Since the purpose of the museum is to preserve Kerala’s folk and theater heritage, you will find all kind of different art forms here. Not only that, this is where you will find the ornaments and masks. Learn more about the ancient and traditional artforms and its rituals here. Starting from the entrance door to the tiles laid out, everything is traditional architecture. This is one of the best places to understand the value and different forms of folk and traditional arts of Kerala.

9. St. Francis Church

Being one of the oldest churches in India, the St Francis Church is a proud monument. Though it was built by Portuguese, the church was in the hands of the Dutch and the British after becoming a protected monument. You can see Gama’s gravestone here in the church premises. The building is immaculate and eye catching, also keeping its aesthetic feel. You will also find a cenotaph raised in the memory of the soldiers from Kochi who died in the first world war.

St Francis Church Fort Kochi
Image Source: Google Images

10. Jewish Cemetery

As one of the oldest cemeteries in the country, the Jeweish cemetery is must see place in Fort Kochi. Located near to St. Francis Church, the cemetery is full of granite tombstones of different shape and designs. Contrary to normal Christian Cemetery these are completely different and unique.

Jewish Cemetery Fort Kochi
Image Source: Google Images

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Fort Kochi has its own history and culture and moreover its own stories to tell. A visit to this beautiful little place is a must, also make sure you dont miss out on the best places to see in Fort Kochi. Start planning your vacation with Pickyourtrail and check out Kerala Packages. Also download the Pickyourtrail App which is your ultimate travel information buddy. Reach out our travel experts through Whatsapp as well and let us help you craft your dream vacation.

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