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Best places to visit Cork for free-The best of Ireland

Cork is the second city of Ireland. The city has rich history and heritage with beautiful architectural delights throughout the city. If you love history and nature then cork is the best place to visit and many of the places are free to visit. Cork is the best place for nightlife,pubs, foodie trucks, the picturesque streets and more. But explore the city out of this and try the beautiful landscapes and historical forts and castles without spending a penny to visit these places.

Here’s the list of Free places to visit in cork .

  1. Visit Crawford art gallery
  2. Visit the Liscarroll donkey park
  3. THE english market
  4. Macroom castle
  5. Saint Fin Barry’s castle
  6. Triksel Gallery space
  7. Fitzgerald park
  8. Elizabeth fort
  9. The shandon bell tower
  10. The Lough lake

1.Visit Crawford art galllery

The free visit to the most beautifull collection of art. The gallery offers wide collection exhibitions. It has Irelands adn european paintings 4000 collections from 18th century .The gallery also has 19 and 20th century Irish art collection. It also attracts the sculptures of Greek and Romans from 1818 brought from the Vatican museum in Rome to Cork.

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2.Visit the Liscarroll Donkey park

Fall in love with the donkeys and mules at Donkey sanctuary in Liscarroll. They live there The park is opened everyday and the best thing is you wont spend a penny to experience the beauty. Parking is free for all. The donkeys and mules were rescued and now are taken care at the sanctuary.

Donkey park
Image source: Unsplash

3.Rome at English market

The market located in the heart of city, opened since 1788 . Visitors experience the selling tales of the vendors. It is also a set of Irish comedy-the young offenders. You can stroll various items like organic cheese, pasta, sausages and different types of chocolates. The place to try different snacks as well!

English market
Image source: Deposit photos

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4.Macroom castle

Macroom castel is the home to William Penn (Father of the founder of Pennsylvania U.S.A). The castle was burnt four times and then demolished. Parts of the castle are located in the heart of city centre . The gateway and tower is still visible you can also enjoy the riverway walks.

5.Saint Fin Barry’s castle

Saint fin Barry’s castle built in 1700 in gothic architecture has a three spire cathedral steeped in marble walls and stained glass windows makes the cathedral more attracted. visiting inside is not free but you can visit the three spire cathedral and learn its history free.

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6.Triksel Gallery space

Located at the Triskley arts centre.The art centre is a great place for the art lovers. Triksel gallery space is located at the first floor . The gallery is always free of charge as public can enjoy the arts culture. The main mission of Triksel is to promote and present professional and contemporary art in Cork.

7.Elizabeth fort:

The Elizabeth fort was built in 16th century to defend the cork city.It was rebuilt after Demolishing in 1620s. The fort is star shaped. Catch the sight of the Shandon bell tower and Saint fin bar’s cathedral from inside. The walls of fort offer amazing views of cork city.

8.Fitzgerald park

A very good picnic spot in Ireland. The park located at the banks of river Lee and the city Centre. Find peace and the inner yourself in silence of the park. youcan also stroll to the Shakey bridge also known as the Dale’s bridge.

Fitzgerald park
Image source: Unsplash

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9.The Shandon bell tower

Take the panoramic view of the city by climbing 132steps of the Shandon bell tower. You can ring the bell at the top and spot all the places you want. Click as many pictures of the city with the 360 view. This is a must visit place!

Cork city view from shandon Bell tower
Imagesource : Pixabay

10.The Lough lake

Experience The fresh water limestone lake situated at the south-west of the city.This lake if popular for the coarse angling.In the 1 km loop you can spot ducks swimming on the lake and beautiful swans. The island in the centre of the lake attracts nature lovers to spot birds, species and wildlife.

the lough lake
Image source: Pixabay

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