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Best places to visit in Lepchajagat

By Nigilesh - July 22, 2020
Places to visit in Lepchajagat

Lepchajagat is a small village located in wilderness at an altitude of 6,956 ft (i.e. 2123 meters) and only 19kms away from Darjeeling hill town. Although it’s quite close to Darjeeling’s main hub and takes only about 45 minutes by taxi, it has a world of its own.  If you are a nature lover or looking for a romantic stay for a couple of days, make sure to go through the list of best places to visit in Lepchajagat.

As the name suggests, it once used to be a hamlet of the Lepcha tribes. The word ‘Jagat’ actually means “The World’, so it was the world of the Lepchas. Subsequently, the area was taken over by the West Bengal Forest Development Corporation (WBFDC) and it is now a reserved forest area.

How to reach Lepchajagat?

 You can get pre-paid taxis from NJP or Bagdogra for Lepchajagat. It takes about 2.5 hours to reach from NJP/Bagdogra (by the normal route – Hill Cart Road via Ghoom).  Alternatively, you will also get shared jeeps from NJP or Siliguri towards Darjeeling, you need to get off at Ghum. From there take another shared jeep which will drop you near the lodge at the main road.   

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From Darjeeling (Chowk Bazaar stand), there are shared jeeps available which pass by the main road as well. If you do not get a directly shared taxi from Darjeeling, you can come up to Ghum and change to another one. Most private homestays including Kanchan Kanya are located by the roadside, so there won’t be any walk involved. 

Best time to Visit

October to April is a great time to enjoy nature in Lepchajagat. However, note that nights and early mornings in winter can be very cold. Avoid monsoon (June – September) as it can rain almost anytime and the trails won’t be suitable for treks or walks. 

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Places to visit in Lepchajagat:

  • Jorpokhri
  • Ghum Monastery
  • Mirik
  • Manebhanjan
  • Pashupati Market

1. Jorpokhri

The small village in Darjeeling district is Jorpokhri on a top of a hill. It is approximately 19 km from Darjeeling City and is accessible from the Mirik route. Situated at a height of 7,400 feet, Jorpokhi’s biggest feature is its twin lakes which are named after it. “Jor” means two and “Pokhri” is the water tank or pool. In the middle of the tank is an immense sculpture of a snake and a fountain.

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But, Jorpokhri isn’t all about the lakes. A lovely woodland of Dhupi and pines is nearby. Only go around and enjoy the peaceful serenity of the Himalayas. Jorpokri forest is a nature reserve and a part of Senchal forest. The uncommon Himalayan Salamander, which is small lazaret amphibians, can be found in the water tanks. We were once deemed completely extinct and washed out from the earth’s atmosphere. You have a great chance to see these little animals during the rainy season. This surely will be the top of the best places to visit in Lepchajagat.

2. The Old Ghoom Monastery

Ghoom Yiga Choeling is one of the oldest Buddhistic monasteries in the Tibetan region founded in 1850 in the Darjeeling district. The founding of ancient Monastery of Ghoom. If you schedule a trip to the original monastery of Ghoom, be precise and name old monastery of Ghoom. Ghoom is situated at an altitude of about 7,407 ft about 7 km from Darjeeling City. (or 2,226 m).

The Old Ghoom Monastery
Source: Google Images

The monastery is part of the Yellow Hat sect of Gelupka. The 15 meter model of the Lord Buddha, killed as The Maitreya Buddha or the Gyalwa Shampa, indicates the Buddha of the future and the coming Buddha, is one of the main attractions of the monastery. It is one of Buddha ‘s largest and most sacred sculptures in Darjeeling. This bust was made of clay, much of which was obtained from Tibet. There are 2 massive oil lamps in front of the Buddha statue that continue to burn all the time during the year.

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3. Darjeeling To Mirik – A Day Trip

Mirik is in Darjeeling District, a remote, quiet hill town, 49 kilometres from the centre of Darjeeling. The ride to Mirik from Darjeeling takes approximately two and a half hours. From Ghum, a busy hill town 11 km from Ghum goes to Sukhiapokhri. The path goes via lush tea gardens and stunning mountain scenery to Mirik. And how will this day trip feel like? It’s a stunning picturesque drive through hill-side tea-gardens. You will travel through the popular Goodricke Thurbo Tea Estate and many others such as Gopaldhara.

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By the way, you’ll see several orange gardens as well. If you get to a reserved car early, you can get to a lovely spot – Jorpokhri, within two kilometres, driving up the road from Sukhiapokhri. This tiny hilltop location is surrounded by twin lakes, woodland and offers beautiful views of Kanchenjunga. It is where you’ll see the unusual Lizard-like species-the once presumed extinct Himalayan Salamander. Place yourself across the lakes and woods for about 45 minutes at the Jorpokhri. Upon your way back from Mirik, you can also see Jorpokhri.

4. Manebhanjan

Manebhanjan is a mountain town about 26kms from Darjeeling, approximately 92kms from Siliguri and at an elevation of 7,054 feet (2,150 m) on the border between India and Nepal. In Nepal, Bhanjayang is Crossing, and Mane is Buddhist Stupas. The word Manebhanjan thus means the Stupas intersection.

This is the starting point of the famous Sandakphu Trek. Trekking and tourism are the core industry. From here to nearby places, including Sandakphu and the Singalila National Park, there are frequent jeep safaris. The old four-wheel-drive Land Rovers, which was once used by British citizens, is still to be found in Manebhanjan.

5. Pashupati Market

The market is located on the Indo-Nepal border and only Indians are given access to the market on producing valid ID proofs. The market is well-known for foreign goods at throwaway prices, a word of caution – beware of counterfeits and products made in China. After all that, this sure is one of the best places to visit in Lepchajagat.

Though there aren’t too many experiences to offer, the few ones that you see on this list are the best ones in Lepchajagat. Get your vacation plan customized according to your needs. Get in touch with the destination experts from Pickyourtrail to tailor your next West Bengal vacation. Check out our guides page to get more info on the destination or leave a Whatsapp inquiry for more options.

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