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Best Places to Visit in McLeodganj
Written by Rahul on June 3, 2020 Share on

Best Places to Visit in McLeod Ganj – Be prepared while visiting this gem.

One of the universally known facts is that India is a country that has everything filled with beautiful places. Let it be from lush plains, snowy mountain peaks, Dry desert regions and even fresh rainforests. These places just magnify the beauty of the Indian subcontinent. One such places that show its true beauty in Himachal Pradesh. This is one tourist destination which has the ice-capped peaks. The mountain ranges found there are just gorgeous and magnificent. At least once in your lifetime, you should visit this beautiful place. Other than the magnificent mountain ranges, It is rich in its flora and fauna. There is the beautiful snow leopard that is present there in the western Himalayan Habitat. Also with this, there is the Himalayan Yak, Himalayan black bear, Western Tragopan and many more. In this wonderland let us have a look at the best places to visit in McLeod Ganj.

The View of Himalayas , one of the Best  in McLeod Ganj
Image Credits: avalok sastri from Pixabay

McLeod Ganj

Known to many travellers as the ‘Little Lhasa’, Mc Leod Ganj is a place which has the perfect blend of both the Indian and Tibetian culture. The vibrant culture, idyllic landscapes, picture-worthy hiking trails and soothing water conditions make this a must-visit place. It is one of the best places that actually glorifies the beauty of Himachal Pradesh. McLeod Ganj is a suburb of Dharamshala, located in the Kangra District. But the Mc Leod is not just about the hiking spots. There is the much famous Lake Dal in which you can walk, fly-drive and do many more. Let us have a look at some of the most interesting facts about this place.

McLeod Ganj in Himachal Pradesh
Image Credits: Mohd Danish Hussain on Unsplash

Interesting Facts:

This famous and beautiful place has lots to offer to the tourists. You will get the most Picture perfect moment here, at several places. At a natural marvel like this place, there are loads of things that just amuse the travellers. So here are some interesting facts about this place.

  • This beautiful place is the home of the Tibetian religious leader Dalai Lama. This is one of the reasons for this place to be very famous among international travellers.
  • The McLeod Ganj is known to be the upper Dharamshala. The other name of this place is ‘Little Lhasa’. This is because of the larger Tibetian population of the place.
  • Named after the Lieutenant Governor of Punjab, David McLeod, McLeod Ganj was a place where the Britishers would spend their summers at.
  • This is a Multiethnic place which has influences of Tibetian, British and Indian Culture. Out of these, The Tibet and the British culture Dominates the population.
  • This is one of the go-to places for picturesque hiking spots.

Best Places to Visit in McLeod Ganj

Masroor Temple:

This Masroor temple is an 8th century architectural Hindu temple. This is a North Indian Nagra style architecture that we see in this temple. Include this temple as a part of your McLeod Itinerary plan as the art and architecture will truly baffle you. This is one of the best places to visit in McLeod Ganj. Inside the temple complex, you will see masterpiece arts and monolith rock carvings.

Timings: 6 AM – 6 PM
Best time to Visit: March (Shivarathiri)
Entrance fee: 25 INR per person.

Masroor Temple
Image Credits: Google Images

Triund (Crown Jewel of Dharamshala)

One of the most places to visit in McLeod Ganj, the Triund is the Crown Jewel of Dharamshala. This is one of the most visited and most popular tourist places in McLeod Ganj. The way in between the McLeod to Triund presents you with some very scenic locations and rocky places. Travellers should enjoy the night camp under the starlit sky to understand the real beauty of nature. The Triund trek is one of the most popular activities to be done in this place.

Timings: 24/7 open for Public
Best time: May and June.
Entrance fee: Free

Triund in himachal Pradesh (Best places to visit in McLeod Gunj)
Image Credits: Ankur Sarma from Pixabay

Bhagsu Falls

This waterfall looks as though heaven is pouring water into the earth. It looks very pleasant and the place also looks like a paradise on Earth. The lush green surroundings, the scenery just soothes the naked eye of the human. Located in the Bhagsu village, this is one of the best activities in McLeod Ganj. You should definitely add this to your Himachal Pradesh Itinerary. You can also try some of the most delicious food at the cafes nearby the fall.

Timings: 24/7 service
Best time: March – June
Entrance Ticket:

Bhagsu Falls
Image Credits: Google Images

Nechung Monastery

Forming a major part of the itinerary for your McLeod Ganj tourism, it is one place that is never to be missed. The warm-hearted hospitality that you get in this monetary will just make you speechless. It has its counterpart in Tibet. One major attraction of the Hill station, This monastery is well known for its tranquil environment. The awe-inspiring view of the Dhaulandar ranges is one of the most notable section about this place. One should visit this place to know what this place is really about.

Timings: 7 AM – 6 PM
Best Time: October to February
Entrance Ticket: N/A

Nechung Monastery
Image Credits: Google Images

Indrahar Pass

If you area fan of offbeat places for trekking, this is the best place to do it. The Indrahar Pass offers the tourists an amazing place to go trek. Some of the amazing trekking locations are there in this place. Situated in the Altitude of 4,342 feet, Some of the most splendid views are there here. Nature lovers will explore this place inside out as this has lots to offer for its tourists. The Indrahar gives you one of the splendid views of the Himalayan ranges and also the floral decorativeness of its neighbouring mountains. This is one place you should never take off your list while you are planing your Himachal Pradesh itinerary.

Time: 24/7 open
Entrance fee: Free
Best time: May and June

Indrahar Pass
Image Credits: Google Images

Never miss an opportunity to visit this wonderful place. McLeod Ganj is one of the places that should be a compulsory visit while in Himachal Pradesh. Check out the Pickyourtrail website to know more inputs on your domestic travel. Reach out to us to get some amazing packages to Himachal Pradesh to make your dream vacations come true. Also, follow the page for more exciting fresh contents on Travel. Your favourite travel site will help you build your ideal vacations inside India too.

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