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Best Places to visit in South Sikkim
Written by Shanmugam on November 16, 2022 Share on

7 Best places to visit in South Sikkim – Best sides of Sikkim

Sikkim has been one of the most allured tourist spots in India. A beautiful destination and we need not say it again and again. In our last blog on best places to visit in East Sikkim (If you haven’t read it yet, go head quickly and read it!) we have a list of amazing places that you should visit with your family and loved one. All these best places are truly worth witnessing in Sikkim’s East District. This guide focuses more on the 7 best places to visit in South Sikkim.

The small district has some of the top places to see and activities to do. South Sikkim is a perfect place for adventurists and also for nature sweethearts. Also, South Sikkim is a place for individuals who are looking for an escape from the touristy places and clamouring city life. The area offers plentiful open doors for parasailing, boating, trekking and natural life activities. Surely South Sikkim visit can end up being a mending specialist and in this manner, it ought to go unmissed.

Best places to visit in South Sikkim
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Best time to visit South Sikkim

Situated close to the Himalayan mountain ranges, South Sikkim gets a measured amount of snowfall throughout the winter months. Visiting Sikkim throughout the winter months makes certain to be a picturesque place. The snow-secured houses and trees look charming and you make certain to get overwhelmed into the excellent scene of Sikkim. Be wary while visiting mountain extends, as these zones are inclined to torrential slides throughout the winter season. Moreover, South Sikkim can be visited all throughout the year and it is as beautiful as it gets. South Sikkim will greet you wholeheartedly. Ensure to scroll down till the end and mark these 7 best places to visit in South Sikkim to your Sikkim packages.

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Best places to visit in South Sikkim
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Known for a huge sculpture of Padmasambhava, Namchi is one of the ideal places to visit in South Sikkim. Located 78kms from the state capital Gangtok, Namchi has diverse cultural. You can see a lot of Buddhist religious communities and monasteries in these regions. Also, places like Rangeet Valley and Kanchenjunga Peak offers a panoramic view of South Sikkim. Moreover, Temi Garden has been delivering the best quality tea in India. Likewise, make a visit to Rangeet River to see the stream following directly from the Himalayas. A vacation in Namchi would revolve around touring of wonderful spots, Buddhist monasteries and seeing bio-assorted variety. Stay in Namchi and visit nearby places like Tendong-Ravangla-Maenam-Borong. These places certainly offer the best trekking experience.

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Situated on an elevation amidst Maenam and Tedong Hill, Ravangla is one the 7 best places to visit in South Sikkim. The vantage point offers mind-blowing panoramas of the Greater Himalayas. Ravangla is a perfect place to experience the serenity and some fabulous scene to cherish.

Located about 8kms from Ravangla in Rayong, the best place to click some amazing sunrise pictures. It is a spot from where you can observe the falling of the first beam of the sun on snow tops, also the view is just beyond words. Aside from it, Ravangla is known for its Buddhist Monastery. The monasteries offer a salubrious atmosphere that is worth experiencing it. You can also trek to the Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to rich green timberland of magnolia, chestnut oak and rhododendron. Additionally, remember to visit the market, where you can purchase traditionally dresses and woven covers at the best costs.

Best places to visit in South Sikkim
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A picturesque town, Borong is a perfect trekking spot in South Sikkim. Neglecting the relentless mountains, this town offers a lovely scene and fantastic perspectives. The trek starts from Namchi and goes through Tendong, Rabong and Maenam, it arrives at the Borong. One can get a wide view of the superb Mt. Kanchenjungha. Also, you get a better view of points like Sinolchu, Narsingh and Pandim. You can visit Borong whenever you plan a Sikkim vacation. If you wish to be a part of some traditional festivals, then plan your south Sikkim vacation in February. You can witness a lot of celebrations and festival happening in Borong.

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Nestled agreeably on the banks of Rangeet River. Sikip is one of the ideal places to visit in South Sikkim. Also, locals often refer to this place as fishermen heaven. There are a lot of streams abounding with fish and the laid back feel is ideal for day-long fishing trips. Moreover, people love going on an adrenaline-pumping river rafting rides in Rangit. Many sightseers who come here like to camp under the stars. Sikip has mild atmosphere… you can visit anytime over the year. There are no appropriate lodgings in Sikip. There is a couple of homestays run by the residents as an expansion of their homes.


Jorethang is probably the greatest town in South Sikkim and it spreads on the foot of the hills that is close to the Rangit River. It’s not situated at a highlands (just 300 m above ocean level) and that is the reason it claims mild atmosphere throughout the year. Moreover, you can easily couple Jorethang with your Darjeeling packages. Jorethang is located just 30kms away from Darjeeling. The important highlight of Jorethang is its Akar Suspension connect. This bridge offers you a spectacular view of natural beauties. A lot of festivals and celebrations happen during the month of January. You can witness the famous Maghe Mela in Jorethang in January.

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Situated at the base of Maenam Hill and Rabong is one of the 7 best places to visit in South Sikkim. It allures a lot of young travellers to its attractions like Chozo Lake, Ralong Monastery, Manilakhang, Sakyamuni Cultural. Rabong is likewise a perfect base for trekkers setting out for Maenam Hill and Borong. The spot has various short nature trails like the one down to the blessed cavern ‘Shar Chok Bhepu’, which is one of the four holiest caverns in Sikkim

Photo by Pulak Bhagawati on Unsplash

7.Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary

Located over the Tendong Hill, Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary can be reached from Ravangla, which is just 26 kilometres away. The Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary possesses a territory of 36.43sq. km. Also, the height of the asylum ranges between 2300 meters to 3263 meters. This haven is acclaimed for two reasons, trekking and rich woods with high Himalayan types of wildlife. This lush green forest is home to Red Panda, Goral, Serow, Barking Deer, Marbled-Cat, Leopard-Cat, Civet-Cats, Blood Pheasant, Common Hill Partridge, Magpies, Black Eagle, Blue necked Pitta, Sunbirds and diverse kinds of wildlife and birds.

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Sikkim will certainly blow your mind with its natural beauty. Moreover, all these places in Sikkim are worth visiting with your family and loved ones. Book your Sikkim packages through Pickyourtrail and to enjoy a hassle-free vacation.

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