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Best sightseeing spots in Australia: 10 Tourist places you should not miss

Australia is also popularly known as the “World down under.” Its rugged landscapes, scenic beaches, fun adventure activities, magnificent wildlife and vibrant city life attract tons of tourists year on year. Australia being a vast country and the largest continent in the Oceania region, tourists can not cover the entire continent in just one trip hence we’ve brought out a list of tourists spots that you must visit during your trip to Australia,

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1. Day tour to the Blue Mountains from Sydney

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2 hours drive outside of Sydney city is the famous mountainous region in New South Wales called the Blue Mountains. The mountains get their name from the blue colour that surrounds it this is due to the dense eucalyptus rainforest located here and once it refracts in the sunlight, it gives a hazy blue colour to its surrounding making the mountains look blue to the naked eye. Tourists escape the hustle and bustle of Sydney city to this mountain region full of peace and greenery for a change of scenery. The Blue Mountains are not just about admiring the scenery, it also has numerous activities called the scenic world rides such as the skywalk, Skyrail and the steepest railway ride. This is one of the most popular tourists spots in Australia that is usually done as a day trip, but if you would like to extend your stay for a weekend getaway, you can stay in hotels and resorts located here for an extra day or two.

Try out: The Skyrail to get an aerial view of the mountains and rainforest.

2. Penguin Parade at Philip Island

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Philip island’s highlight is the penguins walking like they’re participating in a parade every evening at sunset into the beach. This is an advantage the country has due to being close to the Antarctic circle. Penguin lovers must note photography is banned here and you can adopt a penguin and pay for their protection and growth here. Philip island, located 90 minutes outside of Melbourne city, has also other numerous animals such as a large colony of fur seals at Seals rock, wallabies, koalas etc that you can meet during your day trip to this wildlife park.

Try out: Thrill-seekers looking for some need for speed can head to the Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit to do some car or motorcycle racing.

3.Great Ocean Road

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Located in Port Campbell national park outside of Melbourne city, the Great Ocean Road is all about the drive. It is a scenic heritage road that can be enjoyed by self-drive or by the way of coach tours. The highlight of this road trip is seeing the limestones rocks called the 12 apostles standing on the beach. This 244 km road also covers other not to be missed highlights such as cape Otway lighthouse, Kennet river and surf coast. The scenery makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia.

Try out: Honeymoon couples can enjoy the scenic drive by renting a car and enjoying the road trip during this day trip outside of Melbourne city. All you need is your valid Indian driver’s licence in English along with a credit card to rent a car. Our travel consultants at PickYourTrail will be able to guide you on how to book a car rental for this joyride.

4. Sydney city tour

Sydney is the largest and most touristy city in Australia with numerous tourists hotspots. Sydney city has iconic architecture and designs, world-class experiences, top-notch culinary and vibrant city life. Being home to some of the popular tourist attractions in Australia such as the Opera house, Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach, tower eye, Taronga zoo etc. Take a city tour bus or a hop on hop tour to visit all the attractions in the city

Try out: Sydney is one of the world’s top 5 cities to celebrate new year eve. The fireworks display here is world-renowned and tourists travel especially to Sydney to witness this show and bring in the new year.

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5. Great Barrier Reef

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The Great Barrier reef is the largest reef system in the world stretching across 2300 km with the lively marine life and corals. The reef has 900 islands that can be explored through cruises, helicopter, seaplanes or boat rides from few of Queensland cities to experience this magnificent marine life that Australia has to offer. Great Barrer reef is definitely one of the biggest highlights of visiting Australia. The tours also provide adventure activities such as semi submarines, glass-bottom boat tours, snorkelling and scuba diving as per the clients choice.

Try out: Scuba diving at the Great Barrier reef should definitely be on any scuba diving enthusiasts bucket list as Australia is known worldly as one of the best places to do a deep-sea dive.

6. Uluru (Ayers Rock)

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Uluru is also known as the grand canyon of Australia due to the similar rugged terrain. Ayers Rock is a sandstone rock formation right in the middle of Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park and is a UNESCO world heritage site. There are other activities conducted here such as camping underneath the clear skies for an amazing stargazing experience. Tourists must note that it is in a remote area so when travelling alone through a self-drive, they can not access help easily. Best bet is to take coach tours with a guide. Tourists looking for a cultural experience can meet the aboriginals here and learn more about their way of life. Do not miss out on the gorgeous sunset here!

Try out: watch the “Field of Light Uluru”, an installation by Bruce Munro that has over 50,000 glass spheres that light up the area in darkness. It is an absolutely breathtaking sight.

7. Fraser Island

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Fraser Island is the largest sand island in Australia, located in the North East coast of Queensland state known for its sandy white beaches, beautiful lakes and its pinnacle hills. Find the unique breed of dogs called Dingoes here, a crossbreed between dogs and wolves. Whale watching is popular here from July to November, Bird watching can be done from August to March, and fishing can be tried out from July to October.

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9.Murramarang National Park

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No trip to Australia is complete without seeing Kangaroos. Murramarang National Park is located 206 km south of Sydney and offers a unique chance at seeing the Kangaroos on picturesque locations in their true habitat. The national park is popular for school trips, hiking, trekking, camping and doing other adventure activities.

Try out: Treasures from the Deep Opal and Shell Museum is not to be missed as it showcases fossils, shells, and artefacts from millions of years ago.

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10. Otway National Park

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Explore the rainforests of Otway national park, located 162 km South-west of Melbourne and find yourself in between beautiful and rare flora and fauna. Enjoy the waterfalls, click pictures with koala bears, explore the lighthouse, and walk through the rainforest and spot unique bird species.

Try out: Triplet Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Australia. Its secluded location makes sure that its serenity and ambience makes it a special place to explore.

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