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Things to Do in Burgos
Written by Rhea Alex on August 25, 2020 Share on

7 Best Things to Do in Burgos (Spain) in 2021

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Spain has continued to attract tourists from across the globe. The region has witnessed a spike in the number of tourists, owing to stellar landscapes and exceptional views. If there’s one thing that Spain most definitely has on its cards, it’s got to be a vacation that you’re going to cherish. 

Tourists are seen making their way, through the varied and distinct cities in Spain. Every region comes along with its own culture, tradition and vibes. Thus, tourists get to truly soak in the exquisite qualities of the place. There are a plethora of attractions that one can visit and make the most of their Spain travel experience. 

One of the most sought after places in Spain remains its very own capital city of Burgos. The region itself has been popularly referred to as the ‘Kingdom of Castile.’ Unlike most of the other cities in Spain, Burgos has something entirely different and unique to offer. Dating all the way back to the 16th century, the regions finds itself surrounded by gothic architecture. The intricate manner in why most of the structures have been constructed, speaks volumes of the sheer talent of that era. 


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Tourists making their way to the region can explore the varied attractions present here. If you’re someone who enjoys your history and wouldn’t mind a bit of exploration; this is the place for you. Tourists are seen making their way to the innumerable resting places of kings and queens. Spain comes along with its own adventure and experiences. 

If this is your first time travelling to Spain, we’ve made your job a tad bit easier and have listed out the best things to do in Burgos. Tourists can all the information they made need, in order to plan and ideate an amazing vacation. 

7 Things to Do in Burgos Spain

Everything and more that you need to know is right here. Make sure to read through the blog and be pleasantly surprised. 

  • Cathedral of St. Mary
  • Monasterio de Santa María la Real de Las Huelgas
  • Burgos Castle
  • A Walk Through the Historic Centre
  • Atapuerca
  • Museum of Human Evolution
  • Miraflores Charterhouse

1. Cathedral of St. Mary

Cathedral of St. Mary
Image Credit – Pixabay

The ‘Cathedral of St. Mary,’ is just one of the many amazing structures, that have gained much acclaim. The castle dates all the way back to the thirteenth century and remains a standing testament of time. Regarded as a ‘UNESCO heritage site,’ the castle has been preserved over the years. 

One of the most unique features about the  St. Mary Castle, is the status that it has been able to gain, over the years. This is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Burgos and makes for a great exploration. There are a great number of laurels that tourists can explore and discover, as they stroll through the corridors of the castle. It truly is a treat to the eye and makes for something you’re going to remember for a lifetime. 

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2. Monasterio de Santa María la Real de Las Huelgas

Monasterio de Santa María la Real de Las Huelgas
Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

The ‘Monasterio de Santa María la Real de Las Huelgas,’ is one of the most important historical monuments, that has stood the test of time. It’s extremely difficult to actually put into words, the significance of this very structure.

Many historians believe that this is the very place, that served as the resting location for a large number of Kings and Queens. An exploration that serves as one of the best things to do in Burgos, is what awaits you. So, if you’re someone who loves a bit of history and adventure, this place provides the perfect amalgamation for you.

3. Burgos Castle

Burgos Castle
Image Credit – Pixabay

The ‘Burgos Castle,’ is yet another important monument and much sought after tourist attraction. Located across the western region of the city, the castle has been the centre of attraction in Spain. It has not only garnered attention worldwide but, has also stood up for its sheer magnificence. 

Tourists making their way to the castle can witness wall that is sky-high, towering the castle like a fortress. It truly is a spectacular sight in the making and serves as one of the best things to do in Burgos.

4. A Walk Through the Historic Centre

A Walk Through the Historic Centre
Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

The ‘Historic Centre,’ is yet another significant landmark in the region. Tourists can be seen, strolling through the pathways of this centre and soaking in the true vibes of the place. The ambience present here is distinct to the region and has a charm of its own. Tourists can make their way and explore the stunning pieces of architecture, that is sure to leave you longing for more.

This has got to be on your things to do in Burgos list and makes for one of the most fun explorations.

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5. Atapuerca

Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

The ‘Atapuerca,’ is one of the most talked-about attractions in Burgos. It is the sheer size of this structure, that has resulted in the popularity it has managed to gain. Known to be one of the largest archaeological sites, anywhere in the world, tourists are in for a treat. 

6. Museum of Human Evolution

Museum of Human Evolution
Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

For those of you heading over to explore ‘Atapuerca,’ we would recommend you head over to the ‘Museum of Human Evolution,’ the following day. This museum has been a structure that has given tourists an insight into a great amount of historical occurring. The museum itself came into existence in the year 2010 and has topped the things to do in Burgos list, ever since. 

7. Miraflores Charterhouse

 Miraflores Charterhouse
Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

How about a nice little drive across the stunning countryside, well the ‘Miraflores Charterhouse,’ calls for just that. Located on the eastern side of Burgos, the region has attracted tourists from far and wide. If you’re wondering how you could possibly reach this location, we would recommend an on-foot journey. This makes for one of the best things to do in Burgos and you’re sure to love every bit of the journey. 

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