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Things to do in Cartagena
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Best Things to Do in Cartagena: Experience the best of Colombia

Located on the northern shorelines of Colombia, the city is most commonly knows as Cartagena de Indias. Established in the year 1533, this is one of the oldest port in the Caribbean Coast region. Also, this beautiful port sits perfectly between Magdalena and Sinú waterways. It acts as a significant exchange port for Spain and its abroad realm. With a populace of 971,592, this is the capital of the Bolívar Department and was a key port that stood solid against privateer assaults in the Caribbean. After Barranquilla, it is the second-largest city by size and fifth largest in Columbia.

Cartagena frequently hits the traveller’s bucket list and also an integral part of Colombia itinerary. The city admires almost all the travellers of different age. This Colombian city is so vibrant in with its colourful colonial structures. With its tropical fruits and fresh seafood, it makes a perfect place for people to treat their taste buds with some delicious food. Moreover, the city turns even more astounding during night time. A paradise for those who are a night owl.

Things To Do In Cartagena
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Marvellous Things To Do In Cartagena

Not just the climate and attraction here give you the Caribbean vibe but also the people and the Cultural will greet you with a Caribbean vibe. With reputed food stalls and music festival Colombia is unmatchable. There are so many gastronomy tours that are coupled with some of the best music and dancing. Moreover, when you explore the city you will witness numerous things to do in Colombia, with a visit to Cartagena being a highlight. Do you want to escape into this fantasy and wanted to do amazing things? Scroll down and read this guide to explore some of the amazing things to do in Cartagena.

Things To Do In Cartagena
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1.Playa de Castillo Grande

Vacations are all about creating great moments with a mix of good fun. That is what you called a good vacation. Ever thought a white sandy beach with turquoise water can give you such amazing moments in your vacation. Playa de Castillo Grande is one of the best things, one can have while on any visit. It gives you an amazing beach vibe and you can just relax by the shores while being on an exquisite vacation! One of the best things you do to yourself is, bringing oneself to this amazing god created a beautiful place. It is completely a retreat for the beach lovers.

Things To Do In Cartagena
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2. Exclusive Full-Day Trip on the Islands

It is one of the most happening places in the whole of Cartagena. A full-day islands tour to Cholon and Gente de Mar from Cartagena is full of good vibes and many activities that you can be engaging. The islands are lit up with music, positive vibes and the decorations that are really cool and worth being every moment. Also, it most recommended for couples and solo travellers.

Full-Day Trip on the Islands
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3.Mangroves Tour

The city is not just blessed with colourful colonial buildings, shimmering beaches and amazing nightlife but also with some amazing lush green park. Get on a boat ride and explore the other side of the city. The city is famous for its mangrove tour. Not everybody loves going on a boat ride or being around water. But these mangrove tours will certainly make you fall in love with its natural beauty.

4. Wonderful Full-Day Tayrona Park Tour

Ever witnessed the epic creation of mother nature? Tayrona Park will amaze you with its scenic views and mesmerizing lush green surroundings. This one will lift up your senses and you will be really amazed at the sight of such marvellous things. The one who is always on side of being near to nature can know well, what it means, to find one such an amazing spot like this, and the satisfaction one has while being near to them: truly unexplainable joy!

5.Buzos de Baru

A picture-perfect place is suitable for people who are travelling alone, with friends, honeymoon travellers and also for family travellers. Also, this place offers you a splendid and romantic experience. In addition, if you are someone who is looking to get the best shots of the city, then definitely Buzos de Baru is a paradise for you. Keep your lens and camera ready to take some of the amazing hidden sides of nature. It is a complete treat with lots of attractions and nature connecting adventures treks too. So get going to this beautiful place to gather some lovely memories.

6.Mud Volcano Shared Tour

The Walled City of Cartagena has something unique to offer its visitors. Guess what? An adventure trek? adrenaline rushing sport? The city has some of the amazing spots where you can take a relaxing and rejuvenating mud bath. After hours and days of exploring the city, you can head to this city of Cartagena to relax by taking a hot mud bath in the oldest dormant mud volcano. Also, the entry fee for this activity is nominal and it will not be an added burden to your pocket!

7.Boating Cartagena

Cartagena tours are incomplete without visiting the well-known Old City and the amazing Islas del Rosario ( a 20-minute pontoon ride from Cartagena). These two activities are one of the significant things to do in Cartagena and ensure you don’t miss it no matter what. With its most colourful coral reefs, golden sandy beaches and crystal clear water make it one of the most romantic and tranquil places in the Colombian Caribbean drift. If it is your honeymoon vacation, ensure you take a yacht and go on an evening drive to capture scenic sunsets. Also, have a candlelight dinner while watching the sunset.

8.Sibarita Express Cartagena Harbor Cruise with Dinner and Wine

Yet another perfect way to spend a day by the boat is by going on this 2-hour journey along the quiet waters of Cartagena Bay. The deck crew will make amaze you by the way they invite you to the cruise. Also, this crew will be jovial and they welcome you by serving a glass of wine. You can add a 3-course feast and can arrange sustenance and beverages onboard additionally. The view of the enchanted city from the ocean and the pleasant music played by the musician will set your day in complete bliss.

Colombian cities are perfect for people who are looking for different activities. It has activities to keep you engaged, at the same time there are so many nearby destinations where you can connect with nature’s divinity and tranquillity. Planning for an amazing holiday in Colombia? Check out the best of Vacation packages and book your Colombia tour with Pickyourtrail, India’s top customised vacation planning company.

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