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Best Things to do in Corsica – Wilderness and Surprises

Corsica, the beautiful french island is coming into the light in recent years, thanks to Bollywood movies like Tamasha playing a crucial role in introducing the island to the Indian market. The island, unlike other french destinations, rarely forms a part of any french itineraries. Today let us explore mesmerising Corsica with a special focus on the best things to do in Corsica for a fulfilling vacation.

A convenient way to reach Corsica is through direct flights. Boarding a flight should be least of your worries as flights are available throughout the week. Don’t miss the breathing aerial views of Corsica as the fight nears the island. The island is a blend of Italian and French culture as it was a maritime link between the two countries. White sandy beaches, Turquoise waters, Rugged cliffs, beautiful cornish roads, towering forts are the highlights of this island.

Best Things to do in Corsica

  • Hike in Capo Rosso
  • Daytrip to Lavezzi Islands
  • Trekking to the summit of Monte d’Oro
  • Tour de la Parata Ajaccio
  • King of Aragon Staircase
  • Fesch Museum

1. Hike in Capo Rosso

Corsica is full of hiking trails, some are a bit too adventures and needs guides and experts to reach the pinnacle, while few trails can be self-explored without much efforts. Capo Rosso is a similar trail and can be explored on your own at your own pace. The hike can be rated as a moderate hike on difficulty scale but the views from tops are worth all the efforts and sweat. The routes are well defined and easy to spot. You can try off routing and hike closer to sea to witness breathtaking views of the island. however, off routing might be risky. Hence, do carry your hiking sticks and accessories.

View from Capo Rosso
Credits: Google Images

2. Daytrip to Lavezzi Islands

If you are looking for a quiet and uncrowded island to sunbathe and just enjoy the nature peacefully, you should head to Lavezzi islands. Boat shuttles are regularly available and are the most convenient way to reach the islands. Do keep in mind the entire island is a nature reserve hence signboards are to be strictly followed. However, few beaches are opening for travellers to swim and sunbathe. Carry all essential including sunscreens, snacks and garbage bags as there are no restaurants or stores available on the entire island. Lunch will be provided in the boat shuttles but do book your ticket in advance. The archipelago is famous for its coves and is one top best things to in Corsica.

Lavezzi Islands
Credits: Google Images

3. Trekking to the summit of Monte d’Oro

One of the best things to do in Corsica is hiking to the summit of Monte d’Oro. The standalone sandstone mountain is literally visible from any part of the island. If you are a person passionate about conquering peaks and adventurous treks, Monte d’Oro won’t disappoint you. Trekking during winters can be tedious and dangerous, the best time to scale the mountain will be during the months of May – October. There are two famous routes to reach the summit, Col de Muratello route and La Scala route, both are similar on difficulty scale but you might encounter wild pigs in Col de Muratello route. No special permits are required, just find a crew and hike your way to glory.

4. Tour de la parata Ajaccio

Ajaccio, the capital city of Corisca is a fairy tale destination. The city has some of the best fortress and towers. One such tower is Tour de la Parata. Like most forts in the region, La Parata was designed and built for defence purposes. However, design and aesthetics are so intriguing, it manages to attract history buffs across the globe.

5. Cap Corse

Known for its beautiful peninsula coastlines with extraordinary towers and forts pinged along the coastlines, Cap Corse is one of the best to do in Corsica. With greenery on either side of the thoroughfare and green mountains demarking the peninsula is nothing short a paradise that can rejuvenate your soul. In order to experience Cap Corse to the fullest, we advise you to plan for an overnight stay, as a trip might be jam-packed and tiring. Few best places in Cap Corse includes Genoese towers, Plage du Lotus beach, the Torra di Seneca and the Moulin Mattei.

Cap Corse, Corsica
Credits: Google Images

6. King of Aragon Staircase

King of Aragon Staircase is a top contender for one of the best things to do in Corsica. They are many interesting stories that associate with the construction of this staircase. Locals believe King Aragon Alfonso V commissioned and constructed of the staircase overnight in an attempt to take over Bonifacio. While other interesting tales suggest a french ruler paved the way for locals to a freshwater well present at the end of the staircase. The only thing more intriguing than the tales in the location itself. With a cave and freshwater well at the end of the cliff and staircase, this is the best picturesque location you will find in the entire island. The steep descent and ascent of 187 stairs are all worth at the end.

King of Aragon Staircase
Credits: Google Images

7. Fesch Museum

The Museum showcases and depicts the history of Corsica beautifully. The Museum was built under the watch of eyes of Napolean Bonaparte’s Maternal uncle, Cardinal Joseph Fesch. The central courtyard has a statue of Cardinal and the Museum has a comprehensive collection of 16,000 paintings. Majority of the paintings root from Italy depicting Italian architecture and history. The museum is closed on Tuesday and open on all other days. The entrance fee to the museum is as minimal as 8 Euros per adult. Surely, one of the unique museum in entire Europe.

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Corisca thought limited by size is full of pleasant surprises and wilderness. The island covers all bases that are required to cater to any sort of traveller. However, Planning the entire vacation all by yourself for such an offset destination would require efforts and time. hence, Reach out to expertise at Pickyourtrail and seek the help of travel consultants in planning a perfect itinerary for Corsica. You can check out the France packages page for best of international itineraries. You can also reach out through Whatsapp for more info.

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