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Best things to do in Eastbourne
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Best Things to Do in Eastbourne (East Sussex, England)

Initially a fishing village and then a large resort town in Victoria. Eastbourne is one of the most popular destinations on the coast of England. In fact, the glamorous 3-mile long stroll over wide rocky beaches, and the dazzling Grande Parade of the mid-19th Century, with its lovely holiday feel, permeates. It is the ideal location for wandering around stunning white and pastel homes. And also luxurious hotels with a beautifully coloured wooden chair on the shore.

The Eastbourne Pier scheme behind the winter garden theatre well to the ocean at the end of the large promenade. Also, a vibrant selection of stores and art galleries can be located across High Street, which is free of charge. Often a lot of fun in places like the historic Royal Hippodrome Theatre.

10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Eastbourne

  • Beachy Head
  • Carpet Gardens
  • Marine Parade Beaches
  • Eastbourne Pier
  • Eastbourne Redoubt
  • Steam Railway Adventure Park
  • Seaford and the Seven Sisters
  • Towner Art Gallery
  • Michelham Priory
  • Cuckoo Trail

1. Beachy Head

The 530-metre-high Beachy Point is a popular tourist destination within walkable distance of Eastbourne because of its breathtaking views. At the foot of the South Downs, this stunning white snow cliff amply explains its reputation by calling it as “Beauchef” (beautiful skyline) from the French Normans. Although the beachhead lighthouse at the foot of the ledge is not available to the public. It is a 141-metre-high, red and white-strapped beach house like Belle Tout Lighthouse.

After taking the picture, head via Cuckmere Haven and Seaford on this 3-mile-long cliff path. If not, take one of the Downland Rangers’ guide walks. Be certain to explore the Beachy Head Countryside Centre. Which exhibits on the archaeology, the flora and the fauna of this area. The Sheep Center is a fun nature reserve. Particularly popular with young people, but worth a visit and just a mile from Beachy Head.

2. Carpet Gardens

Carpet Gardens
Source: Google Images

The popular Carpet Gardens are the heart of the Promenada de Eastbourne and certainly worth visiting. Such prize-winning gardens are a welcoming colour palette between West Lawns and the Eastbourne Pier with vivid sets of carpeting plants and fountains. The mild habitat in the region is abundant in shrubs and plant species worldwide (including Australia, New Zealand and the Mediterranean).

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3. Marine Parade Beaches

In between pier and The Wish Tower, Eastbourne’s most popular beaches. A Martello Tower designed to keep Napoleon out.  They are the cleanest swimming places in the area, known as the Marine Parade beaches, and they provide lifeguards, safety baths, toilets and showers, as well as beverage facilities and bathrooms. 

4. Eastbourne Pier

Eastbourne Pier
SOurce: GOogle Images

The Eastbourne Pier was built in 1870. And is a splendid example of Victorian coastal architecture, providing excellent views of the city and British harbour, as well as plenty of enjoyable events. The building’s boardwalk connects to other tourist destinations including pubs, an entertainment centre, news and souvenir stores. In fact, Original Camera Obscura, a 360-degree seaside projector are also connected well. While the pier and the main attractions stay available, including a teash and chip shop, even after they were heavily burned by fire in 2014.

5. Eastbourne Redoubt

It was part of the fortified chain that Napoleon’s troops were robbed from during the early 1800s, 200 years old is Eastbourne Redoubt. Arrested by armed troops at the beginning of the 1900s and again in the Second World War, the fortress has 3 impressive museum collections of objects and exhibits belonging to the Regiment of the Royal Sussex for over 250 years. From 1702 to the 1942 campaign in North Africa, tourists can watch artefacts from a Spanish War of Succession.

6. Steam Railway Adventure Park

Steam Railway Adventure Park
Source: Google Images

The wonderful 1/8th scale miniature trains will not miss the Eastbourne Miniature Steam Railway Adventure Park (SDR), a mile-long journey into five acres of picturesque gardens and parklands. A natural walk, a playground for adventure, models, a café, a gift shop, as well as fisheries at Southbourne Lake can be found alongside the nine different motorcycles to search during the trains.

7. Seaford and the Seven Sisters

Seaford’s Martello Tower on the eastern end of the promenade and its spectacular panoramic view of the Seven Sisters Country Park is only nine miles from Eastbourne. In fact, the amazing Seven Sisters-Haven Brow, Short Brow, Rough Brow, Brass Point, Flagstaff Point, Bailey’s Brow and Went Hill Brow- just beg for exploration, among the most remarkable cliff views in England. Through Seaford Head, you can enjoy the finest view of the seven chalk hills that shape the foot of the South Downs.

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8. Towner Art Gallery

The Towner Gallery is a beautiful collection of more than 4,000 ice paintings, aquaparks, sculpture and designs founded in 1923. And all that has been located in its current modern premises since 2009. The gallery features many examples of Sussex artists. With the likes of traditional and new artwork, with a special tie to the country. Many ‘big name’ artists, like Henry Moore; Pablo Picasso; and Eric Ravilious, a pupil then a tutor at the Eastbourne Academy of Art, do feature in this remarkably diverse series. There are tours and training programs.

9. Michelham Priory

Set on a moated island near Hailsham, Michelham Priory is considered one of the most impressive historic houses in Sussex. Located Eight miles north of Eastbourne is, Founded in 1229. Interior highlights include the mansion’s Victorian and Tudor kitchens, along with a room modelled to look as it would have done in WWII when evacuees from London were housed here.

Michelham Priory
Source: Google Images

Other big draws today include picturesque grounds and gardens; a working watermill; sculpture garden; smithy; rope museum; and the Elizabethan Great Barn, which also serves as a backdrop for art exhibits and theatre productions. For those seeking a different kind of thrill when in Hailsham, nearby Arlington Speedway features a ¼-mile-long raceway for hot rod and stock car racing.

10. Cuckoo Trail

This nationally acclaimed 14-mile trail. Following the route of the former railroad line linking the towns of Polegate, Hailsham, Horam, and Heathfield. The level and surfaced trail offer ideal opportunities for walking for those of all abilities. And it’s also popular for cycling (it’s included in the National Bicycle Network). The road, generally free of traffic, provides excellent opportunities for enjoying the beautiful scenery of the area.

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