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The view of lake in Hatta
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Best Things To Do In Hatta Dubai – Explore The Unexplored

Dubai is one of the popular destinations for tourists from across the world. It is an incredible fusion of man-made beauty and natural wonders. All the Ultra-modern architecture, fascinating and exciting nightlife, magnanimous bird-eye views of the beautiful skylines, makes Dubai a grand and luxurious place to visit.

A scenic view in Hatta Dubai
Photo by Waqas Sultan on Unsplash

There is also another side of Dubai and Hatta is one of the places that provide an offbeat and a distinctive experience. It is an exemplary getaway from Dubai with all the picturesque mountain ranges and the rich, cultural backstory. You can visit the place to have a change in weather in Hatta from the conventional Dubai weather. You can have an exciting bike ride or battle the waves on a colourful kayak at Hatta, Dubai. There are also many other adventure activities to do for all the adrenaline junkies. Another way to take the steam is by taking a walk down the heritage streets oo Hatta and capture all the vibrant culture. Hatta Dubai is the place to be if you want an escape from the busy hustle of city life. Here are the best things to do in Hatta, Dubai to help you have a flawless getaway.

1. A Mountain Safari – Swift Through Hatta

Are you a fan of having an adventurous car drive? This is the place you should be at. You can experience the mountainous expanses of Hatta with this challenging safari. There are numerous scenic pitstops along the way. You can start this safari from the Wadi trails And cruise through the rocky range on your 4 wheel drive lead by a skilled driver. As you pass through Hatta mountain dried river beds guiding to the freshwater pools, you will be engulfed in an immersive and one of a kind experience.

Hatta Mountain
Image credits: Wikipedia

2. Kayaking in Hatta Dam – Encounter Nature

One of the best things to do in Hatta is the kayak ride down the Hatta Dam. You can rent a kayak from a booth that is present all over the town and set sail the scenic Hatta lake. The ride will provide you with some magnificent view of various species of birds and fishes that inhabit the vicinity. You can also avail yourselves a paddleboat experience based on your preference.

Kayaking in Hatta Dam
Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

3. The Wadis of Hatta – Hike Like Never Before

The wadis are formed after years of mountain bed erosion. Such picturesque wadis can be found stretching the ancient village of Hatta. There are also impressive gorge pools attracting travellers from all around the world. This will be an unreal experience where you can hike down several valleys and bamboozle by the beauty of the place.

A man hiking in the slopes of mountain
Image credits: Pexels

4. The Hatta Heritage Village – Pay a Visit

Hatta is Dubai’s oldest village and the perfect place to learn about its ancient anecdotes. You can pay a visit to the village and come across astonishing pieces of stuff like the age-old watchtowers, mosques and forts. They are known for their architecture and their durability which can be seen as they stand tall even today. The Hatta Heritage Village was restored in the year 2001. On this date, It displays a number of artefacts ranging from weapons to furnishings and instruments. The place will take you back in time to the glorious past of this ancient village. You can also take a guided tour of the village in a four-wheel drive. You can travel with a guide from Dubai to Hatta riding through the mountains of Al-Hajar and visit the rock formations of Camel Rock and Jebel Maleihah.

A view of Hatta Heritage Village
Image credits: Flickr

5. The Hatta Hill Park – Savour Barbeque With a View

The Dubai municipality developed the Hatta Hill Park for recreational and environmental reasons. You can take a drive down there and savour mouth-watering barbecue with panoramic views of the scenic mountains and Hatta village from the high point. It is one of the romantic places to visit and the perfect place to have your time with your loved ones. Hatta Hill Park is the perfect spice that you would want to add in your vacation to make it exemplary.

6. The Hatta Drop-In – Get Wet Go!

The Hatta Drop-In is a “water jump park” that is present very close to the Hatta Wadi Hub. There are many crazy slides and the engaging “drop-in donuts” which is one of the popular attractions in the place. If you are a fan of zorbing, you can roll down the hill in a monstrous transparent orb from the zorbing centre. It is one of the fun-filled activities to do in Hatta.

7. Green Hatta Rock Pools – Time for a Dip

The Green Hatta Rock Pools are the stunning rock pools located amongst the valleys of the Hatta mountains. These are popular destinations for swimmers and water lovers who fancy taking a quick dip in the water wherever they see. The rock pools are also so beautiful with their emerald waters. This scenic rock pools attract tourists from around the world and one of the best picnic spots for both local and international travellers.

Green Rock Pools
Image credits: Flickr

8. Glamping In Hatta – A Glamorous Camping

There is a trailer hotel present in Hatta. This is the place to camp along the banks of Hatta Dam in the luxurious Hatta Sedr Trailers. You can also stay in a lodge if you want by booking a mountain lodge at the Hatta Damani Lodges. They possess cosy purpose-built cabins close by the village. There is also a deluxe boutique hotel named Riad Hatta where you can fancy yourself a cosy stay. They have private plunge pools, spas and a Hamam where you can steam off. These places not only provide you with a splendid stay but also showcase heavy heritage and culture.

9. Hatta Wadi Hub – Adrenaline Hotspot

The Hatta Wadi Hub is one another must-visit for the adrenaline junkies visiting Hatta. There is an array of both paid and free activities available over there. You can experience stuff from mountain biking to downhill carting, a human slingshot, and even axe throwing. Other conventional adventure activities available here are archery, zip lines, adventure rope courses, and much more.

10. Hatta Mountain Bike Trail Centre – Hike in a Bike

This is one of the thrilling experience where you get to pick a mountain bike, wander around the destination and make the most of the stunning desert views while you’re at Hatta. You can also camp under the lights of stars during the night and sit alongside a bonfire. This is the perfect way to create memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

Overall, Hatta Dubai is one of the best offbeat places you should visit to get yourself a break from your routine life. It will definitely be an experience that you wouldn’t regret. Why wait when you can start planning your very own trip to Dubai with Pickyourtrail. You can also customize the itinerary as unique as you are.

Happy Travelling! Unwrap the hidden gem of Dubai!

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